R'sner & Green Toith
Portrayed By Rufus Sewell
Gender Male
Aliases Res
Place of Birth Fort Weyr
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyrlingmaster
Dragon Green Toith
Other Page R'sner's HMW Page


The Turns of dragonriding have left R'sner with a wiry and toned physique, muscles well defined with continued physical exercise and daily life. His face is an elongated oval; nose crooked from a past break, his chin strong and masculine, with a bit of stubble. His skin is weathered from a life spent outdoors, fine lines formed around eyes that have squinted into the sun for far too many Turns. His eyes are a dark, cobalt blue beneath black brows, gaze intense and with an almost haunted look at times. He stands around six feet tall in height, and carries himself in a way that speaks to quiet knowledge of his own strength, lacking any of the bravado that may come from over confidence.

R'sner favors comfortable clothing, and wears riding leathers only when strictly necessary. Typically he can be found in a pair of black trousers and a loose, dark-grey shirt. When he does wear leathers, they are dark and well-worn, comfortably broken in and lacking decoration. There is no attempt to draw attention to himself with the way he dresses, but the cut and fit is flattering to his form.


R'sner — Risner at birth — was born and raised in Fort Weyr. His father, a brownrider, fell in love with his mother, a barmaid. They had a rather successful relationship, producing a large family of which R'sner is the only son. He grew up in the bar with his mother, having no aspirations to do more than this. A few months into his sixteenth turn, he was searched by K'shan's green Nawyth. More of a demand than an offer, he accepted candidacy and all of the rules that were required of it. When the Hatching finally came at the unGodly hour of 2AM, Risner was among the lucky eleven to walk away with a dragon, bonded forever to Second-in-Command to No One Green Toith

Very early on, R'sner knew he was outmatched and overwhelmed by his rambunctious, tomboy of a green. In less than a month, she had broken his nose (accidently of course) and landed him in trouble. It would be the first of a serious of unfortunate events and even more unfortunate punishments. No matter what he did, R'sner found himself on the Weyrlingmaster's bad-side and punishment-list. Toith was rough, tough, loud and messy, driven to prove herself at whatever the cost. Almost at birth, an intense rivalry that bordering on hatred sprang up between Toith and her sister, Maglinoth. R'sner spent most of his Weyrlinghood trying to find a balance of control between himself, Toith, and the rest of the world. But despite all odds, they made it through in one piece and graduated on time.

Upon graduation he selected the transport wing, Roc. This was not without its own set of challenges, least of all being the animosity between him and the then-Wingleader. While life as a dragonrider was far from what he had envisioned, R'sner settled in with ease. A place of his own was a luxury, and he reveled in the freedom of being a dragonrider. Eventually romance would find him, and he settled down in his late twenties with a weyrmate by his side. It was a good partnership, and R'sner could not have been happier with his life. Unfortunately, disaster struck the pair with the death of his weyrmate and his weyrmates dragon. R'sner took the hit hard, and even after a lengthy hiatus from Wing and Weyr, he could not find it in him to come home. After six months, he put in a request to transfer away from Fort, hoping a change in vocation and location would assist in the process of moving on, leaving Fort for Ierne Weyrhold.

Three and a half years spent there did wonders for him, and though he will never be quite the same person he was before the loss of his love, he has learned to move on and find 'life' for himself once again. With this new growth comes the desire to be a productive member of society once more, putting his skills to use in a more formal capacity than simply ferrying folks from place to place to make a meager living. The idea of moving back to Fort was too painful, and so R'sner put in a request to move to Half Moon Bay Weyr instead, ready to serve in whatever capacity he can.

Apparently, that capacity is by serving as Weyrlingmaster, a position that R'sner and Toith accepted with some amount of reservation along with a healthy dose of anticipation. Well. R'sner had reservations. Toith was thrilled at the opportunity to share all she's learned in her many Turns (whether R'sner wants it shared or not) to young and impressionable minds (watch out Weyr!). But passing on knowledge is certainly something the pair can do. And when there are no weyrlings needing to be taught, the pair offer their assistance to Seamount, happy enough to do something they are both comfortable and familiar with.

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Summary of things that have happened:
R'sner met N'sir, who was Nassir at the time. After falling in love, he followed Nassir to Igen when he was Searched, and then remained when he subsequently Impressed and became N'sir. Stepping into the assistant weyrlingmaster role at S'las' request, he helped train the new group of weyrlings (to include his future weyrmate). Upon graduation, he officially weyrmated N'sir, stepped down from the AWLM role, and took up a position in Bay flying transport. A few months later, N'sir and R'sner transferred back to Half Moon Bay Weyr, and R'sner resumed his former role as Weyrlingmaster, with N'sir as Assistant.

There was a daughter born sometime in there (Reva, whose mother is the bluerider Valeska), whom was left at Igen to be fostered. At one point, R'sner discovered he had an adult son (Kezresan, now K'zre) living at Fort Weyr.

While at Half Moon Bay, R'sner suffered an injury that resulted in his inability to continue in the Weyrlingmaster role. He stepped down, knowing that he would not recover in time to train the next group of Weyrlings. A few months later, and N'sir and R'sner decided to move back to Igen Weyr. It was a very personal decision, motivated by several factors (not least of which was R'sner's daughter, Reva, residing there). Once he recovered from his injuries, R'sner stepped in to take the role of Weyrlingmaster for Igen Weyr


Name Relation Location Position
N'sir Weyrmate Igen Weyr Greenrider (Elianneth)
K'zre Son Fort Weyr Greenrider (Yasminath)
F'inn Son-in-law Fort Weyr Bronzerider (Nymionth)
Reva (NPC) Daughter Igen Weyr Growing up TOO FAST

Other family: Parents (deceased), 3 older sisters, 2 younger sisters.


The Story - Brandi Carlile
Lights Down Low - Max
Give Me Tonight - Dustin Tebbutt
Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
Waves - Dean Lewis
Fleurie - Hurts Like Hell
Digital Daggers - Still Here
Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony
Blue October - What If We Could
Deep Purple - Hush


Lanky Bronze Saafir - PC
A lanky, long-bodied firelizard. His hide is that greeny-gold sort of bronze, gleaming with a faint metallic sheen where it catches the light. His wingsails are translucent and veined in darker tones, his tail long and whip-like.

honestly: I desced this egg and hatchling myself, so that's all you're gettin ;)

Live Up to MY Standards Brown Pro - NPC
What catches the eye about this firelizard is first and foremost the hue and patterning of his hide. He is brown, no mistaking, but he looks etched of stone. Not just any stone but the bold and banded brown and golden layers of tiger eye. The layers run at a slight angle to his body so that no matter how he might naturally sit, stand or fly the bands will never run exactly parallel with the horizon. It almost looks like that might be an irritation to this one who holds himself to such a high standard that his very hide might be so slightly off kilter but the fine warm hues of the bands will hopefully more than make up for it. Darker layers run across large wedge shaped head where emerald and lapis whirling eyes stand out of the darker bands. Lighter the golden brown lustrous layer than slips above to form knobby headknobs and crest upon eyeridges, as well to begin the fine hue layering into his sturdy neck dropping down in the husky form of his body. It is actually hard to make out his exact frame or proportion as the hues hide the parts that are a bit heavier in stock. Hide what might be thought of as flaws for surely he acts as if he possesses none. He is a perfect specimen see, don't you dare accuse him otherwise or else face the deadly sharp scythes that tip each finger and toe, or get smacked by the sturdy rope of his tail. Wings are more clearly heavily muscled as the light shines through the thinnest of membranes stretched from spar to spar. Only there does the tiger eye effect fade into a more fuzzy and hazy mix of dark brown and golden brown.

He Who Smelt It, Dealt It Blue Skye - NPC
He certainly a round little fellow, this blue. He's roly and poly and flippy and zippy and all those other quaint little words that evoke feelings of general adorability. It's not just his tummy's fault - he's a little bit stubby all over, short of neck and tail, with squat little legs that carry him thither and yon quickly as though to make up for their lack. 'Ridges and headknobs are equally unimpressive, sweeping back in little button-bumps that can only be described as 'cute.' His wings are the only bits of him that are truly impressive, wide and well-structured and striated through with bright, sunshine blues and faint, iridescent crackles of a deep icy hue. The rest of him is a matte cadet blue broken by the occasional crystalline glimmer along his neck and sides, with neat near-black gloves pulled clear up to the elbows of each of his paws.

Weyr Description and Images


Second In Command To No One Green Toith

Vivid verdant veracity encapsulates this hoyden in brash color, fearless in the face of judgement. Built along stout lines and broad frame, an even coat of green-apple perfection covers her brawny musculature and is her only saving grace from mistaken masculine identity. Smudges of fresh-dirt topsoil accentuate her boxy, bulky brawn: along the lines of a square'd headknob, the heavy edge of neckridge, marking the top of strong shoulders and each blunt paw, tipped with chalky talons. Her markings seem to be the summation of her soul: careless and undaunted, a debutante's nightmare, the very vision of a tomboy.


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