Slim of build and fair in skin tone, this young man has arrived surprisingly well composed on the tail end of a gangly, awkward adolescence. He doesn't quite reach 6 feet in height. Though, as if to make up inches, his black-brown hair stands up like bed-head gone bad on top, the sides and back more meticulously trimmed.

Dark brows hold only a vague arch over pensieve, if not down right distant seeming, hazel eyes. His face still has a softness to it, not yet old enough to bear more masculine angularity. Though a pronounced chin does host a subtle cleft. His nose is decidedly narrow, as his lips are thin, but as an amalgam, his features mesh in a complementary, moderately gawky, fashion.

His trim physique seems oddly elongated by the fitted cut of his tunic, forearms bore by rolled sleeves. He's opted to sport a well cared for black button-up, the playing host to a mild sheen. His matte black trousers are a comfortable mix of cargo pockets and flattering fit. Worn leather shoes shod his feet.

Pinned to his shoulder is a double cord in Harper blue and white arranged to denote the rank of Journeyman.



Name Relation Location Position
Neesalo Mother
Sherfi Father
Alodeen Brother
Loifen Brother
Ferishol Sister


Willowy in build, this green may be long of limbs, neck and tail, but she's just as agile and strong for a firelizard her size. Shades of forest green, in their deepest, darkest hue, covers most of her smooth hide. Bronze-green creeps up through the more dominant forest green along her face, accenting the angular features of her eye ridges and then down along her jaw line. It appears again along her lower forearms and legs, this time in multiple bands that continue down right to the wicked curve of her ebony talons. Her whip-like tail remains untouched by the bronze-green, but by the end of the forked tip, the forest green hue has become a near black shade. Long wings, the fingers also darkened to blackness, bare little to no startling pattern except for the wingsails, which are a pleasing translucent grass green hue.


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