Portrayed By
Gender Female
Aliases Oat;Tile
Place of Birth Fort Weyr
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Drudge


Standing at 5'1 Oatile isn't the most imposing figure around. This isn't only because of her height either. As luck would have it she has a particularly high metabolism, which combined with how much physical activity she gets and how little she is leaves her looking rather scrawny. In fact one could go as far as to say that she looks malnourished at times. Her skin is naturally fair with a faint tan from time spent out in the sun and a smattering of freckles across her face. She has long light brunette hair, although some might say that it is more dirty blonde. Her eyes are almond shaped, have a slightly narrowed look to them, and are hazel in color. Most of the time Oatile dresses in plain clothes, practical, cheap things that she can handle getting dirty.


Oatile was born in Fort Weyr to the drudge, Patilone, and the bluerider, O'lan. Although they had only officially gotten together a little while before she was born the girl already had a full sister through a tryst that the two had shared earlier, a girl named Polana. Despite being the child that got more attention from their father Oatile was never very brave or confident. That was for Polana, the girl that would question her place and eventually grew into a brash, loud-mouthed girl. The younger sister was always much more quiet, liking to lurk around in the background, doing as was asked of her, and quietly accepting in place.
Eventually her older sister's behavior reached a breaking point and Polana began to be noticed. As a result Oatile began to try and fade farther into the background, not wanting to risk being pulled into the whirlwind of drama that her sister seemed to embrace. While the siblings had never been particularly close she rarely saw and talked to her sister in the following turns. along with this she began to speak and interact with others less and less, her shyness getting the best of her. Eventually several of her peers in the lower caverns began to spread rumors that she was slow and Oatile, not wanting to risk getting into any arguments, didn't try to fight it.
Oatile never had many friends, knew too many people, or was very involved in the world of the Weyr. But she was always pretty good at observing the world around her, and as the turns wore on she couldn't help but notice that others grew and moved on while she remained the same. People that she had seen but never talked to throughout her life rose and fell in the ranks, even her sister, who she had often thought would end up destroying herself through her mouth, grew up and moved on. Eventually this began to bother her. Eighteen turns old and she was like a stationary part of the Weyr, an eternal drudge. Eventually it became too much for her and she applied for transfer, moving to Ista Weyr. While she took a decent shot at Ista in the end it didn't work out. Even though it was certainly better than Fort she still found herself feeling uncomfortable. At one point she ended up considering returning home. In the end she decided not to return home so soon and moved to Igen Weyr to give a new life one more shot.


Name Relation Location Position
Patilone Mother Fort Weyr Drudge
O'lan Father Fort Weyr Bluerider
Lana Sibling Fort Weyr Unknown




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