Portrayed By
Gender Male
Aliases Ary;Aryn;Siar
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Gardener


Siaryn looks…unfinished, in the way most teenaged boys do. He looks a lot like he's grown a great deal in a short time, lanky and gawky, too thin and too tall and definitely awkward. Shaggy dark hair doesn't help with the issue, hanging in his hazel eyes and looking generally unkempt. His face is angling up from youthful roundness, sharpening around his jaw, and he generally ignores the peachfuzz that looks just slightly mangy with youth. Owing to his line of work, he's usually in varying states of disarray — dirty nails, mud in his hair, the perpetual smell of compost lingering around him. Siaryn manages to come over as very open, a smiling kid that couldn't possibly be Up To Anything.
Ary's clothing situation is…a bit awkward. He favors bright colors and sandals, doesn't seem to have much in the way of dress sense, and has more /crap/ in his pockets than anybody needs. Really, it looks a little ridiculous. His sense of matching is abysmal, and worse he likes /patterns/. Truly he is his twin's brother; their dress sense is painfully similar. Still, from the looks of his pockets, he might just have anything he might ever need in life. Even if he is wearing violet-black plaid with grey striped trousers.


Siaryn's past is a relatively unexciting one - the world seemed to give all of its grand adventures away to his relatives, leaving him and his sister to come up with their own excitement. To say they succeeded would be an understatement. As green- and blueriders, their parents transferred often, looking for the best jobs in their craft, and as such, a neverending list of weyrs have fallen prey to their pranks, ranging from switching places (though this favorite passtime was recently rendered useless thanks to burgeoning adulthood) to turning classrooms into makeshift hatcheries for dozens of purloined firelizard eggs, and other such antics that made them infamous before they moved and got to start the weyr-wide torture all over again.

Recently, in a vain attempt to teach them rigor and force them to discover interests beyond trickery, their parents sent them off to the Beastcraft to learn a respectable craft. That lasted all of two weeks, after which they stuffed their sheets with straw in the form of dummies and snuck off hand-in-hand into the night, making the journey to Igen Weyr on foot. It took them a good week to shamelessly write home to their parents revealing the deception, and another week to read the nasty letter sent in return. If it hadn't contained the threat of their father coming to the weyr himself, they might not have answered at all, but alas, the fear of his towering fatherly temper and that of his dragon to boot bid answering.

It was with much reluctance, but eventually their parents consented to their staying at Igen, at least for the time being and so long as they found solid work to do. That didn't mean they couldn't be interesting while they were at it, however. Reinventing their image, the twins were true to their word and found jobs within the weyr under the names of Eilistra and Siaryn, the wayward and woebegotten flight children of starcrossed gold- and bronzeriders. To hear them tell it, he rode Montegueth, she rode Capuleth, and so their love could never come to be, but at least their legacy would live on in their dear children, whom they hid away in Igen to spare them from certain death. Yep. Sounds about right.


Name Relation Location Position
Eilistra Sibling Igen Weyr Stablehand




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