Portrayed By Xavier Serrano
Gender Male
Aliases Triv, Triven
Place of Birth High Reaches Weyr
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Wingrider
Dragon Green Aloath


Long klah brown hair, sweeps back sharply from the forehead of this young man, cascades down his back, falling nearly to his thin waist in a straight mass. His two almond shaped, soft blue eyes are neatly placed on each side of his slender nose. All the brown of his hair seems to give this young man an over large shadow against the almost ivory canvas of his skin. His lips are thin, though they do have a small pouting look that rest peacefully under his nose. Cheeks adorned with a small smattering of freckles. Two thin, round ears rear up out of the mass of brown hair. Standing 5'8", he is a slender youth, though his shoulders show signs of starting to broaden. With a long abdomen and legs he looks like he needs to run around in the rain to get wet.

He is wearing a little blue short sleeved shirt that has the buttons down the front. Dark-green pants cover his waist and legs. About his waist is a belt of black. Light weight boots to work and walk in cover his feet. Hanging from his neck is a small pendent, which has a dragon curled around a small blue rock that reflects the light in the room a little.


Born at High Reaches, Triven wasn't really good at anything but drawing. His parents figured he could at least go to the harper hall and learn to make it better if not there was always the beastcraft. So at age eleven he was sent over land down to the harper hall, he road with a trade caravan and one night they stopped he saw one of the traders tapping ink into another s back. He was intrigued and asked if he could learn how to do that, his mentor shrugged and said it takes time and he won't really have a craft. The older man said everything to dissuade the boy but he still wanted to learn. So Triven learned how to tattoo, first with tapping doing basic designs. As he learned he got better with more intricate designs, and by the time he was sixteen he had a few of his own customers. He lived with the trader and his mentor Monrecan, consulting the ancient records they found he could go to the tinkers and talk with a journeyman there to make a hand held tattoo gun. On his journeys he would test the ways they did dies for clothes at the weaver halls and took samples to the healer hall asking if this could be put into the skin like in the older information. He is now 18 and ready to strike out on his own, well not really he will still travel around until he finds a place permanent for him to work and live.


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More Than Meets the Eye Green Mural

This lizards face is short, squat, and wide. Because of this it looks like her mouth is drawn into a perpetual sort of smile. Her neck ridges are short as are her headknobs. She was not blessed with a long and graceful neck, instead she was left with a very short neck that only adds to her squat appearance. You might say she was sort of ugly but the vibrant colors of her hide beg to differ. Along the top of her muzzle is a red line that travels up between her eyes. Her under muzzle is a very striking blue. A lovely mix of yellow and green travel down along her spine all the way to the tip of her long tail. Her legs are long as well and tipped in black talons. Her sides and underside are mostly the color of brown clay but you can make out the barest hint of green within. Her wings, likewise, are long and it looks like she will be a great flyer.


Just Dandy, Baby Green Aloath

Warm lively greens splash over her graceful form, forming a base upon which the rest of her is carefully built. Head lifts, the slender jaws coming to a delicate point, which parts to reveal alabaster teeth in a draconic laugh. Mirth carries into the contented swirl of her eyes set beneath smoothed ridges, while headknobs protrude notably behind, stained with a darker evergreen hue that dips down across the top of her neck and tickles the back of each cheek. Neck ridges are small and rather blunted, which perpetuates illusion of her oversized headknobs. Arcing neck is lightly muscled with skin pulled tight as it dips down along the deep curves of her chest and tucks up to her belly. Forelimbs and legs are proportionally fit to her generally lengthy and slender body, ending in talons of silver. There is a circlet of gold-green about her left wrist, and another in the shape of a five pointed star on her back between her shoulder blades. The deeper evergreen streaks from wrist to shoulder on each side of both limbs, coming together at the base of her neck and flowing out across her back along the sail joint to her body somewhat framing the marking on her back. It splashes upon the delicate yet sturdy membranes for a few handspans before gravity wins and the brighter, lively greens dominate the spread of her sails in playful whorls. Tail swishes in the same cheerful green, fun and happy it stretches out behind her body, long and slender and tipped by smaller blunted ridges to the very tip.


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