Starting at the top, loose curls of sandy blonde are cropped so that they can brush the top of his brow and collar, covering most of his thin ears. His brows are thick, arched lines of almost brown roof his narrow, crystal blue eyes. Between them, his nose is high bridged and mildly crooked with a slightly upturned tip and nostrils that flair out to either side. Below this, his lips are fairly non-descript, neither thin or thick. High, angular cheekbones help to add to his angular, yet square set jaw. Over this, there is a thin, well trimmed beard and moustache. Tall and square shouldered, there are few who would debate that this is a handsome young man. His body is well muscled and lean, honed like a taught bow string waiting for action. Though, there seems to be something missing from the picture. His right hand and the vast majority of his right forearm are gone. Left in there place, there is a well healed stump, complete with scars that run up his elbow and over his biceps and triceps on that side. By far, it's his most distinctive feature.

A hardy tunic of cotton twill has been dyed a deep leaf green. It's made with a typical keyhole neckline and short sleeves that do nothing to hide his stump. It bear no decoration, and look almost as if it could have come right off the rack at a gather. Conversely, his klah brown trousers had to have been made specfically for him. They're comfortable, loose, and bear pockets not just at the hips, but on the front of each leg as well. On the left leg, there's an extra set of pockets on the side of the seam. Scuffed low boots button on the sides, easy for a one handed man to fasten yet sturdy enough to stay on his feet while he's rushing through the jungles and brush. Generally, he also wears a brown and green suede bracer on his left arm, and has been known to carry more than one visible knife.


The only child of Oeligaris and Marivana to make it to the age of five, both high stationed parents had high hopes for their son. Oeligaris was Steward of Southern Hold, and the younger brother of the Lord. A hard working man that taught young Oellyveran that every man willing to work was worthy of respect, no matter how high or low born. His mother, Marivana was the posted Harper, a woman who earned her mastery in Education and Hold Law.

The close relationship with the Lord and his sons affored Oelly many things. Including going on hunting trips. It quickly became one of his favourite hobbies, and the boy quickly became an excellent marksman with what ever instrument he picked up, longbow, crossbow, even both types of sling. He started entering compititions and won many awards, as well as helped to feed his Hold and Family in times of need.

To a member of the Blood however, hunting is not an appropriate occupation and the boy began his training in his father's footsteps at the age of ten.

This all changed when at thirteen the lad was searched for a rare clutch at Honshu Weyrhold. His skills came in handy when an invasion of tunnelsnakes and crawlers all but ruined the food supply during candidacy. There were fast friendships made, vast ammounts of trouble to find himself in and get out of before earning well blistered feet when the eggs hatched.

First out of his shell was a brown, not the most hopeful of signs, but not a bad sign by any means. Hatching in the dead centre of all other eggs, a long and sleek bronze ran arrow straight for the boy, who merely laughed and told the dragon to go find someone else. When the hatchling didn't, Oelly asked, "Well, aren't you gonna tell me your name?" Pirkith did eventually, and the pair were bonded for life. The smart alecky pair became a thorn in the side of the Weyrlingmasters. Then their Wingleaders, and the Weyrleaders on occasion as they went into the Search and Rescue wing.

It was while they were on duty, Oe'lly was nearly seventeen and Pirkith had just turned three, tracking a dangerous pride of wild felines that the pair were attacked. Oe'lly lost his right arm, his drawing arm and very nearly his life. In rescuing him, Pirkith was attacked as well, his side and left back haunch would be scarred for the rest of his life.

There were months and turns of healing ahead of them, as well as retraining to do simple tasks. After a long battle to rejoin his wing ended in a transfere to Ierne, Oe'lly had to furnish the whole of their income somehow. He turned to his long time love of hunting, and found it to be surprisingly lucretive. Enough that when he came across a young holdless woman named Dare, he was able to offer her employment, tutoring as well as room and board. As if they were trained to the tasks together from birth, the two hunters worked very well together, better than a Smithcraft timepiece. The working relationship blossomed into friendship, and then deepending into something more at least on Oe'lly's part.

However, the relationship has been strained by the knowledge that one day Dare will leave, return to her former life and her former lover. On a whim, Oe'lly answered an invitation to Igen, spoke with the leadership there. He thought that surely, they'd find a different candidate for the position of Weyrsecond, as Oe'lly hadn't seconded so much as a wing, much less a Weyr. He'd never even lived in a Proper Weyr, for Faranth's sake. But the day came that he was sent the knot in the post, and a quick trip to Igen confimed that the new Senior Weyrwoman Sianne and her new Weyrleader R'by hadn't actually made a mistake.

Bizzarely enough they had not made a mistake, choosing the one-handed bronzerider over all the other candidates for the Weyrsecond's position. The joy and excitement of taking the job and learning a new occupation as well as new people, new Weyr, new continant and very new weather was dampened by the blow done to his heart by Dare. Determined not to let Sianne, R'by or Igen down, the Southern born man dug down and earned the position bestowed upon him. In the process he earned the respect of those around him.

Pirkith's method for curing a broken heart was to win every last mating flight possible, helping to make Oe'lly a popular man with the greenriders. And even some riders who weren't green. And some women who weren't riders at all. Really though, despite the joys of the distractions, it was time that helped to heal his heart.

And then one day, S'yi announced that she was pregnant, and that the child was Oe'lly's. The bronzerider (and bronze dragon) were elated, as were Oelygaris and Marivana who had been eagerly awaiting the day they would become grandparents. The boy, Oeshyvan was born on 2673.5.26, amid the craziness and fanfare of an impending search, and a brand new Weyrleader. Just a couple of days later, Oe'lly finally heard from Dare for the first time since they parted ways. She had given birth to a girl at the begining of the month. Oe'lly went from having no children at all, to having two with different mothers in under a month. The first of which he had yet to see.

Though there had been a shift of leaders, Oe'lly remained as Igen's Second, taking to the fourteen turn old J'io quite early on in the boy's trial by fire. The hardest, most painful moment forhim came when he had to ask Suletia for her knot back. Honestly, it didn't go well, and it proved to be a terrible strain on his relationship with the former headwoman. Something he still regrets.

Time marches on, bruised hearts heal and romance loomed on Oe'lly's horizion for a while, though he was pulled in two different directions initially. Akeylah, green Shemsuth's rider allowed for Oe'lly to just relax and be himself around her. Granted, he never was very good at relaxing. Then there was Weyrwoman Sianne, the woman who gave him a chance and a reason to be a better man. She pulled the best from him without an actual thought. The more that time went on, the more he realized that while Akeylah was a wonderful woman, it was Sianne he was drawn more to. And just when he was about to voice his realization to the woman, her former/current/new/whatever weyrmate came out to Igen from Fort. X'y swept Sianne off her feet again and in a very public way. Again, Oe'lly's heart was left exposed and wounded, but his own pain did not outweigh Igen's need. And so he did as he had done before, worked between mating flights and hatchings and caring for Oeshyvan and looking for Dare, until the pain faded to a dull acheā€¦..


Name Relation Location Position
Marivana Mother Southern Hold Harper Master
Oelygaris Father Southern Hold Steward
Sianne Weyrmate Igen Weyr Senior Weyrwoman, rider of gold Sakrienth
Darva Daughter Igen Weyr Weyrbrat
Oeshyvan Son Igen Weyr Weyrbrat
Oelyanne Daughter Igen Weyr Weyrbrat


Bronze Speedy
Bronzed hues cloak this firelizard, his hide having the softly glowing matte finish of good suede that has been completely molded to his body. Brightly shining lines of brassy color, travel in stitches down his rounded neckridges, showcasing off his cimmerian bright color. He holds up a narrow, angularly planed head, deep-set whirling eyes narrowed as he looks around. Bright molten bronze reflects on his wide shoulders and then back to thick flanks, each carrying the hint of brightness, from golden stitches. His legs are darker, cimmerian shades fading slowly to dullness that ends finally with talons of matte unreflective black. That bright brassy shade shows up best though on his wings, where the thick gold lines seem to hold suede wingsails to bright spars, stretched taut and evenly over the bones.


Bronze Pirkith
Long and sleek, this darkly coloured bronze looks like a masterfully wrought arrow. The point is his narrow, angular face with bright, flashing eyes that are ever watchful. His wings match the build perfectly, they're long and powerful, and the sails are sprinkled with spots of blood red in the translucent bronze. In contrast to the deep colour of his hide, there are pale, jagged scars that run down his left side and over his left rear haunch. His limbs are powerfully constructed, but lean and hug in close to his body. As if it were the fletching at the end of the shaft, his tail also bears scars on one side, making it lighter than the other.

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