N'hil is a mature man with an adult body. He's broad through the shoulders and chest from working in construction and years of flying. His legs are long and muscled but overall the thing most noticable about him is the face. Thick black hair, straight and about chin length, tops a head that's more long then wide. His eyes are dark hazel, speckled gold and brown. The nose is hawk like, pointed like a can opener at the end. High cheekbones with a golden brown skin tone only seem to emphasize the dark sultriness of his expression. Only a pair of full lips seem to fill out anything on his face.

N'hil tends to wear black pants of a snug but comfortable fit, soft black boots which are comfortable for walking and bright jewel-tone shirts. Today, he is wearing a light weight sapphire shirt with a slight sheen to it. It buttons down the front. He is likely to be carrying his flight jacket either over his shoulder or in his arms. One shoulder of his jacket shows his rider's knot with a thread of bronze.


The son of traders and grandson of traders, Nikhil grew up in a life of constant change. The only thing that was consistant in his life was moving and building. His dad did a lot of construction while his mother was the one in charge of sales. It was while traveling and learning the trade of construction and handy work from his father that he ended up at Telgar Weyr during a clutching cycle. Lo and behold, he was asked to stand for the clutch and left the sands with bronze Quiath at his side. After a few short turns at Telgar, N'hil was drawn away from the weyr and back to his first love, building. With his bronze as a helper and support, he moved to Ierne and started Silk and Stone construction.


Name Relation Location Position
Nikola Mother Unknown Trader
Mikhil Father Unknown Trader
Cadiran Brother Unknown Trader
Teradon Brother Unknown Trader
Jeriop Brother Unknown Trader
Ethorec Grandfather
Verash Uncle
Aleali Aunt
Dolii Aunt
Galea Cousin
Mirea Cousin


Gold Holly
Ephemeral in form, this dainty golden firelizard is hidden under a spangling of glitter and shadowed by the glorious gilt reflection of her wingsails, although she remains serenely poised. Sunshine bright, her hide carries the glow of summer's warmth from narrow head and on down a swanlike neck. Lithely built, she carries off a streamlined shape from sleek shoulders right back to the slender length of her tail, with nary a change to her golden hue, glittering just right in the light to show off to everyone the pure perfection of her form. Lastly, narrow taloned feet grasp at the perch where she settles, even her talons showing off a golden light.

Brown Daredevil
Dusty brown lingers across the taunt frame of this brown firelizard. Muddy splatters liberally grace his undersides where gangly arms and legs seem to stick out too far, tipped by black rubber-hued talons that clench in fists to appear more like wheels than weapons. There is a decided humor to the whirl of his eyes set within the somewhat stubby but wide muzzle where a mixture of brown hues seems churned by an invisible hand. They sputter into smoky-brown streaks that run down either side of the length of his neck before disappearing into the broad swath of his chest and gaunt sides. He is not so heavily muscled as some, but seems rather lighter built, taking on speed and aerobatic performance over an endurance race any day. Tail follows body, flowing beyond in a length rope that seems to drag the wide sign of its forked end through the air like some banner. Wingsails seem paper thin, stretched as they are from one bone to the next in lengths proportionate to his body but a width that is oddly even all the way across. The browns lighten to almost an amber yellow, streaked by dark and slender rods of silver.


Dusty, Tattered Silk Bronze Quiath
A brilliant orb of jeweled color stands out upon this road weary lad. Knobby eyeridges protect the lighted pools and provide a rather handsome looking feature to the fine worn curves of the dragons head. It sits majestically upon one end of sinuous metal polished bronze neck which blends into well curved chest and a belly that hangs down as if he's indulged a bit to much of the finer things in life. Haunches are thickly muscled, feet and hands sporting wickedly sharp dull gray talons. Errant strands of color wisp away from those talons, as if fine pieces of silk were left stuck there after some mad attack upon a tailors wares. The strands sparkle of gold and copper, glinting brightly against the darker bronze of his body, and can be traced as high up as his shoulders. His body is hardly as delicately patterned. Here the road warrior has been imprinted in muddied bronze wagon ruts that run crookedly along his sides, and the random disbursement of runner hoof marks that plod shadow dark bruises into the metal hues. They drift off down the length of his tail which is also marked by dust from the traveled road, that no matter how hard one scrubs will never come completely clean. Yet he sports another side altogether that can easily enough distract from the darker disturbances along his body to the sparkle of silken wares that drift out like some great catalog in his wingsails. The wing muscles are well defined and more buff than normal. Perhaps that's needed to be the bearer of such fine fabrics, as silken scarves waft upon the translucent membranes teasing the lighter sheen of bronze therein with strokes of rose, amber and green, even a few wisps of violet and cobalt cloth tangle, and tiny jewel shards shimmer. All of these distractions can lead one to underestimate this beast, for appearances can be deceiving and beneath this painted exterior lies well defined muscles and a generally aerodynamic body that belays the plodding heavy ground body imagined.

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