Portrayed By Marlon Teixeira
Gender Male
Aliases Quill
Place of Birth Igen Weyr
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Minecraft Apprentice


There's the promise of more to come from him as he matures, but for now, Quillan is a slender young thing, with a shaggy mop of hair hanging low over his warm brown eyes. His features could use a little refinement to make them more classically handsome, but he's got a charm all of his own - helped, perhaps, by the dimples that so easily form in his freckle-dusted cheeks. For now his figure is youthful and coltish, long-limbed and a little awkward as he goes through his growth spurt years.


Quillan comes from a typical Weyrborn background; son of a greenrider, fathered by a bluerider during a flight. They weren't weyrmates then but in raising Quillan together they realised there was the potential for something more between them, and so they ended up living together by the time he turned four. He was always a little sheltered by his overbearing mother, but by the time he hit his teen years he tried to rebel by joining a Craft. The Minecraft, to be exact. And his speciality? Explosives: chosen specifically to tell his mother that 'hey, I'm a big boy now and I can blow things up'. He's apprenticed to a specialist in Igen Weyr (mummy pulled strings for that to happen), and so he lives at home but heads out to work from the Weyr every day.


Name Relation Location Position
Quiya Mother Igen Weyr Greenrider
Ll'andy Father Igen Weyr Bluerider


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