Portrayed By
Gender Female
Aliases Yuni
Place of Birth Monaco Bay Weyr
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Zuhth


Fiery reds curl about an ovalish face. The locks of hair are well kept, framing Neyuni's face and deepening the mysterious blues of her eyes with their odd flecks of gray. Nose and lips blend on a generally plain face neither to large or small. Her figure is most definitely feminine, but well proportioned to her small stature. The curse of her lineage she stands short in most any crowd.

Neyuni is currently attired in a set of neon orange riding leathers. They aren't entirely new, but hardly well enough used for the hue to have been weathered down. That might be the feint hope the weyrling holds for her outfit, to weather to a more eye palatable hue. At least, one could suppose, she won't be easily lost. The pants fit well to her body, secured by a dark brown belt with a simple copper clasp. The jacket fits somewhat looser, which is fine in this climate. Beneath she wears a more plain cream-ish hued tank top.


Neyuni was born in Monaco Bay Weyr to Nelali (Green Teerith's rider) and Yu'i (Bronze Angelesth's rider). A frightfully stubborn child she seemed to have inherited her parent's tempers along with their short statures. Its never been a feature to stop this child and she had plenty of delightful adventures growing up about the Weyr. Her family was certainly non-traditional, with her moms Nelali and Katlyn and later 'daddy' D'ce. Sisters and brother's were greeted with a mixture of joy and jealousy, as with most children, acceptance growing as she aged until her world was turned upside down at the age of twelve when her mother Nelali left Monaco Bay and took her to Ista. It wasn't but a turn after that her own nature determined she would have a different calling and she went to Telgar Hold and apprenticed at the smithcraft. She kept in touch with her family over the turns as they moved from Ista to Ierne and as she progressed through the ranks of her craft, eventually specializing in chemistry. Her official posting is being held until the completion of a special research project assigned by her chemist master mentor, a project which is taking her to many different areas of Pern.


Name Relation Location Position
Nelali Mother Ierne Weyr Rider of green Teerith
Yu'i Father Eastern Weyr Rider of bronze Angelesth
Nuala Half-sister Ierne Weyr Resident
Nerra Half-sister Ierne Weyr Resident
N'mon Half-brother Half Moon Weyr Rider of brown Odamith
N'vex Half-brother Ierne Weyr Rider of brown Pagearth
Sadan Foster-sister Ierne Weyr Resident


Gold Alchemia
Variegated shades are drawn across this gold firelizard, from palest pure gold to deepest antiqued shades as lacy shadows overlay her form. Spangled lace is drawn over her face, brighest here as it surrounds wideset eyes, that hide behind the fringe that is her hide. Dropped stitches in goldleaf comprise her neckridges before delicate knots are worked upon her shoulders in that same bright hue. Wings look more air than hide as patterns are clear to view for the first time in whimsical cimmerian gold paisley designs to cover from leading edge to trailing. Heavier gold stitches form up along her tail, highlighting the fork before steadily deepening to moody nearly blackened gold as it approaches her flanks. The only part of her that isn't lost in lace are her talons and they flash brightly as topazes in the sun, an orangey bright gold.

Brown Bromos
Predatory beauty meets ballroom miss and the result is this dangerous gentleman. He's svelte, yet some how masculine with fine, flowing muscles. His head is a little more pointed then broad colored russet brown though a blaze of bronze runs down the plane of his face. It ends in a delicate cup just on his muzzle tip, liken to a lady's dancing slipper. As for the rest, he's in proportion with a hint of roundness to his belly. His wingbones are strong and the sails a bit underdeveloped. Here the russet base is slashed by streaks of bronze. They curve up his sides, alternating thru copper, green, and golden tones but always melting away before meeting at his dorsal ridge.

Blue Cobaltic
Stubby and chubby, this little blue is patterned with a deep watery sapphire across his back. His wings are tiny and wide, speckled in raindrops. His tiny abyssal body is chubby and he waddles more when he walks. A tiny, stubby tail wags behind him with each step. White blue markings stand out on his bright antarctic chest like the buttons of a suit. Frosted sapphire elegantly dapples across his forearms and back legs. His hips and belly and short little legs are covered in it like midnight ink.


Desert Sentry Gold Zuhth
Majestic strength softened by grace, this compact queen somehow seems larger then life. Though short in length, she's long of leg and has a powerful physic. Her face is blocky, with a rounded hump covered by a bronze patch at the stop. The base is a pale gold from throatlatch to nose tip. Delicate bronze ribbons run from liquid eyes to a matching bronze band encircling her muzzle. Great spiring head knobs spring skyward as molten gold horns. Her neck is short but thick with large, defined muscles. It melds into an equally muscular set of shoulders and chest built for speed and endurance. Her back is broad and so short the heavy haunches seem almost to reach her wings. She masses a light, sandy gold, hued gently with red across neck, back, and tail, and a single band of bronze runs her dorsal line. Pale gold returns on the long, powerful legs and taut belly. Both are encircled by strokes of bronze and her paws tipped with talons of molten gold. The wings are vast, heavy boned with massive sails to counteract her weight. They glitter sandy gold in the sunlight and sport a trim of bronze along the sail edge.


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