Portrayed By Douglas Hickmann
Gender Male
Aliases Nas, Nassir
Place of Birth Igen Hold
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Tailor
Dragon Green Elianneth


Tall for his age, Nassir's dark-skinned form is comprised of lean muscle and long limbs. His hair, dark brown in hue, falls past his shoulders in thick curls to small of his back. The strands are held back off his face by a wide, deftly embroidered leather tie. Dark brown eyes, both large and almond-shaped, are fringed with thick lashes and show a tendency toward smiling in the fine crinkles at the corners. His lips are full and a few shades darker then caramel colored flesh. Like his eyes, they speak of a tendency toward smiling, the corners tilted up in a perpetually bemused expression. A thin scar- considerably lighter then the rest of his caramel-colored flesh- runs from his hairline just above the left temple, coming to a halt at the corner of his eye. One his more notable features, his hands, are slender and while suitable to his size, possess long nimble fingers. Still the digits are stained with dye from dying both hides and fabric, and boasts the callouses that come with intricate needlework.

A pair of billowing linen pants, stripped in gold and dark brown, gird long legs, the cuffs tucked neatly into a pair of knee high boots in supple brown leather. His shirt, like his pants, is designed to ease the desert heat, the white fabric left open to midchest in the front. Billowing sleeves, snugged to his wrists by wide cuffs adorned with intricately embroidered vines. Around his waist, a wide leather belt has been deftly cinched, small pouches boasting the various tools of the tailor's craft.


The only son of Chanda and Melisa, a Tanner and Weaver respectively, Nassir had the dubious honor of both gaining exceptional training in his craft and being held to considerably higher standards then most. Fortunately, he's proven adept particularly in the crafting of ornately stylish leather garments. His style? A gift inherited from his mother. Born and raised in Igen hold, Nassir's life has been relatively trouble free— barring the typical antics that young men tend to get themselves into from time to time. For the most part, he is a calm, even tempered youth with a tendency to defend those smaller then himself. Currently, Nassir finds himself at Igen Weyr, crafting clothing and leathers for the residents.

Dragon - I Can't Give You Anything But Love Green Elianneth

Glittering emerald sparkles drape down across her muzzle in the richest of gaudy decadence, a single sapphire anchored beneath the wide flare of her pale green nostrils, while a thin twist of copper connects beneath her jaw from cheek to cheek. Her form continues in bejeweled decoration - her slender neck of malachite covered in dots of green sapphire and a fine lace of gold which along her neckridges - which themselves are rather large and pointed emeralds and come to rest across her upper back, sweeping to the edge of glory. The malachite fades into a rare pool of chrome chalcedony for the rest of her body, however it is but the base. For upon this, slender forelimbs are wrapped in tiny glittering peridot, tipped with talons of topaz with bright red ruby streaks upon the top. The talons tap in a beat, impatient or echoing silent thoughts, it's hard to tell. They look both wickedly cool and terribly dangerous as she stands there simply chillin. Her sides are stroked with a single brush of blue sapphire and along her belly a plate of bronze like a prize, a lovers revenge she holds tight the prize and never lets go. Haunches are muscled but not exceptionally so, just enough to make her sensually feminine and yet also do they work they need to. They'll provide a steady gait upon land, or propel her into the sky at her whim in a jeweled rain. Thick large talons upon each toe are a darker ebon but with the same ruby streak atop as her fingers. Hips are highlighted with jade along the top, a gentle caress of silky cold rich and elegant as they sway from side to side just so, an invitation almost to just dance. The hue pulls back tightly across her hip curves and extends beyond in a dramatic trail to form the elongated length of her tail. Tiny emerald ridges return there with quicksilver laced amongst them before the metallic hue pools at the very base of her tail. If you thought your brain might explode at the bold vibrant of this glittering gal, well you haven't even seen her wings yet. They stretch, slender and long and webbed, in delicate panes of emerald, peridot and green tourmaline. While the thin membranes look impossibly heavy in their glass-like panes, the sails ripple and drift as though the weight of a feather. They crown her glory in an aura that glows under light, transforming her as a butterfly, as a fairy, or even perhaps a goddess if you knew such the term. There are a million reasons to worship her visage, as the rest of the world pales in comparison to her perfect illusion leaving one speechless. She waits for her applause, after all she can't help it, she was simply born this way.


Name Relation Location Position
Chanda Father Igen Hold Leatherworker
Melisa Mother Igen Hold Weaver


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