DescriptionRaven hair cropped short adorns this young man's head save for long stands around his eyes, roughly ruffled in various directions and left to the winds design rather than being combed in a neat and orderly fashion. Piercing eyes of ice blue hues seem to be the most dominant feature of this mans face, rivaling paleness as if it's almost the softest powder white, his skin is rich in warm hues and well tanned from working under the days light over the turns. Every part of his form is otherwise average at most, his height tall and tone slightly muscular.
Well tailored cloth dyed in the darkest Harper blue make up the long sleeved shirt resting loosely about his arms and shoulders and ending tucked within a pair of simple black pants. Sleeves are wrinkled from being constantly rolled up out of the way to elbows. Tied around his neck is a band of raven leather in the form of a collar, nothing more than a decorative piece at best with tassels running past this young man's shoulders. Finishing off this attire is a pair of leather boots, faded and well worn from turns of use.


There is no great and heroic tale, no chapters of mentionable tragedy in this young man's life. Vidal grew up as one of twelve children in a trader's caravan off the coast of the sea of Azov while it was still on the move. Another day, another child, another place and business opportunity. As soon he was old enough to work with the wagons, runners and business, he did just that. Vidal didn't care for childhood games, he only kept to his chores and his responsibilities over the turns as one day passed all too similar to the next.

Finally great changes came about the boring, rickety old caravan - His family decided to branch off and settle down. Vidal on the other hand, took this opportunity to take off on his own two feet to see where they take him. When he reached nineteen turns, he was picked up on search and stood on the sands of Telgar… and was left the only candidate standing. With an indifferent shrug, he just picked up and went back on the road again to find someplace that might peak his interest and show some sign of life within the lad. Towards the end of the turn he was picked up once more and taken back to Telgar to stand once again. His indifferent nature suddenly changed without warning when he placed his hands on the shells of this season's clutch. There was something alit inside of him but it would not be truely seen until he was knocked clean over on the sands by his lifemate, blue Saith.

And this poor lads life as he knew it came tumbling down! Saith made sure it was never a dull moment, when the weyrlings had to run one lap around their assigned area, he had to run three…or be floored again. Two more loads, two more rounds, two more hours and he was kept on his toes and at edge at all time until graduation came to an end. Finally! V'al and his lifemate took their new found knowledge and ventured off to parts unknown. Another hold, another weyr, so there was only one option left for them that wasn't so uniform and boring to the pair to retreat to for a while. Ierne Weyrhold is where they resided for turns passed until this day. Taking on odd jobs or simply lazing about to pass the time…


Name Relation Location Position
Vinera Mother Unknown Trader
Dalan Father Unknown Trader


Brown Rapture
Bubbling warm liquid coats the hide of this brown firelizard, sugar slowly oxidizing to a toasty brown as it warms and liquefies. It follows along from his broad wedge of a head, along a stocky neck to the rest of his stout, thickset body. Sugary brown follows the curve of his shoulders and the thick lines of his haunches, toasted brown under heat as it wraps around bunchy muscling and heavy boning. Thick curved talons in darker brown tip large feet, stolid and wickedly sharp. Dollops of liquid flow along his wings, coating them in the same brown sugary sameness as his body, from his leading edges to trailing in a bubbling color of heat.

Green Haven
Everything about this green is refined; that's not to say every inch of her is slender elegance, but she does have a sense of graceful glory that is undeniable. The edges of her face are rounded, her muzzle broad but tapering, with her eyeridges slanted ever so slightly to give her a distinctly exotic look. Her headknobs are broadly set, almost growing off of her eyeridges and becoming so slim at the tips that they actuall curl slightly to preserve their stability. The top of her head and well into her headknobs show a descent into yellowed grass, though it returns to the gloss of jade around her nose and neck. This jade spills across smoothly muscular shoulders that are strapped lightly with paler apple, the jade continuing along her forelegs while the apple spreads across her back and hindquarters, lightening in a few places to become almost a transluscent shade of green. The color again deepens as it continues down her slightly stunted whippet of a tail, reaching a glossy mossy shade right near the tip. Each of her claws, dainty as they may be, look like they were carved from lime coated crystal, razor sharp and each one very drastically bent downwards.


Blue Saith
Broad and muscular is what best describes this dragons form: a wide muzzle connected to a thick neck, well built body and long tail. Faceted eyes are set in deep under large eye ridges and outlined in the brightest china blue over a softer, powdered shade which trek down to his chin and neck in tiny wisps and fading into a soft haze across his undersides. Large talons are covered in the same tones as they blend into the light upwards and vanishing under mottled wing sails. Indigo mottling covers powder in dark patches as if his very hide is a tapestry of the skies in which he makes his home. The only thing that one could consider average of this dragons image is the well proportioned wings to his exaggerated frame.

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