Pronunciation See-ha
Portrayed By Heather Kemesky
Gender Female
Aliases Luna, Lu
Place of Birth High Reaches Weyr
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Dragonhealer G.2


Siha's features are distinctly felinic in nature, from the shape of her nose to the curl of her lips. Her body fares little better, all lean edges and lanky stride, with nary a step taken out of place. Despite her portrayal of composure, she possesses hallmarks of stress and strain: bitten nails, finger-carded curls of an almost-black, and small, dark pouches attemptedly concealed behind facepaints. An ill-postured curve of shoulders when she thinks no one is looking marks her as bookish, introverted, or maybe both.

Her sense of fashion is straightforward, almost to a fault. Simple cuts and plain-dyed fabrics define the majority of her wardrobe, a look saved from being described as 'utilitarian' only by the tasteful addition of accessories. Color and patterns, when indulged, lean towards old-fashioned or avante-garde, depending on how you look at it, clashing without quite making it to the point of garish. Clutter has no harbor here, no matter what: jewelry is simple and unlayered and clothing is kept neat and orderly, pressed and stainless, to the point where one might wonder if it's yet another disguise of her nature, profession, or both.


Luna is a product of a flight, one whose parents have no names the High Reaches weyrfolk could remember. Young-Lunasidhe would imagine that was because they were infamous, thieves and rapscallions or perhaps star crossed lovers from opposing weyrs, thoughts that have long since dwindled away into dissatisfied bitterness. After a raising with the lower caverns’ many mothers, which was perfectly adequate but also the sort to let her grow as wild as she is tall, she happened upon an exceedingly asinine Dragonhealer and - in the way of such things - latched onto him like a damned lamprey and refused to let go.

This fastidious man was almost certainly the reason for the changes she made to herself, attempts to transform everything from her wardrobe to her personality, even her location as she allowed her tutelage in his craft to take her first to the Ierne school, then to her studies under his entirely-too-watchful eye at Xanadu’s Annex. Though he was hardly the cruel sort, she was entirely too eager to be found pleasing, worthy of keeping, and so she more or less threw herself headfirst into everything without taking the time to consider why.

Which is what landed her on Igen's sands, terrified out of her mind until the very moment Tufirath's wrapped around hers. Her life since impression has been a blur of dragon rearing, riding, and healing, a once scattered existence suddenly pinned down so hard it is its own kind of suffocation, but she's managing as best as she knows how.


Luna's family is unknown to her, this is for informational purposes only.

Name Relation Location Position
Siobhan Mother Fort Weyr Wingrider
Sohzen Father ??? Former Dragonrider


Destiny's Reluctant Mercenary Green Tufirath
In every generation, a champion emerges, built for battle and prepared for anything. From the tip of her moss green nose to the wide forked tail this wiry toned warrior was born for combat. Nothing is wasted, a fastidious expenditure of flesh with a short slanted face of yellowed olive the color broken up into semicircular fan-like shapes that bare a striking resemblance to scales. The near reptilian scalloping continues up past wide set horn-like eye ridges that do not detract from the streamlined head and neck. Compact forelimbs are straight out of a mechanic’s dream as earthen lime hide wraps fluidly around sharply angled elbows. The lower limbs strikingly variegate as vivid chartreuse teardrops are stamped in perfect tessellation all the way to wide grounded paws. She’s a final boss fight, with an ample chest of hard polished citrus, color deepening to vivid bronzed emerald over well-sprung ribs, the chain mail pattern creating a camouflage that’s a grave injustice to the rest of the world’s creatures. The girl with all the gifts the degree of raw strength on display peaks as tarnished copper expertly moulds into sizable wingspars, high set upon a sloped laid back shoulder they’re mesmerizing as the corrugation creates a vivid trick of light. When fully open the differing levels of transparency in her expansive sails produce the appearance of a stained glass window. Compared to that it’s hard to be surprised by rounded robust haunches and malachite talons that are frankly a zealous degree of overkill.


Gold Harrow
This gold is a study in contrasts, pale and powerful at once. Her body is alternately long, lithe, and muscled as a fencer might be, with all of her strength focused in her limbs. Wide wings are translucent and jagged, by design rather than by trials and misfortune, giving her flight a wraithly edge that somehow suits her. Her coloration does little to soften her harder margins, dusky pyrite emphasizing narrow features and diamond jaw, chalky chiaroscuro painting her face with a permanent death mask. Flaxen iridescence ghosts down her lean neck and pinched chest before an ectoplastic explosion splatters spiritmatter across haunches and sides with feeble glimmers of its former glory. The further down her body one looks, the darker she becomes, as though stygian waters rose around clawed toes and tailtips and stained them with its passage.

Blue Corpse
This firelizard desperately wants to be a beautiful cobalt hue - but he's not that fortunate as blues go. Rather, his stiffly designed self appears to be wrapped in pale periwinkle, broad bands of that barely blue hue seeming to encase him utterly. His muzzle is blunted, his eyes are narrowed, and his angular self will always appear to be in need of oiling and more food. His wings are narrow, the trailing edges oddly tattered in appearance, as if they were a periwinkle-hued funeral shroud allowed to drape haphazardly from spindly, shadow-dark spars. His tail perpetually drags like a scrap of material, a trailing bit of something that he just can't muster the strength to lift.
Thank you, T'syn!

Brown Khan
Large head swivels your way as the large intelligent eyes of this firelizard settle upon you. It is a gaze that searches your very soul as you in turn take in his measure. Beyond those expressive eyes you take in the dark earthy hues of his body and the generally strong build of his frame. Of composition there is large head upon shorter thicker neck which fades into a broad and muscled chest with particularly heavily muscled arms that end in dark sharp talons. Belly thins, pulling tighter a bit gaunt into his body which is propelled by leaner flanks and balanced by the proportionate tail. Wings are sturdy, slightly long but rather broad to give him a balance in between stamina and agility. Neither will be particularly his forte as he cuts a path down the middle with a bit of this and that without specializing in any particular one feature. Of his hide that is another matter from one's gaze. Light dusty browns have dried upon his belly, but the top and sides are a more lightly damp earthy brown striped by muddle streaks of soaked mud.
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Title OOC Date Cast Synopsis
Egg Gazing October 4, 2021 Ch'y Lunasidhe Lunasidhe helps Ch'y out for a good egg gazing session which gets interrupted by playful blue dragons.
First Impressions October 10, 2021 Lunasidhe, Oddisa Two sassy lassies meet on a beach; it goes as poorly as one would imagine.
Prep a Little, Talk a Little October 11, 2021 Lunasidhe, Padjma Candidates share morning kitchen duty; an acquaintance is formed.
Touched By An Egg October 20, 2021 Alasse, Lunasidhe, Oddisa Candidates get their first glimpse of eggs on the sands!
Twice-Touched October 20, 2021 Alasse, E'stel, Ligeia, Lunasidhe, Oddisa, Padjma, Talisyn Candidates get their second round of egg-touching in.
Igen Hatching 2021 November 6, 2021 Alasse, Ashwi, Damahra, Iwa, Kallum, Ligeia, Lunasidhe, Padjma, Shixen, Talisyn, X'yr Toruth and Haijiventh's clutch hatches on a misty morning!
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