Raaiqa Dahaqa
Portrayed By Hana Pestle
Gender Female
Aliases Raaiqa, Raq
Place of Birth Igen Area
Current Location Igen Area
Occupation Trader (Luxury Goods)


Short and sturdy, this young woman is neither thick nor thin but solid. Her face is a sweet oval of a think, slightly chubby-cheeked, and framed by straight, shoulder-length dark hair. Her eyebrows are thin and dramatically arched over stunning, green eyes. Her lips are a classic cupid's bow, lightly stained with color and a fine sheen of gloss. All in all, the image of innocence blossoming into full maturity - though not without some snags and snarls along the way.
The rest of her is built with the short but stocky kind of build that's evocative of mountain ponies: there is nothing waiflike or delicate about her. Muscle plays under tanned skin to hint at her strength; calluses on her hands and visible scarring on her skin speaks to a lifetime of labor.
Her clothing is necessarily pragmatic - for Igen, anyway. Headscarves, veils, and robes in rich, bright color do well to cover the majority of her person to protect from the vagaries of the terrain and weather. She wears comfortable, appropriate footwear, and a large leather satchel that's worn cross-wise over her person. Sashes and pouches complete the trader's ensemble.


Trader life isn't exactly the most glamorous, but it's a living! The Dahaqa trade family has always been an enterprising sort, centered around Igen and it's environs: they focus on making luxury items out of both native plants and special imports, ranging from makeup and bathing items to medicinal items of various sorts. Not a terrible living by any means! Raaiqa's pretty happy with life on the whole but, as she grows older, she's becoming more and more aware of the wide world beyond - and wants to become a part of it.


Name Relation Location Position
Iriqaa Mother Igen Area Trader
Harukk Father Igen Area Trader
Nemikaa Sister Igen Area Trader
Qilukk Brother Igen Area Trader
Kaiia Sister Igen Area Trader
Urakki Brother Igen Area Trader


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