Age has done the lady justice. The once bratty features of a teenager Impressed early have softened over the years, though the glint in those emerald eyes — still set over a bed of freckles — remains. They are lined by pale lashes, hinting that the hair color is all natural.

The woman before you stands at just over 5'7" with shoulder length red hair, bleached a bit lighter from years of living in the sun, and currently pulled back into a low ponytail that hangs at the nape of her neck. Her figure is a coy one, with hips just wide enough to suggest motherhood (and a waist not narrow enough to suggest the same effect); her legs comprise most of her height, powerful ones at that. A perma tan (more like a perma burn, from the paleness of her skin, actually) tints her flesh, hinting that the woman is from some warmer climate.


Raised at Half Moon Bay Hold beside her older sibling Anysta and her twin sister Thaelis, Saelis is the youngest child of the three (born second after her sister). She was consistently a go getter, and in charge of things around the Hold when her older sister would choose to daydream and play with dolphins rather than be serious about the work at hand. One day, during a routine trip to Western, Saelis' standard errands ran her into a Searchrider from Xanadu Weyr, who invited her to stand for the newest clutch on the sands.

Thrilled, Saelis stood. She made many friends at Xanadu during her candidacy, but out of them all, Saelis was the only one left standing on Xanadu's sands when all the eggs had hatched. Angry that even the likes of M'iri had Impressed and not herself, Saelis refused to 'stick it out' at Xanadu and opted instead to stand for Ista Weyr when she was next called to the sands. It was there, amongst the dozen or so eggs on the sand, that she met her lifemate and best friend: Daeslynth. The gold and she were of the same mind: hard work yielded fantastic results, and they were gonna do it right!

About two years down the road, Saelis became Ista's Senior Weyrwoman. With she and her lifemate new to the task but up for a challenge, she managed to bring new life to Ista's shores… but not before banning significant amounts from it due to lover's spats. After her Impression, Saelis had her first flight, where she was caught by brownrider X'an. And after spending time with him, getting to like him, and getting rejected by the fellow who preferred fellows, the firespark Goldrider opted for the not so high road and placed a trade embargo against Western Weyr, even though her sister lived there at the time.

Thank Rukbat for the Conclave, some would say, as a few months later the woman was forced to overturn her decision.

During the time that followed, Saelis had many loves — none of them rivalling that of her bronzeriding S'va — but Daeslynth remained her most important, no matter who came and went. After the departure of S'va, though, the young Weyrwoman became pregnant by a brownrider at Western Weyr, and soon after, her only daughter, Vaeline was born in the hush of night. The pregnancy was hidden in the context of the woman "returning home to take care of her ailing father" and stepping down, leaving her position to Lisle, at the time. When her daughter was born, and fostered out, though, Saelis soon took leave to Igen Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Edelmirea Mother Half Moon Bay Hold Resident
Donnet Father Half Moon Bay Hold Resident
Anysta Sister Half Moon Bay Hold Resident
Thaelis Twin Sister Half Moon Bay Hold Resident
Vaeline Daughter Ista Weyr Resident



Gilded Pale Lily Gold Daeslynth
An even coat of soft gold washes this dragon from muzzle to tail, shining bright enough to be only just on this side of too bright. There are only the faintest variations of color over her hide - a washing of a tawnier flaxen over her headknobs, with traces of it down her ridged back and tail. Her throat and belly are a paler shade even than her hide, such subtle differences to enhance the small queen's delicate form. She is perfectly well proportioned, and knows it, from a petite wedge of a head held cockily high atop her lithe neck, to the slender body and long tail. Every curve, from the dip of her spine to the round of her haunches, was formed with grace in mind - and she holds herself just right to compliment it. Her wings are the crowning glory. Perfectly fragile in appearance, with a membrane that may as well be white for all the hue it has, and thin enough to let through the sun to reflect off her hide most beautifully.

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