She is of average height with rangy limbs and a body figure consisting of subtle curves, a slight waist, and a modest chest. Her face is oval shaped with unremarkable average features and a plethora of freckles scattered across her nose and cheeks. Large dark brown eyes, with nary a lighter streak in them, are her most dominant facial feature and are striking in their pure color. Rich auburn hair, with a slight wave to it, tumbles to the middle of her back. The thick locks are either worn pulled back into a hastily erected and sloppy bun or simply left loose to fall down and frame her face.

She is wearing a pale ash colored tank-top made of light fabric that clings to her upper body. Over this is a similarly light dark brown jacket. Loose fitting, to allow breathing room, pants are made of a heavily spun natural fiber dyed dark indigo. Upon her feet are a pair of thick, sturdy brown desert boots.

On her shoulder she wears a the knot of Weyrsecond in the colors of Fort with a single thread of dark brown wrapped around it.


Naveen was born to a pair of farmers near Landing. Her family was small and close, consisting of herself and two brothers. Her childhood on the farm was a happy one - she worked at the farm, attended her lessons at the nearby settlement, and as she was older she picked up various skills from crafters at Landing. Her education was spotty but it enabled her to learn how to perform random jobs and fix various items, helping both at the farm and earning her a little money on side projects. As time passed, Naveen felt compelled to leave behind Landing and her immediate family for a while to see a bit more of Pern.

The girl ended up at Western where a distant cousin lived. Life at the weyr was overwhelming for the farm girl. A stint as a candidate at Western helped her settle in and meet more of the people that populated the weyr. Naveen did not Impress at Western, but was once more Searched for Igen Weyr's clutch. There she was quickly assimilated into the ranks of candidacy and made friends with several of the other candidates. This time around she was met a dark brown hatchling who singled her out of the bunch to claim her for his own and announce his name - Andrith.

Weyrlinghood was a bit rough for the girl, who became withdrawn and quiet after a large fight with Timorell that led to the greenrider having a complete breakdown. Besides that, learning to live with the rambunctious, arrogant, and thick-headed Andrith was no easy task - the brown constantly challenged leadership, goaded on others, and caused trouble. Although the pair were nearly opposites as far as their personalities, they shared a deep bond that grew into an understanding of sorts that has enabled them to perform very well - Navi acting as ballast for the hot-headed brown, while Andrith helps provide strength and confidence for the mostly timid and shy woman.

After graduation Navi enjoyed a successful career as first a rider, then a wingsecond. What followed were smooth, and then rocky times… but such is how life progresses. After a flight she found herself pregnant, but due to her holdbred mannerisms she ended up keeping it, which resulted in the birth of her son Milan and a brief weyrmating to the greenrider Neal. Alas, things fell apart and he left her. A few turns later she was persuaded by another greenrider to move to Ista Weyr for a fresh start. Alas, things only ended up messy which resulted in another transfer for Andrith and Navi, this time to Fort Weyr. At Fort they settled in, Navi gave birth to her second child, and within time she rose to the rank of Weyrsecond and has settled in to life at Fort.


Name Relation Location Position
Namirelle Mother Landing Farmer
Venal Father Landing Farmer
Brother Landing Farmer
Brother Landing Farmer
Milan Son Fort Weyr Weyrbrat
Jana Daughter Fort Weyr Weyrbrat


Brown Critter
He looks fuzzy and cuddly, even wet with the goo of hatching. His wings as they dry soon resemble satin sails. His coloring? That warm reddish brown of cinnamon.


Masked by Glass Brown Andrith
A living being of volcanic glass rock, the hide of this obsidian brown glows with a glossy, polished sheen. Natural cleaves within the rock give graceful curves and stylish strength to an entirely masculine form. His color is deep and rich, warming onto near black while still clearly brown in nature. His head is rounded and full, roping down onto a long, thick neck. Broad shoulders slope over four trim legs. They are tipped by talons of true black, just darker enough then the hide to show his brown tones. A straight, long back supports the slender bones of his wings, sails spread wide in translucent bands of glass glowing with a subtle golden tint when the light shines through. His haunches and flanks are muscled trim, belying the strength and power they hold. A long, lean tail trails behind almost as an after thought. The glittering jewels that are his eyes flash bright intensity as they cycle across the color spectrum and they intimately reflect the dark energy of his flashy glass beauty.

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