Sayetia is not the most outstanding young woman in appearance but that doesn't mean that she's not beautiful though. It's all in perception of those that see her. Being only in appearance in her middle teens, she is in the midst of a fairly awkward stage of growth not only in height but in looking more towards being a woman in at least the chest area. Her height definitely makes her stand out in her not so-graceful movements at times. She stands taller than some boys her age and even some girls being just over average for her age, about 5 feet 9 inches.

She is slender in some respects but hasn't fully outgrown her 'baby fat' yet. She has warm brown eyes that seem to always be observing the world and taking in everything to learn more. Her long, curly auburn hair falls down to carefully frame her face. She has a subtle dimple that is in her chin that becomes more noticeable with her smile. Her lips are thin and pink in hue. She has a soft complexion and smooth skin that has tanned slightly.

There is a double cord of yellow and black twisted and done into a single loop with long tail hanging down from it, indicating this youngwoman to be a Guard at Igen Weyr.

She wears a simple short-sleeved ivory tunic fitting tight around the waist but loosely around the shoulders. They are tapered to the wrist but not too lose or too tight. A pair of sienna brown-colored trousers are form fitting at her waist and down her legs to her ankles. They seem not so tight as to restrict her movements whether working or enjoying being active outdoors. She wears a pair of simple black handcrafted leather boots which end just above the knees but are just perfect in fit for her feet allowing enough room to be comfortable when walking.


Sayetia was one of a family of 5 children right smack dab in the middle of 4 boys, two older and two younger. It definitely would pay off as she got older even though her parents Ariana (a Journeyman Harper at Igen Weyr) and T'lkin (a brownrider at Igen Weyr) didn't realize that their baby girl would grow up to be a tomboy in her teens. She fought constantly to prove that she was 'one of the boys', never feeling quite like she fitted in with the other girls around the weyr. She had quite the sense of humor that for a while got her into trouble playing pranks with some of the other boys. Amongst the boys, she seemed to form a close friendship with a young boy named Kaldrin. The two were nearly inseparable for the most part, but even into their teens, neither noticed each other for more than friends when both had applied for training as Guards at Igen Weyr at 14 turns of age. For the longest time, Sayetia dressed like a boy, acted like a boy, for all she was concerned, she may as well just have been a boy. She was rough and the least feminine young woman around the Weyr, much to the dismay of her mother who had hoped her daughter would at least give her a chance to share feminine interests and all with Sayetia. Sayetia is now almost 17 turns and has oddly started despite her being a Guard growing up and realizing that being a tomboy will only get one so far. Add into the full equation that boys are becoming of interest finally to her. While the years have started to change Sayetia, it has for her friend Kaldrin as well and both are learning more about each other as friends as time goes. Unfortunately, Sayetia is independent and stubborn and it's caused many clashes with her mother about getting settled down and having kids. So instead of worrying about it, Sayetia remains loyal in her job as a Guard at the Weyr and showing her brothers that she can handle herself without them fussing over her. Overall Sayetia is a very friendly young woman around the Weyr that is pretty easy to get along with and has made many friends over the years.


Name Relation Location Position
Adriana Mother Igen Weyr Harper Journeyman
T'lkin Father Igen Weyr Rider of brown Zykolth
Ryan Brother Igen Weyr Resident
Matthew Brother Igen Weyr Resident
Braedan Brother Igen Weyr Resident
Jerrin Brother Igen Weyr Resident


Blue Laguna
Near blinding blue hide covers this firelizard from the tip of his rather pointed head, to exist in a sameness of color across the broad expanse of his back and then down toward the final whipping length of his slender tail. A slender neck balances his lightly boned head, leading into his lithe, often wiry body with its bone slender appearance. Just a puff of air toward his wings that seem to fragile and silken to support even his slight weight, membranes an even lighter bright blue hue that decorates him in wings of silken scarves.

Green Midori
An average green, this fire lizard is a study in normalcy. She is neither unusually slender, nor especially plump. Her limbs and wingspan are of regular length and all proportioned to each other and her torso. Even her head is just wedged enough without being too much. The only thing about her that stands out is her enticing color. From tip to tail, she is a luscious honeydew green, mottled with varied shades just as the fruit is. Her furled wings act as the rind, cloaking her with pale yellowed green and the rest of her based darkens as it runs downwards to end as a rich, deep green on her paws and talons. Sprinkles of whitish green pepper her haunches and tail, and the same pale green foams liberally over her head and upper neck.


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