S'las (formerly Silas)
Portrayed By Paul Bettany
Gender Male
Aliases Sil
Place of Birth Lemos
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Wingrider
Dragon Blue Chessylith


This man is average at best: a tall and slender build, fit from turns of keeping physically busy with the world around him. Jet black hair falls from his head, bound in a loose runner-tail just past his shoulders. His hands are rough and calloused, covered in the same mottling of freckles that cover his arms and under his pale eyes of slate blue hues.

A cream toned tunic free of any sort of adornment covers this young man, tucked in neatly behind a worn and battered rich ochre leather belt. His pants are a simple black garment, not snug or billowing but loose enough to allow for constant movement should the days work require it. Heavy boots cover his feet, rising to mid-shin where they end with a tight buckle over the laces at the top.


Silas had no remarkable childhood, growing up as one of the many youth hanging around the mines of Lemos. Having no knack for anything remotely useful, the boy often helped with chores around holds: assisting with cooking, cleaning or simply clearing refuse from the area. An attempt at an apprenticeship with the Miner Craft was out of the question, people didn't think he was a good fit. Didn't mind getting dirty one bit and all too eager to get himself into dangerous situations. Unfortunately in an area that relies on efficiency, the boy was counter-productive. Easily distracted. Not quite built for this sorta work. Turns passed and nothing changed for the young man until his Nineteenth turn when he was picked up for Search. The minute he agreed, his companions literally packed his things and shipped him off as soon as possible, for this great opportunity. Actually, they just wanted the grumpy creature out of their midst for a while. He'd be back, there's no way a dragon would want someone that indignant. They were wrong.


Name Relation Location Position


Gold Solstice

Very dark gold velvet rolls over the hide of this large, graceful queen. From the tip of her classic wedge head, over a comely torso and limber limbs to the neat tail, the crushed gold flows in nearly uniform hue with only a faint bronzing in the hollows between rolling muscles. Yet when the light strikes, fireworks! Each ray sparks brilliant blossoms of metallic gold, sapphire, ruby, and copper like fireflies within the hide. The colors vanish as quickly as they appeared, fading back into velvet darkness. Her wingsails become fire itself when aloft, red-gold flames exploding above the elegant form.


Similar to the Sky Blue Chessylith

Sere and faded blue are his wings, trailing color in dusky shadowed hues across widespread wings that are picked out here in there with hints of black edging along wingspars and then trimmed with merest hints of paler blues along his wingsails ends. His head is somewhat blunted, set upon a squat neck and broad shoulders. The rest of his hide is that same fade blue, only varying in shade slight from lighter to darker as it moves along his back and then lightening out as it reaches his belly. Both his forearms and his haunches are heavy, thickly muscled to lift him in flight and leaving him just slightly awkward on land, while the sweeping length of his tail brightens in color slightly, a paler powdery blue as it moves along to his tailspade. Capping his feet, are blunt thick talons in inky dark navy and sharper than they appear at first glance.


Title OOC Date Cast Synopsis
Cures for Hangups and Hangovers April 17, 2018 Nassir, S'las Nassir nurses a hangover while S'las offers some words of comfort.
Are You Suggesting That Pianos Migrate? May 13, 2018 S'las, Triven, Ariadne Just some good old fashion socializing during meal time.
Stars and White Knots May 15, 2018 S'las, Roque Roque thinks he can enjoy the dunes sunset and the cool nights of Igen. Then, a wild S'las appears!
Celestial Things and What Knot May 16, 2018 S'las, Triven Triven works on a commission and S'las just works on his sarcasm. Oh, fine. There's a knot offered, too.
Knot a Candidate Tree May 17, 2018 S'las, Shetaia Shetaia collects her notes in the Conservatory and S'las collects another Candidate. And a pair of trees!
Ready Player Two June 15, 2018 R'sner, S'las S'las has a dilemma. R'sner might be the solution.
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