Small in stature this teen girl looks quite a bit younger than her 14 turns. She shows all the hallmarks of someone who is still growing. Markedly shorter than other girls her age, with a slight shapeless frame and minimal signs that pubescents has taken its hold on her. Her hair is platinum blonde, having been bleached by the sun so often that near the bottom it is almost silvery. Generally, her hair is kept tight to her head in two french braids that settle on her narrow shoulders. Permanently reddened cheeks mottled with freckles speak to large amounts of sun damage on a thin face with a chin that comes to a point far more severe than the rest of the girl. Prominent denim eyes distract from a short round nose that at least fits the rest of her face.

Dressed for work, her clothes are practical in every way. Khaki leather jodhpurs snuggly cover her from waist to ankle and are frequently stained with what one would hope is dirt. A thin blue shirt of breathable fabric is tucked into her pants and buttoned nearly to her throat. Brown paddock boots with a zipper on the front, made of fine leather but water and years of dirt have taken a visible toll. Completing the look is a simple chestnut colored leather belt, simple metal buckle.


Born to Zoniya a Journeyman Dragonhealer and O'ddish Rider of Blue Gloomth, the pairs third daughter. Raised by the Weyr, though both her parents remained interested and involved in her progress and she got all the attention and love a girl could need. Living in Xanadu Weyr assured that Odi was surrounded by family, from her older sister to her grandparents it was the childhood that dreams are made of and gave the girl a healthy dose of self-assurance in the way only a Weyr can. At the tender age of 4 turns old, she was lucky enough to find a passion for Runner beasts. At the age of 7 she began sneaking out of harper lessons to help in the stables, every part of the craft fascinated the girl. This lead to many dressings down and groundings from various foster mothers and even her own parents became involved. After nearly two turns of fighting the girl's interests, she got the best turnday present ever, when at 9 years old she received her own runner and was officially allowed to visit her new prize 3 times a week.

Dedication is not a strong enough word to describe the amount of effort put in by the girl, 3 days a week soon became 5, and 5 soon became all 7 days. When not caring for her own beast, she was learning everything she could about the bloodlines, husbandry, and training. In her spare moments, she would offer to help with any and every barn chore, and they were done with the kind of joy that a person only puts into a true passion. At 12 she started catch riding and assisting the local Beastcraft master in the breaking and training of young beasts. Multiple bones were broken in this endeavor, and it was not uncommon to see her covered in bruises or in a cast. Beyond the dangers she was happy, and at 13 she accepted an apprenticeship with the BeastCraft hall to no one's surprise. One turn spent in the Crafthall honing her skills and, improving her riding she was sent to continue her training at Fort Weyr.


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Sands of Time Gold Oriapeth
While the majority of this compact beauty's form is characterized by an equal mixture of pale rose gold and flaxen hues, deeper tones of chestnut blossom along the sinuous length of her tail, all four legs and the entirety of her head. In the presence of moonlight, however, a subtle, silvery dappling, reminiscent of her dame, becomes visible along the elegant sweep of neck and shoulder. Gracefully long head knobs, a shade darker than the chestnut of this modestly built dragon's face, are lightly speckled with shadows that seem to shimmer and move in the sunlight. It is in the set of her head, almost always held slightly canted— as if she knows something that no one else does— and the presence of a bold sweep of kohl beneath the left eye that hints of the bold personality contained within. She is daring and witty, personified, and it shows both in her fanciful coloring and the unmistakable way in which she carries herself even newly out of the shell. There is humor there, dancing in whirling eyes, and an eager readiness to boldly face whatever the wide world has to offer. At the same time, one cannot help but get the sense that, even newly hatched, this young queen has her own opinions and could potentially be quite stubborn. While not the largest of her kind by any stretch, there is power in the broad, compact form. And what she might lack in overall size is more than made up for in the presence of massive cloak-like wings— a gift, no doubt, from her sire. The pale rose gold of those wings billows out from deepest burnished gold spars, the very tips of each touched with a flash of shadowy kohl.


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