Gender Male
Aliases M'rek
Place of Birth BlueFire Hold
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Chemist - SmithCraft - Journeyman
Dragon Blue Iikith


This man stands at around five foot ten, while he has a lissome and a somewhat muscular build to his form, and also skin which is dusky in tone. The male has smooth hair which comes towards his chin, the color which is like midnight and sable, although metallic highlights have been fashioned within that roguishly unkempt mane. He has eyes like amber which shine with emotion.


M'rek was born at BlueFire Hold to his caring parents, under the name of Derek. His mother was a StarCraft Journeyman, and his father was a Steward. He followed a path to becoming a Chemist in the SmithCraft while he served as a Candidate a few times, until he impressed to the blue dragon Iikith. He is known for his kindness, as well as his being an adventurer. He tends to use the name Merek rather than his rider name often.


Name Relation Location Position
Talena Mother BlueFire Hold StarCraft Sr. Journeyman
Talos Father BlueFire Hold Steward

2 Sisters.


Flower - A green firelizard which has quite a weird look to her. She is often exploring and can be found trying to get people to pet her.


His blue Iikith is a bit curious for a dragon, being adventurous, kind, friendly, and tends to like travel and will only Between when it is required for journeys that have more distance than usual to them. The patterns on him look almost like a turtle.


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