Portrayed By Boyd Holbrook
Gender Male
Aliases Percy (Don't call him that!)
Place of Birth Ogren Hold
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Butcher Journeyman


This young man stands tall for his age, already reaching heights of five foot nine. His build is muscular and fit, not overly so, but enough to show he is anything but lazy. Short light brown hair covers the top of his head, kept trimmed at the nape of his neck and short enough to stay out of his face. Amber eyes reside under long dark lashes, framed by serious brows upon his square shaped face. His skin is a rich tan from turns of working in daylight.

His clothing is a simple ensemble - A tunic of ash grey is worn, tucked into a pair of tan durable pants and held together by a thick black leather belt. Simple leather boots are worn, with the legs of his pants tucked neatly inside to keep aspects of his work from finding its way up to bare skin. The boots are a dark brown in hue, clearly beaten and well worn from turns of use, but clearly still serviceable.


Percival is the son of a cotholder working for Ogren Hold. The young man grew up working alongside his parents, maintaining his share of the responsibilities necessary to keep a roof over their heads and food on their table. When work was done, he'd get into the general mischief that comes with a growing young man. As soon as he was deemed old enough to strike out on his own, he joined the Cooks as a butcher apprentice. In the kitchens of Igen Weyr is where the now Journeyman resides to this day.


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Green Gristle



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