T'lin stands at a height that is close to six foot three, and he weighs at a modest 165 pounds. His hair is a dark brown that is almost never neat; there is always some of it that is sticking up in the air. It usually is flat due to the thickness of it, but it has stuck up when he had slept on his side with wet hair. His eyes are a hazel color that rarely seems to show emotion. He has slightly indented eyes giving him a bored expression when he isn't. His hair comes down to cover his eyes partway and covers up his thick black eyebrows.

His build can be described as lean muscular and he really doesn't like to show it. His clothes show his relaxed personality as they are loose fitting, yet snug on his body. He only wears a jacket to cover his torso, never a shirt underneath it. It shows how relaxed he is about his personality. He wears black pants that come to about 3 inches above the ground and they look like they have been through many turns. His shoes are of a more relaxed feel to them, though they are boots. They very comfy ones at that.

His Vintner apprentice knot is still missing, and now it has been swapped out for the Seamount Wing knot, with a brilliant bronze string weaving through it. Though, he's gone and added a purple strand of the same brilliance to symbolize his work in the Vintner Craft.


The birthplace of Thalin was in Western itself, though he wasn't really one to cause trouble in his young age. He did get himself into a few scuffs and fights. Usually coming out on top, and something coming out on the worse end. Though those fights where usually for protecting something he believed in. Even as he grew up, he wasn't one to cause any problems with his higher ups, nor did he care for it. He still protected what he believed in. He wanted to preserve peace as much as he could, to not really have fights break out. Though his personality of being apathetic towards it kind of deterred people away from thinking that he would be one to protect the peace. But some of the people who fought him found out rather quick that Thalin has a nice right hook.

As Thalin grew older, so did his promise to himself to try and preserve the peace where ever he went. Whether it was to learn how to be a Vintner, or something else like studying how to read or write. Those kind of things. His interest in the Vintner craft was a pretty big one, he liked being the one to make everyone feel happy, to forget their problems with some ale in their mugs and a smile on their faces. Though he doesn't touch the stuff himself, he does like to hand it out to someone. He entered the Vintner Craft at the age of about 12 turns, he started that early so that he can learn as much as he could.


Name Relation Location Position
Kerlana Mother Western Weyr Resident
Kyralek Father Western Weyr Resident


Brown Bacardi
A patchwork of brown hues, this brown firelizard may appear to be more like a pile of dead vegetation given his odd coloring. He has a large and wide head, which tapers less than most and ends in a rather blunt point. His neck is thick and sturdy, muscles bulging slightly beneath smooth hide. They continue, defining well his chest, though his belly seems much more slender and haunches aren't quite as pronounced. His tail thickens its size, strength and control balancing out his overall figure. The browns upon his body are in the darker realms of the overall hue spectrum and oddly you notice many diamond shapes within, not unlike the shape common to pinecones. Cinnamon red-brown dusts along these shapes - a rather attractive highlight to his smooth hide. Ridges carry a more greenish hue and are shaped much like a pinecone themselves by being broad at the base and rounded slightly at the tip. Wing shoulders bulge anew, bone and muscle stretching well the fabric between them that seems not so much as flesh and blood as autumns leaves after a harvest festival. As the sails ripple in the currents one gets a small flash of green, yet instead of a young pinecone one gets the impression of mistletoe.

Blue Port
A princely blue, tall and slender of limb and tone of body, is the creature presented before you. His color is a deep, misty, almost violet-blue, settled evenly over a strongly muscles frame that defines the smooth, graceful design of his form. His wings are large and broad, framed with silvery membranes, and the ridges down along his back are a deeper navy blue until they reach his tailtip where the forks are the shade of cobalt. Under the brows of his eyes are small, round eyes, their crystalline facets darker than normal, though no less expressive.

Blue Rioja
This firelizard is an overall blue-grey color, a bit washed out like he was left wet after hatching for too long, though speckled of brighter, more brilliant blues and even sage green mottle his skin, giving it back some life. Hes a bit pudgy and round overall, with the angles of his bones smoothed to ill-defined curves and even the ridges along his spine are stunted, more like barely moving waves. Even his stomach is somewhat distended, resulting in a very plump, well-fed look to him.


Legacy of Fire and Light Bronze Ciragath
Truly, some emperor's finest craftsman must have spent their lives on this singular piece of living artwork - each massive hand or foot, the scale of a giant's head, and the fluid power of some muscular cat all captured with the perfection of a master. As though carved from a singular, monumental piece of carnelian stone, this dragon is a deep, smooth blending of grapefruit, tangerine, and cherry with just the occasional marbling of a creamy vein. An inner luminescence alights his glossy hide with warm tones and golden washes, adding a transparency to his outermost layer that lends itself to an ethereal atmosphere, as though he were some precious idol brought to life through faith and hope, who's form was caressed so lovingly by those who worshipped him that the stone of his hide has been made glass-smooth and bright by the touch of generations of praying hands. Yet more colors decorate his hide like the residue of offerings left: a scattering of saffron strands; flecks of rusty hues like precious metals left to weather; brilliant glows of greens like emeralds placed into his body; darker, burnished ochre where the touch of ceremonial fires have colored the carnelian hide; and even a few long-faded smudges on forelimbs where ruby-red poinsettias were once draped, enwrapped in purple cloth. Even fine russet-gold silk has been laid between the fingers of his wings, decorated with precious silver beads that add a cool touch to the heat of his form. Lastly are his eyes where, in bowls of copper do fires still burn, bright and unwavering in their deep, smoky beds.

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