Abrael (Sabrael)
Portrayed By
Gender Female
Aliases sab
Place of Birth Igen Area
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Dragon Saethiath


Dark brown hair frames a delicate boned face that has hints of fragility to it. Curved eyebrows hover inquisitively over wide gray blue eyes. A slight crook to an over long nose ruins any attempts at beauty. She stands shorter than most, scraping five feet only when she stands upon her toes. To mask this platform like shoes adorn her feet, while layers of cloth, including a headscarf, hide much of her small figure.


Born well outside the influence zone of Igen Weyr, near the swampy lands of the Igen River, Sabrael is the only daughter of small cotholders and ferry owners. Her parents operate a small ferry across the river proper, in addition to their own small farm and animals. She was raised with a great deal of respect for land and river. As the only child she was fiercely protected and more than a little coddled. Despite this she has a quiet sunny disposition and a shy love for animals. Her upbringing balanced her lessoning between the quiet of the river and farm where hard work was expected of all members of the family, and more gentle woman's work of sewing and caring for the cot proper. Her expectations for life are simple- grow up, marry a second son, and take over the cothold and ferry from her parents when their age prevented them from continuing to care for it.


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Brown NAME

It must be in the way this firelizard holds himself that ever he seems a bit forlorn. As if eternally lonely, the hunger to find who he is lingers upon the gently sculpted features of his face. It likely doesn't help that his particular build lends itself towards a youthful appearance which most might envy, but for him will make him seem but a few months out of the shell even when he meets his hundredth turnday. Youthful in figure, it isn't that he is finely built nor horribly muscled, but as if he's in that transition between. Always the bit of child's fat softening his features while enough muscle ripples beneath to show him not freshly hatched. Of hue there isn't to much to help the downturned attitude. Darker sienna's seep across most of his figure, highlighted with smudges of mud along belly, flanks and tail. Wingsails are not much cheerier, the least translucent of any the dark umber and walnuts splattered together keep him looking ever more forlorn even when he might be trying to show off.


Go, Go, Go Green Saethiath

Sleek, but not necessarily slender is the primary form of this green. Large triangular shaped head is blunted at the end, and indeed no part of her is to particularly angular, although her head comes closest. Even ridges are smoothed, somewhat small as if weathered or streamlined to allow her that smidgeon of extra speed. The front end of her is a bit broader than one might expect, tapering to a somewhat too slender belly barely balanced by thin muscled haunches. It frequently looks as if she might tend to tip forwards when standing. Of hue she is a fairly striking strong green tone. It's painted in on in a geometrically pleasing fashion following this or that curve. Darker green striping within each vaguely leafish swatch helps to keep her from being uniform. A few accents of icy green in the most eye catching of curves completes the striking vision of this lass.


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