Built like a reed to sway in desert winds, Sranii stands at a higher than average height, with a seasoned, lean structure that coats her bony form with a dramatic, almost exotic shape. Her back is held in a near backward curve, arms well-built at her sides, with legs below that are thin enough to seem mildly elegant. An olive hue that speaks of Turns in blistering sunlight coats her even muscles, not fading even enough to allow a rosy hint on the prominent, high cheekbones of her round, full face. Ink-black drapes in unkempt, dry strands from her head that end at her chin, rarely pulled back unless the need calls for. Thick, but shaped brows frame a pair of expressive eyes almost identical to two calm pools of water, that crinkle delicately when her lips pull into a smile. Her nose is squat, a little flat, and bit too wide to make her 'pretty'. While she has beauty, it is a more unique, exotic look than one of perfection.

Dark brown cotton sways about Sranii's lithe legs in a partially open wrap skirt, allowing a bit of leg to peek through when she walks about. A heavier weave composes her mid-thigh length pale blue shirt, with a slight V-neck and wide, short sleeves. White wraps her middle, a wide belt that starts right below her breasts and stops at her hips. Sandals that wind up around to her knee are strapped her feet.


Sranii's heritage is one of contempt and disregard, as generations of them were desert traders who, after Turns of change and development, but unable to give up old ways, took to becoming renegades — or worse. Only a shred of their line was unbroken by this 'dark passion', or lust for glory in some sort of battle, and from that line Sranii was born. To avoid the path, her grandparents fled the desert caves to Igen Hold, where they lived a meek lifestyle of caring for the elderly and the sick. A dramatic change from their previous life, but one that made a huge effect on their children, and eventually was passed down to their six children, who were raised under principles of respect, care, and pride.

A sense of duty did not persuade some, as half of Sranii's siblings, only in their teens, retreated from Hold lifestyle to pursue the rest of the family's desires. A desire to right this action gripped Sranii, the eldest of those who remained, and after much debate, left the care of her parents to tread to Igen Weyr, where she hopes to find something to prove her worth.


Name Relation Location Position
Asralli Mother Unknown Renegade
Niifal Father Unknown Renegade
Fallsi Sister Unknown Renegade
Nirall Brother Unknown Renegade



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