T'syn (Talisyn)
Portrayed By Brant Daughtery
Gender Male
Aliases Syne; Talisyn
Place of Birth Somewhere
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Dragon Green Qherakketh


Oaken hair grows in riotous profusion, dark strands falling to the nape of his neck, suiting his high-cheeked, square-jawed face. Beneath thick, arching brows as dark as his hair, mossy eyes watch the world with a wary interest that speaks of an in-born curiosity. His long nose is straight, bow-shaped lips as firm and unyielding as his broad, stubborn chin. Hints of dark stubble constantly line his jaw, dusting across his upper lip in a manner just this side of scruffy.

Tall, broad of shoulder and slim of waist, his body is sinew and muscle covered by sun-gilt skin. Spare flesh he has little of; the hollows of his face and frame suggest a lifetime of need. His gear is simple: a collarless shirt of undyed linen, sleeves rolled up above his elbows and laces undone to his breastbone. It is tucked into a pair of supple hide pants charcoal grey, which in turn disappear into the tops of mid-calf black boots. A braided leather belt of harper-blue surrounds his waist, buckled in silver, supporting a simple sheathed belt-knife and a small pouch for everyday necessities. Talisyn appears to be in his early twenties.


Talisyn is a Harper - this much is evident from the journeyman's knot upon his shoulder. His duties are somewhat less easily defined; he travels Pern in the name of the Hall, bringing news to many of the smaller cotholds and farmholds while also teaching the latest teaching songs and ensuring that the youngsters of the holds are up-to-date on their lessons. He can often be found bearing missives to and fro; usually sealed with the Harper's wax impression, but upon occasion sealed instead with those of various Holders, great and small.

Unlike many harpers, Talisyn is known to be parsimonious with his words; he prefers to allow his actions speak for him, and has a reputation for never letting loose of a secret once he has his teeth in it. He can sing well enough, his voice a pleasant baritone, and he plays guitar and harp with equal skill - that is to say, better than average, but by no means is he any kind of standout star. His value lies in his discretion, his willingness to travel near and far, and his near fanatical devotion to his craft and Craftmaster.

He has no past; at least, not one spoken of outside of closed doors. No doubt the Hall's masters know more than they're telling, but whatever he once was, he is, wholly, a Harper now, and what was has no bearing on what is. He is the Hall's trusted minion, gofer, and messenger, and that's exactly where he wants to be.

For now.


None worth being spoken of, apparently.


The Phantom Scout Green Qherakketh

Small in stature this lady green is no less elegant a specimen of her species. Olive green hide paints her from slender muzzletip to tailtip and everywhere in between. The slightest variations in hue in irregular large patches like camouflage break up what might otherwise be a dull coating. Small head is wind worn smooth by the rushing winds that have even worn her headknobs down to more conical soft points. Slender arcing neck is studded by worn emerald ridges which fade into slender back before resuming along the extended length of her sensual tail. Narrowed chest is deeply curved from which slender arms sprout that along with suggestively curved hindlegs support her frame when she is grounded from her true element. Wings extend from her body as an essential tool which speak in a language all their own as she streaks through the skies. The supporting bones are long and thin and hardly seem able to handle the membrane stretched between them let alone carry her into the skies. Yet no better wings could a pilot wish for, the long narrow expanses providing great agility and elegant bursts of speed. Her body hue carries into the fragile looking structures but are marked with circuit like patterns in a lighter green hue. Circles, some within other circles are connected by slender branches that break outwards only to end in a pooled dot. They are certainly her most striking feature.


Blue Frost
Pale glaciers have settled upon the small frame of this delicate rare blue. Icy blue is a pure tone which clings to his soft (and warm!) hide. Large eyes are protected beneath prominent eyeridges with blunted muzzle that parts to reveal sharp alabaster fangs. Short neck fades into a rather shallow chest for one of his kind so that his chest and belly merge into more of a streamlined cylinder. Tail follows body, long, lengthy and the one place where muscles show in the fine control he manages for the appendage. The icy hues are not unblemished, for it seems large square patches have broken from the main glacier. Along two or three of the sides of each square enough dirty ice or shadow has settled to give a unique pattern to his hide. It is a pattern that carry's into his broad wingsails, like giant icebergs breaking from the solid glacier. Only upon that lengthy tail does the pattern change so that the blocks are more solid in hue, like stamped bricks upon the ice with no discernable reason.

Green Sappho
Effervescent pear green splashes bright and fresh across this dainty firelizard. Her eyes are wide and dazzling, with perpetually pudgy cheeks that lend her an air of innocence that's paired well with the pert upturn of her snout. The rest of her is wrought in fragile, light lines, which might leave one to wonder why she even bothers walking when she's clearly meant to flit and flutter. Pearlescent green clings tightly to her, with light bringing brightness to the platinum mist that hazes her fine physique. The only blemish one might dare to find is a fine freckling of phthalo green across her muzzle and cheeks, with more of those flecks decorating neckridges, shoulders, and haunches. Her wings are a dazzling affair of sheer iridescence, all but leeched of color to leave dragonflies envious of their translucence and the green-tinted rainbows that skitter across the 'sails. Fairy dust swirls in silver and gold encircle her tail and, fortunately, run no risk of being shed on clothing.



Title OOC Date Cast Synopsis
Igen Hatching 2022 October 01, 2022 Oddisa, E'stel, T'syn, Apheli, Ava, Dannissin, Ligeia, Saverio, Xinra Oriapeth and Roheith's eggs finally hatch and delightful chaos abounds.
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