Powerfully built and standing a sturdy six feet in height, it is obvious this young man has spent time in a position that requires physcal labor. He has great strong hands and broad shoulders, giving him a slightly squarish seeming build. Angular features give him a handsome but stern countenance. His eyes are a dangerous seeming blue-grey, like the hottest flame at the center of the fire. His hair is dark brown, almost black, and is currently loose and just long enough to brush his shoulders.

He wears a tunic of deep jewel-red and grey trousers, each part of his attire hugs his frame snugly but doesn't seem to hinder his movements in any way. Upon his feet he wears a sturdy but scuffed pair of heavy work boots.


Traven was born amongst the hustle and bustle of Igen Weyr. The oldest of three children, he was a rather serious child with moments of mischief that seemed so out of place for him. He did enjoy spending time with the other weyrchildren as he grew, making a few very close friends during those turns.

It wasn't much of a surprise when the boy decided to stay at Igen instead of heading into a craft like many others. As turns passed Traven became rather good with his hands and like his father became one of the many Handymen around the weyr. When the illness struck the weyr, Traven was one of the lucky ones that survived.


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