Portrayed By
Gender Male
Aliases Isaaz;aac;Zac
Place of Birth Igen Weyr
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Beastcrafter/Candidate


His loose curly red hair splays out in several directions to create the perpetual 'just got out of bed' look despite any of his attempts to tame it. It frames his long, oval face which creates the illusion he's a bit older than he really it. Long lashes frame his chestnut brown eyes. A closer inspection will show a pale yellow ring right around the iris. Habitual movements has him tucking stray bits of his hair behind his smaller, compact ears. Long and lanky, Isaac has a natural rugged form that assures hard work from the man. Topping 5'9" most of his body is made of lean muscles.

A plain dusty brown shirt is tucked into his slightly baggy black pants. No fancy designs upon his clothes he looks like he could fit in well into the plains of Keroon just as well as anywhere else. His dark brown boots go to above his ankle and the dark yellow laces are the only things that really stand out on his whole outfit.


Zac, known to his friends as Isaac, was born at Igen Weyr to L'ton and Akeylah. A somewhat rare set of triplets he's two sisters his same age. Together they were inseparable for their entire stay there at the weyr. They did typical weyrbred kid activities, including sneaking onto the sands when they were 10 to touch the eggs hardening their. Wandering off to explore and getting lost out in the surrounding area at just 6 turns was no doubt the most memorable feat they'd done. When Zac turned 12 he packed his bags and declared he was going to present himself to the Beastcraft hall for apprenticeship. His interest lay in healing animals as well as training. Accepted he lived there until recently where he's requested a post back at his home of Igen. A Sr. Apprentice he awaits the final tests needed to make Journeyman in his craft.


Name Relation Location Position
L'ton Father unknown bronzerider
Akeylah Mother unknown Rider of green Shemsuth
Zaley sister
Zaylah sister




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