On this day when Rukbat shines brightly in the sky, and a cool breeze blows R'oc can't help but be shirtless. His semi long hair hanging down just past his chin and a smile on his face. His strong jawline leads to his muscle bound neck, his pecs seem stick out because of the strands of hair that come from his bronze skin. The brown curly hairs almost seem red in the light of Rukbat. His chest hair seem to extend down his midsection down towards his pants. The man's back is quite defined and is not covered in any kind of folicle. His six pack is covered rather well by the hair giving him a rather stocky look. His legs seem to push out on the pants he wears at this moment, more than likely muscles but one cannot see. his rolled up pants expose his large calf which is like the rest of his body covered in hair.


Roroc has had a simple life at Igen hold spending most of his time helping his parents at their craft. His father a retired smith spends most of his time helping out in the weyr with what he can. Roroc always live day to day not worrying about what the next day brought. His mother the head baker would constantly make him help her out in the kitchen, even though his father was completely opposed to it. Which made him quite handy to have around, and although he never really wanted to be a smith or a baker, he didn't mind knowing some of both trades. Strange enough his life has been all good, rarely any bad ever came to him. Which made him sheltered and happy, which is mostly why he's always smiling.


Name Relation Location Position


Bronze Akuma
Imposing is the figure of this bronze firelizard, even though he more in the middle of the size range for his kind. There is something about him which makes him loom so much larger than life and he holds himself as if he knows it too. His frame is heavy, muscles wrapping diligently about every nook and cranny to give him a power and endurance which is not often matched. A large head sits upon a rather stocky neck which blends into the wide chest. Winds are large, particularly wider than the average, perhaps due to the slight elongation of his body. Tail swishes elegantly behind him, long and supple its length shimmers in health and concentration. No movement is without thought as this creature bursts into being like the eruption of a star, its violent birthing moments echoed across his body in waves of green-bronze and gold-bronze that ripple out from the heart of his chest tot he tip of his muzzle, tail and 'sails trailing edges.

Brown Boss
This fiendish little brown's hide is molded from the finest chocolate, melted into an intoxicating brew of vodka and chaos. Narrow leather wings form a reckless flightjacket for his adventures, faintly dipped in caramel for an exquisitely evil flavor. His long rangy flanks have been dipped in an elixer pure courvoisier, the rosy glow giving him a fiendish sexy look. The tawny fluff of a lion's fur that blows wildly over his chest, abdomen and hips makes the fang sticking up on the right side of his muzzle all the more appropriate. His tail has the faintest bloodsoaked steel underlying it, the flash of a renegade's knife in the night. To add to his frightening appearance, this chocolate king of bandits has a long, jagged blood colored mark down his left side, the scar of trechery rendered.

Blue Lackey
Long and lanky describes this slender blue firelizard well enough. He doesn't have much meat on his bones as of yet, although he may fill out with age. There is somewhat of a nerdy intelligence hiding behind those eyes of his, as well as an inexplicable desire to be surrounded with people, perhaps all the better for his shy self to hide in. This blue does seem eager to assist, and obedient almost to extremes.


Daydreaming Scamp Bronze Nasheth
Confidence exudes from the posture of this radiant bronze, not the indignant defiance of the proud, but the certainty of an eternal optimist. Each smooth swath of skin is haloed in swirls of hammered gold and whorls of ruddy copper, making the dragon seem a living, breathing statue of molten metal that has been shaped into a beast of subtle strength and power. From a deep, heavy chest he spreads wide wings, each veined in the shimmer of a warm silver that adds a cooling touch to the warmth of his hide, a measure of stability in a form that otherwise seems a moving wave of metallic shimmer. A line of curving ridges gives way, at the tip of his tail, in a fork tinged with a burnished green, a similar shade that splotched the end of his muzzle and outlines in faint shadows each faceted, crystalline eye.

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