Portrayed By Natalie Dormer
Gender Female
Aliases Tiv
Place of Birth Harper Hall
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Apprentice Harper


With her pale, ash blonde hair and positively icy blue eyes, with her slender-but-not-skinny build at five and a half feet tall, there's little doubt that Tivaly is an attractive young woman; at sixteen Turns old, she's on the cusp of becoming a beautiful one. Her figure is slim without completely sacrificing curves, more soft lines than defined musculature, with an all-around fair complexion that goes hand-in-hand with the pale hair and eyes. Those eyes are easily the most striking feature of her heart-shaped face - wide-set and crisp, cold blue offset by dark lashes - though her slightly off-center lips with a tendency to pull into a crooked smile are similarly notable among her features. Frame her face with shoulder-length, pale blonde hair with a hint of curl to it, and there are all the primary elements that achieve an overall look of 'pretty with a few quirks that make her not quite gorgeous.' When she speaks, it's with a rich voice, deep for a woman's with the unaccented inflection common among those who have been Harper-trained.

Although dark in color, the soft cut of Tivaly's dress keeps it from being too formal for everyday wear. A navy-colored underdress with an oval neckline and an understated waistline is embellished by a sheer, black-lace overdress with lightly ruffled sleeves that reach her elbows. The lace itself is an elaborate, floral design with jet beadwork adornments, and she often pairs this with a warm, black wool coat when headed outside. Rather than dainty little shoes, she goes for more sturdy leather heels, black to match the gloves and scarf she'll don when needed.



Name Relation Location Position
Marklim Father Harper Hall Harper Master
Kandry Mother Harper Hall Weaver Journeyman
Sabrine Sister (+4) Benden Region Wife and Mother
Davmin Brother (+2) Telgar Region Harper Journeyman


You can also view Tivaly's logs (including non-Igen ones) at http://troutling.wikidot.com/tivalylogs.

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