Portrayed By Ton Heukels
Gender Male
Aliases Vel
Place of Birth Ierne Weyrhold
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Apprentice Computer Crafter


Standing just a hair over 6’2, this young man’s dirty blond hair hangs in waves to his slim shoulders. He is fit, though not overly muscular, with broad shoulders and long limbs. Thick, dark brows rest low over hooded, narrow eyes the color of a tropical lagoon. His nose is long and straight, his lips full and mouth expressive. He has a very square jaw and a prominent adam’s apple. Like most people with his hair and eye color, he is on the fairer side, though he tends to have a dark shadow of scruff on his chin, jaw, and upper lip by the end of the day. He tends to prefer ligh colored clothing in shades of tan and cream.


Velorn was born at Ierne Weyrhold after his mother’s green was caught by a brown. Maveldi, a journeyman tech crafter, was only involved in her son’s life long enough to wean him before sending him to Igen to be fostered by a friend there. A somewhat troublesome child, Faelun loved the boy as her own, though she was fairly strict. In her view, a child that enjoyed starting arguments just for the amusement of seeing the other weyrbrats fighting was not something to be tolerated. Justifiably.

When Vel was ten, his foster mother started pressuring him to choose a craft, any craft, if for no other reason than to find a focus for the obvious over abundance of energy he had. A couple of months before his eleventh turnday, he made a decision to become a computer crafter and shipped off to Landing. He spent the next few turns learning as much as he possibly could, finding a passion for everything electronic. It was exactly what the boy needed: Something to focus on, to pour his energies into instead of stirring up trouble amongst his friends.

When he was sixteen, Velorn was posted to Igen Weyr to train under a journeyman there. It’s been a couple of turns, now, and he’s settled in nicely at Igen. He’s made friends, and been busy learning his craft. He might not be the best, but thinks he’s getting close to making journeyman.


Name Relation Location Position
If'an Father (estranged) Xanadu Weyr Jman Miner/Brownrider
Maveldi Mother (estranged) Ierne Weyrhold Jman Tech craft/Greenrider
Faelun Foster Mother Igen Weyr Master Weaver

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