Portrayed By Bob Morley
Gender Male
Aliases Yaro
Place of Birth A Desert Dune
Current Location In A Sea of Sand
Occupation Cotholder/Salt Trader


Just like the plants from his native Igen, Yaromil's grown into something short and wiry and somehow perfectly suited to the harsh climate. Rukbat's rays have tanned his skin and left behind a smattering of freckles across his nose and cheeks. His wavy brown hair manages to always looks just a little bit wind-tossed or possibly he just doesn't know where he left his comb.
Yaromil dresses simply and practically in a long and loose cream colored cotton tunic paired with darker umber trousers and unadorned sandals.


Born in a cothold somewhere between Igen Hold and Igen Weyr, young Yaromil never really travelled past the desert even if his family could technically be called 'traders'. Some great-great-something-great-greandfather realized the salty lakes could be used for more than just crushing parched travellers hopes of an oasis and set up a little salt mining operation which has been passed down from generation to generation ever since.

Yaromil's older brother certainly seems poised to take over the family business, although Yaro still does his share. Having just turned eighteen, he's finally been trusted enough to help take wagons to trade with the Weyr and the Hold and maybe gotten bit a little bit by the travel bug.


Name Relation Location Position Age
Romil Father Salis Planas Cothold Cotholder +30 turns
Yaffe Mother Salis Planas Cothold Cotholder +26 turns
Rayoul Older Brother Salis Planas Cothold Cotholder +6 turns
Yara Oldest Sister Salis Planas Cothold Cotholder +3 turns
Yaiza Older Sister Salis Planas Cothold Cotholder +1 turns
Yanna Younger Sister Salis Planas Cothold Cotholder -2 turns
Parli Sister-In-Law (Rayou) Salis Planas Cothold Cotholder +4 turns
Rayali Niece (Rayou) Salis Planas Cothold Baby -17 turns




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