R'que (Roque)
Portrayed By Alex Pettyfer
Gender Male
Aliases Roq
Place of Birth Lemos
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Bluerider
Dragon Blue Kelsith


Tall, slender, and pale are the first words to come to mind for this young man. Sporting light blonde hair which is a perhaps a bit long - loose wavy strands falling around his face, faded blue eyes, and pale skin, Roque stands nearly 6'6" tall, with nary an ounce of extra weight on his frame. He is all angles - from the lines of his strong jawline to his sharp nose, to his square shoulders and narrow body. His clothes, though, are well fitting, and cut to emphasize his slim build - Tailored jackets and pants, neatly cut shirts being the norm.


Most people would say that being the first born has the most benefits, but Roque would likely argue that point. The youngest child, of the youngest child, of the youngest child of the once-Lord Holder of Lemos, he is at this point far, far removed from any threat of inheritance, but still reaping the rewards of his family lineage. Growing up in the greater Lemos area with four older siblings, he had everything he could ask for - including the best in education from the Harper Hall, and encouragement to dabble in whatever hobby or interest had caught his attention at a given point. As he grew, with no need to take over a family holding, or follow in the footsteps of a particular ancester (thank you older siblings), he has spent his early adult years dabbling in various forms of art - both visual and the written word - visiting areas near and far for inspiration.


Name Relation Location Position


Gold Octavia
A large and brilliantly patterned queen, this lady both demands and receives attention easily. Bands in every hue of gold run lengthwise from nose to tailtip. The vary in width, but none are so small as to be insignificant. Each has a distinct layer, however unlike the passive layers of sandstone, her bands are a fury of roaring gasses in every golden hue imaginable. Light contrasts dark, swirling together in spots large and small. Teased barrier broken by tendrils of daring pyrite along one flank, and a river of topaz that one hand has dipped into and swirls playfully with her sharp metallic claws. Build matches the brilliant patterning in a heavily muscled brute of a queen as ready to throw her weight around and she is to glide effortlessly in the sky upon the broad sails. The deceptively thin membranes are supported by thick muscled shoulders and sturdy spars. The patterning within continues the fury of activity within her body, only here larger storms rage as a war between the cloudy layers which might be otherwise a delicate beauty bring with them a fury one would be foolish to mess with.

Blue Orion


Reckless Charisma Blue Kelsith
Silver-blue mist gathers in billowing banks upon the hide of this long, lean blue, steely hues flowing down his form, defined shadows within the darkness of the fog. The palest blue of the sky is barely visible upon the end of his nose, slipping free from the mist-locked clouds, though the length of his muzzle is still speckled with darker flecks of glaucous-hued ash as it sweeps back towards large, facetted eyes and defined eye ridges. Clean, neat lines outline his body - slender torso and well proportioned limbs, narrow haunches showing the muscles beneath - all shrouded in their cloak of steely blue, the color shifting into shadows and highlights, as if the light of Rukbat fights through the thick fog. Mountainous ridges peek forth from the mist, indigo peaks slipping down his straight back, like distance hills fading to the horizon, each with a slightly different shape - lacking in any true uniformity, even at the end of his long tail. From each shoulder, oversized wings stretch outwards, spreading the fog as sails of powder blue are striped by spars of cerulean, all in all a wraith born amongst the mists.


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