I'en (Shixen)
Portrayed By Neil Patrick Harris
Gender Male
Aliases Shix, Six, Shen, Shixen
Place of Birth Igen Weyr
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyrling (Apprentice Starcrafter)
Dragon Blue Kadixenth


A shock of dark blond hair rests in waves across this young teenager’s forehead, usually standing up in messy spikes from where he’s run his hands through it one too many times. He has dark blue eyes that shine with mischief, most of the time, though he can be serious when the situation calls for it. He is tanned a nice golden color from turns spent running wild under the Igen sun, with a smattering of freckles across his nose and cheeks. He is slim and short, but shows the promise of slightly above average height, once he’s grown. He tends to wear the light, loose fitting clothing typical of Igen natives.


It was a dark and stormy night-

Actually, scratch that.

Technically, it was just your average mid-afternoon at Igen when I was born. Or so I’m told, anyway. I kinda like the other better, though. Don’t you? It makes me seem more mysterious.

Well… something like that, anyway.

I’m second born of my ma’s three. No clue about my father, though. Never met the guy. Not sure she even remembers who he is, honestly. At least my sisters know who their sires are, even if none of us see them much, since one’s a trader and the other is a rider from High Reaches. Poor T’ren. I don’t think he, or that blue of his, can really handle the heat here and there’s no sha- ahem.

… Sorry.

There’s no way that any of us would go to the frozen wasteland that is High Reaches Weyr, even just for a visit. Not unless we absolutely have to, anyway.

My childhood was pretty typical. I got in trouble some for pulling pranks on my family and friends and sometimes on the nannies but nothing too serious. I just had to do extra chores sometimes. And couldn’t eat sweets… That’s okay, though. I don’t really like sweets all that much anyway.

(Actually, I’ve got a major sweet tooth and having dessert privileges taken away was cruel and unusual punishment, but I digress.)

Last turn, I became a starcraft apprentice. It’s pretty interesting. I get to— well, have to— stay up late and I’m learning a lot about the stars and what happens in the skies, how everything affects everything else. And the skies above Igen are usually super clear, so it’s a nice place to look up at the stars.

I’m thirteen, now, and finally settled into my craft. Maybe one day, I’ll get to go visit some of those stars… Wouldn’t that be something?


Name Relation Location Position
Shanya Mother Igen Weyr Transport
Tharya Sister Ierne Weyrhold Dragonhealer
Yalina Sister Igen Weyr Weyrbrat


Friendly Scamp Blue Scamp
On the smaller side for a blue, this little ‘lizard is a uniform shade of harper blue from the tip of his nose to the twin ends of his forked tail. He is a little stocky with a slightly shortened face which leaves the end of his tongue peeking out of his mouth most of the time giving him a mildly ridiculous, friendly look. The only exception to the monochromatic shade of his supple hide is a patch of turquoise that extends from just behind the hinge of his jaw, down his throat, and ends just in front of his front legs.

Built for Speed Gold Trouble
A light golden wheat hue flows over this lithe queen. Her head is a bit wide at the eyes with distinct amber stripes running down either side of somewhat shortened muzzle. Just about everything else about this lady is lithe, almost gaunt looking. It is a bit unusual for one of her color to have so narrow a chest, so tight tucked belly and arms and legs more spindly than muscled. Talons upon each finger and toe are wickedly sharp however. Lengthy tail behind bears the only thickness to her, very rudder like in proportion to the rest of her body. Wings are narrow and long built more for speed than stamina, defying the norms she is perfectly at ease in her body moving from a motionless statue to pouncing her prey in the blink of an eye. As if her build wasn't enough to make her stand out in any crowded fair her coat patterning surely will. The same dark amber that stripes her face spots the rest of her body thickly over the plain wheat gold. The spots are small but solid and innumerable across her, merging only on the bottom third of her tail length into thick alternating stripes of wheat and amber.

Barely Holding It Together Green Joke
Blighted blotches of green are haphazardly strewn over this firelizard's hide, crudely stitched together with deep, deep green. The irregular colors are an irregular patchwork of hues stretched over her awkward proportions, as if her hide were fitted for a body that's meant to be smaller than it is. Irradiated lime clashes with deep forest, while olive and chartreuse war for dominance, and all of it is deeply unfortunate. All angles and knobby joints, it's easy to miss some of the greater anomalies of her; from one eye being larger than another and the odd kinks and bends in her tail, she's eye-catching and not in the traditional way.


Arabian Nights Blue Desert Kadixenth
Multiple shades of blue cover Kadixenth from the tip of his short stubby muzzle to the tip of his long and very skinny tail. The way the blues combine he could easily disappear into the shadows of the night sky. Shades of cornflower blue and sapphire blue move in crazy, random patterns from the neckridges to cross over and completely cover his right wing. Across his back three more shades of sapphire, cobalt and as dark as midnight blue mingle in dappled colors to cover the left wing down to the lower back. From there the colors lighten up gradually until the very tip of the tail is a pale cornflower blue to match the lower neckridges. His whole head is the darker midnight. Being on the smaller scale his body doesn’t seem proportioned quite equally. His head is larger but his muzzle is smaller than one would think. When he flares his wings out it is clear that the left side is slightly smaller than the right wing. His tail seems much longer and skinner than normal on a dragon his height.


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