Portrayed By
Gender Female
Aliases Surk
Place of Birth Nabol cothold
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyrbrat


Tall and skinny and composed mostly of knees and elbows, this girl could be, with some kindness, described as going through her "awkward stage." Her skin is a warm, pleasant shade of brown, with a smattering of darker freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her hair is dark brown, almost black in color, and determined to stick out no matter how short or long it may be cut. Unfortunately, it has been cut rather short, and not by a very steady hand if the uneven edges are any indication. Long, messy bangs fall across thick brows and large, curious grey eyes, the color of stormclouds. Her nose is long and hawk-like, and her cheekbones prominent, adding a sort of severity to her features that appears almost comical compared to the rest of her.

With her harsh facial features, short hair, and the lack of curves that is normal for someone her age, she might well be mistaken for a young boy, with only her attire really suggesting otherwise; she wears a plain, roughspun dress, once dyed a bright green, though its color has faded significantly over the years. It's a farmer's dress, a worker's dress, and if the significant hemming and apparent frequent mending is any indication, it's seen its share of wear and tear. She wears a pair of thick, sturdy leather boots, several sizes too large for her. They're well made, but like the dress they have undoubtedly seen a great deal of use. Dust and mud and stains have worked their way into the leather, and the hide lacings are frayed and stretched and could do to be replaced soon.


Surka's birth was not the most fortunate thing that could have happened to her mother. The daughter of a Nabolese farmer, Sarida was, at the time, unmarried, and to add to the scandal of it she claimed that the father was a dragonman from the Weyr, by the name of Al'dru. Surka's entrance into the world was met with looks of disapproval from most; marriage for Sarida would be difficult to achieve after such a thing, and the already large farming family suddenly had another mouth to feed. It was not quite the ideal environment for an infant to be brought into.

And yet, Sarida adored her awkward, freckled daughter. As she grew, Surka often exhasperated the rest of the family with her gracelessness, her tendency to forget important details, and her apparent inability to focus on anything for an extended period of time. True, the girl did show a slight talent with animals, though her tendency to shower them with adoration caused problems just as often. The hounds would flock to her around mealtime, knowing full well that they could expect her table scraps. The runnerbeasts soon learned that the girl would allow them to stop in the middle of their work to nibble on the grass. And woe to anyone who asked the Surka to help them slaughter an animal for a meal. The girl would be inconsolable for days, sniffling piteously and dragging her feet as she worked.

And still, Sarida encouraged her, stating that there was no shame in being kind, and comforting the child with stories of dragons and their riders.

Aside from her mother, Surka did not have many friends. She was tall and clumsy and, as the other children soon found out, rather gullible. In her younger days, Surka was often found wandering the fields after dark because someone told her that they saw something strange out there, and she ought to investigate. As she got older, Surka learned that she was better off playing alone, or with the animals. At least they didn't laugh at her when she fell for their tricks.

That isn't to say that Surka was unhappy. She did find joy in spending time with her mother, in tending the animals, and even in working the fields, when the weather was pleasant. But there was little besides that to tie her to the place, and when an accidental fire broke out, devouring most of the family's possessions and claiming the lives of several family members, including Sarida's, Surka saw little point in staying in Nabol.

With little idea of where to go, Surka sought out her father at the High Reaches Weyr, only to be told that he had migrated to Igen Weyr. And so, recalling the stories her mother told her about dragonriders and their ilk, to Igen Weyr Surka went. She would find work in one of the Holds, perhaps, or maybe even in the Weyr itself, if she was lucky. Surka is young, not even fourteen, and details are unimportant. Surely, if she is at least near her father, she'll be alright.


Name Relation Location Position
Sarida Mother deceased Farmer
Al'dru Father Igen Weyr Rider to Bronze Eranzath




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