Z'yer (Zanyer)
Gender Male
Aliases Zanyer
Place of Birth Telgar Region
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Rider
Dragon Brown Inith


He's a tall older man, very thin with a lanky build. Wind ruffled straw colored hair hangs in disarray and partially shades soft brown eyes. His features are in general sharp, with what even the kindest would call a beak of a nose above rather thin lips. Most times he has a ready smile, dismissing the plainness of his features.
He is wearing a pair of heavy canvas trousers, the color a soft bleached cream. His shirt is of servicable weight cloth, dyed a darker brown while his shoes are a pair of open work sandals, leather on the top and rough cording for the soles. On one shoulder rests a rider's knot for Igen.


Born on a farming cothold, Zanyer settled down into that life, as best the middle child of seven could do. He never stood out, amongst his siblings, and remained pretty much a part of the whole instead of an individual until the day Telgar rode in on search. That was a bit of a surprise, as only he and his youngest sister were asked to stand. Taking the chance to get out of the same humdrum life, he left with the dragons with nary a backward glance. Not so the sister, the thought of leaving gave her the heeby-jeebies.

Despite being rather far from his family, he settled in well with the routine of chores and bonding with the rest of the candidates. And on that hatching day, on Telgar's heated sands, he found his lifemate in quick mahogany brown Inith. Weyrlinghood passed rapidly, and he and Inith found themselves first in the transport wing, then on for a stint in training the new weyrlings. Still, something was missing from their lives. And so it was with an overdeveloped sense of wanderlust, that Z'yer and Inith left Telgar for Ierne, to take in the new sights to be seen there.

Turns passed as they always do, and even with all that kept them busy, Z'yer and Inith continued to look for something different over time. Finally, just a few weeks ago they left Ierne for Igen to start a new part of their adventures.


Name Relation Location Position




Rich Mahogany Brown Inith

Starting from his nose tip and swirling out in larger concentric circles across his body, the color forms across the hide. Carved sharpness is the hallmark of how his body is made, accented by the perfect polished wood that creates him. Rich, cherry wood red may have been the original intention for his coloration, lined with darker whorls and grains of near mahogany. Stained atop the natural wood is a lighter wash of cinnamon. It makes his tones rich and dark, with a satiny sheen that rolls across his wiry muscles. He's carved perfection, and he seems to know it as he stares about with those rose-quartz eyes of his. As any good artist would, that which carved him seemed to capture the very essence of perfect potential in the slope of shoulders and the trim svelte haunches. The last mark of beauty, the epitome of this handsome male is his dark, dark cherry heartwood wingsails wrapped tightly to the near mahogany spars.


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