Portrayed By Channing Tatum
Gender Male
Aliases Zev
Place of Birth Igen Hold
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Bronzerider / Guard
Dragon Bronze Jizunoth


Physically fit and broad-shouldered, Z'ki's hefty physique prevents his somewhat blocky head from seeming too out of place. Green eyes are seated below slightly bushy eyebrows, his brown hair is kept close-cropped, perhaps drawing attention to ears that sit slightly out from his head. At two inches over six feet, he is obviously comfortable in himself despite the fact he's only in his early twenties.


Zevuki's family have been guards for Igen Hold back as long as anyone can remember. They've lived a good and plentiful life, their loyalty to the Hold rewarded with senior positions within the local guard. Zevuki is one of many children, his elder brothers quickly following in the family tradition and joining the guards. While Zevuki certainly had the build and temperament for the guard, as a youngster he found the long hours and often dull periods of time-fulling unpleasant; he hadn't his brothers love for cards or gambling to pass the time. His mother noticed her youngest son's restlessness, and encouraged him to do more, and so, at eighteen, he traveled to Igen Weyr to try and see where he might fit in.

He was searched by S'las' Blue Chessylith for Gold Zuhth and Bronze Eranzath's clutch at Igen Weyr. Despite his reservations, it turns out the dragons knew better than he did, as he impressed bronze Jizunoth and became Z'ki.

After graduating, Z'ki joined Bay Wing and has continued with his guard duties, though thanks to Jizunoth he's now more inclined to travel far and wide.


Name Relation Location Position
Zurek Father Igen Hold Guard
Varesil Mother Igen Hold Seamstress
Varen Brother Igen Hold Guard
Ransil Brother Igen Hold Guard
Uresen Brother Igen Hold Guard
Silura Sister Unknown Unknown
Doren Uncle Igen Hold Guard
Anjela Cousin Igen Hold App. baker


Green Shine

A petite little soul in a vivid spring green, she's a spritely sort, nimble on neat paws and narrow wings. From just behind her tiny headknobs, strands of emerald, jade and chartreuse weave their way together and down her slender neck, delicate swirls of tea and mint tumbling through the braid like so many wildflowers. Her honeydew wings rise from spars dappled with golden pear, trailing edges a misty celadon. Limbs and tail are long and willowy, her forepaws bearing droplets of brightness in the shades of a sunlit forest canopy. Though her claws may never be truly sharp, they are at least a brilliant white in most lights - even gold at highest moon and sun.

Bronze Laikas

Pleasantly proportioned is this handsome looking firelizard. By the way he holds himself he too considers his physique a, well a quite excellent example of his kind. The wedge shape of his head is angular without being to lined, jaw strong without being bulky, eyes large without bulging out of their sockets. Everything just fits quite nicely as one sweeps past the headknobs one follows the gentle studs of his neckridges along a sinuous neck to a broad chest that expands deeply with each posturing breath. Arms and legs are muscled, defines but again not overly bulging nor thin and ropy. He simply is that perfect middle ground as tail drifts out behind, studded with a series of smaller ridges. Of hue he is a rather darker example of his kind. A deeply burnished bronze that is almost over polished so as to be slightly dulled or matte in some places. His hue might ruin that image of physical perfection as he seems older than he actually is, the metallic hide more worn by look than time in a deceptive fashion.


City of Light and Shadow Bronze Jizunoth

Gleaming burnished bronze cloaks first the form before you which is neither bulky nor lean, but resides somewhere in between. Majestic in poise and presence his proportions are not quite as elegant. His face is rather blocky, shortened muzzle blunted and wide. Eyeridges are well defined with distinctly polished headknobs pointing skywards. Neck is short and thick with large, well defined muscles that bleed smoothly into deep chest and wide back. The bronze upon these upper regions gleams as if eternally caught in the sunlight. Structures to represent the glory of his being reside there in finely etched lines, while lower upon his belly, and on his lower arms and legs the bronze becomes ever more shadowed. Dropping into the depths of less favored slums and questionable cantinas of dubious nature. Talons seem almost to burn with glints of flame amongst the darker shadowed bronze. Wings spread wide from his broad back, muscles rippling to support the sturdy and broad expanse. The sails from above continue the bright burnished bronze with the strange lines cross crossing the surface in a way that seems not exactly natural. The undersides are as opposite much as his body. Shadowed bronze is dark and brooding, whorls of smoke are edged with soot and fires that burn like lights in the night from so very, very far away in a landscape both eerie and oddly inviting.


Title OOC Date Cast Synopsis
Igen Hatching 2017 September 2, 2017 Neyuni, Zevuki, Kassala, Baylee, Krenn, Tanit, Riohra, Sephany, Quinn, M'eo, E'vyl, S'dny, Risali, R'hyn K'vir, Triven, Citayla, S'las, Jaelynnn, Karmella, Z'ki Zuhth and Eranzath's eggs hatch at Igen.
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