Rou'x (Rousseaux)
Portrayed By Tara Lynn
Gender Female
Aliases R;Roux;Rousseaux
Place of Birth High Mountain Cothold, High Reaches
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation wingrider
Dragon Brown Indianath


Grown into a well-blossomed woman, Rou'x is all buxom curves around her hourglass shape, softly padded across her hips, bottom and tummy to balance out the ampleness of her voluminous chest. Her feminine facial features aren't entirely unpleasant to behold, though they may be a little unrefined for some - her eyes are a light honey-like shade, surrounded by thick, dark eyelashes, and framed above by neatly shaped eyebrows, the same near-black shade as her deep brown hair. Lips the shape of a plump cupid's bow are coloured the soft shade of a rosy petal, matching the natural blush on her freckled cheeks. The natural creaminess of her complexion is made somewhat more ruddy by her sun-kissed Istan upbringing, which adds a bronzed sheen to skin that's smooth and clear. She tends to wear her long hair in a thick braid that reaches almost to her waist.

Rou'x's clothing is simple and functional, ideal for her life with brown Indianath. She wears a pair of well-worn trousers that have undoubtedly had at least one owner before they came to her, with a light shirt and sturdy boots - which look to have steel toes beneath the weathered black leather.


Rousseaux was born on the plains of the High Reaches mountain range - or at least, in a holding on them. Her family have, for generations, been weavers in a medium-sized farm holding there with a specialty in angora wool from the goats raised on the farm. Rousseaux was born the third child of Seauxlie and Roussel, both from the Weavercraft. Her older siblings are sister Reaussel and brother S'sel (formerly Souxsel) of blue Sarhlianth, who impressed at High Reaches Weyr and transferred in the past turn to Ista Weyr. He invited his little sister to come and join him there, and she readily accepted - for all she loved her home, there was so little there for her and the prospect of marrying, or even just doing anything with her life other than following in her parents' footsteps, was slim. Rousseaux welcomed the move with open arms, and is looking forward to enjoying her sunny new home.

Ista Weyr was a comfortable fit for her, and she stayed on even after her brother transferred yet again. Rousseaux was invited to stand and did so, though she didn't find her lifemate.

Several turns later, a chance meeting with Weyrsecond Ila'den of bronze Teimyrth, led to her being Searched once more - only this time for Western Weyr. To her surprise, she found her lifemate on the Sands there - the beautiful brown Indianath. Upon graduation they were sorted into Archipelago.

Rou'x's lusting after her clutchmate and best-friend Ir'e came to an unexpected head when he, along with Keely, were caught up together in the brownrider's weyr when all three of their dragons gave chase to a rising green. One thing led to another… and that led to Rou'x - and Keely! - picking up a nine-month souvenir from the encounter. Somewhere in between that eventful night and her actually finding out though, Rou'x sustained a deep gash to her thigh when she joined Archipelago in rescuing sailors from a floundering fleet; she found out Keely was expecting; she gave Keely a set of drawers so that the bluerider would have fresh clothes whenever she stayed over; Indianath caught Tarieth, which led to Rou'x sleeping with yet another of her clutchmates, and, perhaps most surprising of all, she was presented with a shiny new knot by Weyrleader Zi'on, who promoted her to the rank of Wingleader - with a little backing from himself and A'wrn, who formerly wore the knot.

It was Zi'on who ordered her to get checked out by the Healers to determine whether she was pregnant or not. The confirmation wasn't welcome news. Neither were the warning signs of labour, just less than two months too early. All went smoothly despite the unexpected arrival date, and Rou'x gave birth to two tiny twins - a boy who she named Theroux, and a girl she called Rhei.

That was the beginning of a downwards spiral. A drunken bender following the birth of her children led Rou'x to making some bad decisions: she sent the babies to live with her family in High Mountain Cothold, ruining what was already a fragile relationship with Ir'e and Rhabel; her relationship with Keely ended, and the lack of caring caused her to neglect her duties, which resulted in the death of one of her wingriders during an attempt to rescue Ila'den's kidnapped younger sister from renegades. As a result, he stripped her of her position leading Half Moon Bay's Search and Rescue wing. Once her grounding punishment was over, Rou'x took off to Southern.

She spent the better part of a turn bumming around the southern continent hanging out with F'rel, a greenriding former mindhealer who she clicked with. Her time was spent getting over what happened, which he helped her to do. Rou'x took a renewed interest in archaeology, working on some of the ancient sites around the continent and in Landing, making a small trade from the bits and pieces she was able to find, polish up, and sell off.

Eventually, homesickness set in and she decided it was time to return to Half Moon Bay Weyr. It wasn't quite as smooth a return as she'd hoped for, though she by no means expected to be welcomed home with open arms. After struggling to find her place and battling her pride about returning to Archipelago and wingmates who would surely be prejudiced against her, Rou'x found an alternative occupation from Enka - working the radio room.


Name Relation Location Position
Roussel Father High Mountain Cothold Weaver Master
Seauxlie Mother igh Mountain Cothold Weaver Master
Reaussel Sister High Mountain Cothold Weaver Journeywoman
S'sel (formerly Souxsel) Brother Someweyr, somewhere! Rider of blue Sarhlianth
Seleaux Sister Ista Weyr Resident
Liessel Sister High Mountain Cothold Resident
Theroux Son (Ir'e) Western Weyr Resident
Rhei Daughter (Ir'e) Western Weyr Resident


Noble Huntress Gold Qir
The flames of sunset run boldly down the back of this monumentally sized gold's form from muzzle tip to tail tip, spreading like rays on the horizon over her wings as well. Being large, even for her color, she is solidly built and her full figure cannot readily be described as 'delicate'. Where the flames don't touch, her hide takes on the pale glimmer of white gold, flawless and even until one comes across Celtic-esque designs in a tarnished hue, closer to a dusky grey. These designs start on the jowls of her triangular head and run the entire way down the side of her neck, and body, even covering both shoulders and rump, and running down each limb as well only to stop mid-way down her forearms and thighs, abruptly cutting off into the rich hue of finely tanned leather, encasing the rest of the limb in gloves and thigh-high boots.

On a Wing and a Prayer Blue Whimsy
A blue so deep and vibrant, it could rival the twilight sky, clothes this firelizard from snout to tip. Sleek, this creature was born for the air, though wings are neither broad nor narrow, falling somewhere near average, with obvious musculature visible beneath smooth hide. There is a faintly scalloped patterning to the creature's skin, with darker hints of indigo shadowing here and there, just tracing the contours of delicate limbs and long neck and tail. While his muzzle is fairly short and rounded compared to most, it still manages to be streamlined, the elegance of shape carried through to the rest of his body, a lean frame without excess. Midnight talons and sharp tiny teeth echo his predatory nature, though it's the keen intelligence found in beady, faceted eyes which might set this fellow apart. To accentuate this almost, are flashier hints of an almost silvery hue just at his throat and along his eye ridges, fading again into a more velvety azure past small headknobs and along his back.

Gambling Prince of a Farmboy General Brown Gambler
Long and lanky, this brown firelizard seems to be made up more of limbs, tail and neck than his thin, leanly muscled body. His coloration is not something to be gwaked over, either. A rich, supple leather brown covers his entire hide, seemingly uniform in hue. The only variation to this monotony is a ring of russet around the middle of his neck, as thick as a pinky-finger. The only other visual surprise to this bland brown is when his wings are spread, revealing highly polished amber membranes.

Roly Poly Whisker Twitching Brown Roly-Poly
Round and tiny, this brown firelizard is almost too-small for his color, looking like some squished critter with fat cheeks and a blunty nose. Indeed, his muzzle is so very underwhelming, it might give the impression of a squashed face, but all the bits are there, and apparently in working order. Little beady facets peer out from beneath beige-touched eye ridges, his headknobs bearing the same shade and equally as stubby as the rest of him, though despite the shortness of his snout, it is indeed packed with neat rows of sharp, gleaming teeth. This cutesy ball of flitter can surely bite! If nothing else. His underside is an even paler hue, sandy almost, with itty bitty feets bearing barely noteworthy claws in a darker shade of muddy klah. Somewhere between his undersized wings, the creature's rounded body acquires a more definite tan-like coloration, smoothing out along his laughable tail, which looks as if someone might have snipped it off - but no, it really is just that long, though the lacking length seems more than made up for by his sheer bulk, nearly twice as wide as his kin. Perhaps somebody sat on him when he was in the egg, poor thing. Either way, there's nothing terribly off about him despite his shape, what awkwardness he possesses at least giving him some possible charm.

Perfect Brown Junior
Tendrils of loving cocoa melt into the gold-dusted bitter chocolate of his hide, his stream-lined form made less so by the plump curve of his belly. A smudge of caramel runs down the centre of his broad face, bug-like eyes whirling greedily beneath toasted headknobs. Cookie-crumbs dapple his spine, falling either side of rounded 'ridges, spreading out across the sugar-spun expanse of his delicate wings.


Brown Indianath

No mere monochromatic hue is this fellow, to say that he is just merely brown would give truth to a lie. From the tip of a tanned-brown muzzle, dappled speckles of umber brown scatter across the rugged planes of his cheekbones, an illusion of a five-o-clock shadow that curves upwards towards his headknobs. Encircled by a band of coffee-brown, his prominent sable-hued headknobs arch upwards slightly, dimpled a little in the middle with rounded sable shadows arching slightly over the curve of his brow and neck like a jaunty hat set at a rakish angle. Down the length of his somewhat short neck, the tanned brown that first appeared on his muzzle can be seen, but it's soon overtaken by leather-brown tones, the color flowing down over muscular shoulders and a broad chest before yielding at last to a paler khaki tone, faint darker splotches seen here and there as if rips and tears could be seen in his very hide along haunch and leg. At last, the color deepens again, along the very long and very lean length of his bull whip tail, the curious interplay of russet and earthen hues along the stout base where his tail and body meet before it ends in a long lash of saddlebrown.


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