Portrayed By Candice Accola
Gender Female
Aliases V; Viv
Place of Birth Desert's Gem Hold
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Kitchenhand


Vivka is the sort of girl who looks as naive as she is, what with those big blue eyes of hers. Quick to smile and very blonde, she's an approachable sort. Her pleasantly attractive face probably doesn't hurt, either. She's on the taller side for a girl, standing five foot eight of new enough height to still be awkward. Her standard wardrobe is made of pretty skirts and nice, though not quite fine, tops, with sandals for her feet or soft leather boots when absolutely necessary.


Vivka was a good girl. A proper girl. A girl with a future: marriage to one of Blood and worth, advancing her own and her family's status. If only Vivka had also been a dutiful girl as well…

Desert's Gem Hold is a small place, one of Igen's outlying holds, but still well within the bounds of the desert the region is so famous for. It's a small holding, but an old one. It's been nestled there near the mountains for turns beyond memory and its chief occupation is to caretake for the miners and minecrafters working the local area for minerals and gems. It's not self-sufficient but the caravans that pass through from the other holdings help keep them stocked beyond what their small complement of livestock and local flora can provide them with. One might say that Desert's Gem Hold is really a glorified cothold whose chief business is in trade. Trade of goods for services rendered and their paid for the upkeep of all those living and working in the area. Unfortunately for Desert Gem's eldest Holder daughter, Vivka, an attractive, presumably fertile bride is an excellent commodity for trade.

Unfortunately for Vivka's parents, Viveran and Kalira, and for their heir and eldest son, Viviran, Vivka didn't want to be a commodity for trade. Especially not when a widowed man some twenty turns her senior and with three children of his own already was the one in want of a wife. Vivka did her part in the Hold to ensure the smooth flow of the day to day, lending her hands where they needed to be whether it be in the kitchen or the dining hall or on the grounds (anywhere but cleaning the privy; she will not). Wasn't that duty enough done to her home and her parents?

Fortunately, Vivka was saved from any such match and the decisions that went with it when she was lovestruck by a charming and handsome Igenite rider at a gather in Igen Hold. A desert blossom, he'd called her. She ate it up. No one could say that Viveran and Kalira hadn't raised a sweet girl, if more than a little cheerfully naive to the ways of the wide wide world. How was Vivka to know that following that practical stranger back to his home Weyr and stalk—er, keeping tabs on him wasn't an acceptable way out of an arranged marriage she wanted no part of anyway?

For now, Vivka has taken to helping out in the newly renovated kitchen where she's most comfortable in a generally uncomfortable environment. It would surprise the charming and handsome Igen rider to know she was here, but this is how Harpers' romances get made, isn't it? By making them happen. Vivka is out to get her own happy ending, whether her family, her friends, or heck, even her love have anything contrary to say about it.


Name Relation Location Position
Viveran Father Desert's Gem Holder
Kalira Mother Desert's Gem Holder
Viviran Brother Desert's Gem Holder
Kalvran Brother Desert's Gem Holder
Vikran Brother Desert's Gem Holder


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