Portrayed By
Gender Female
Aliases Zia
Place of Birth Igen Hold
Current Location Igen Weyr
Occupation Caverns Helper


This young woman is of small stature, standing a slight height of around 5' and weighing somewhere around 105 pounds. Her eyes, which look out from her child-like face, are an unremarkable shade of pale green and are fringed by thin black brows and full thick lashes. Her arms and legs while thin are well shaped and muscled. Her body may be thin but there is no hiding the fact that she is curved and more in all the right places. Her hair has been skillfully styled so that the sides have been swept back from her face and braided into three braids that have then been woven into one. Intertwined with the strands of hair are white glass beads. The rest of the glossy ebony locks have been left loose to float about her shoulders in a dark sheet.

She wears a rather simplistic outfit, nothing outstanding or eye catching about it. Her shirt in of a faded blue, the rounded neckline trimmed in tiny white flowers. The three-quarter length sleeves are almost always rolled up past her elbows at all times. Her trousers are brown, not a remarkable shade of brown either, they fit her waist, hips and legs snuggly but not overly so as to restrict movement. The legs end just at her heels and cover the upper barrels of her worn dark brown leather boots. Draped around her waist is a braided leather belt of the same shade of brown as her boots.


Information about Zhia:
A rather fantastical background story could very well be placed here, but really doesn't everyone have one of those? So Let me make things really simple and right to the point…

1. I was born at Igen Hold to one of the many women who call the place home, my father was a fly by the seat of his pants blue rider from High Reaches Weyr that drifted in one night after losing a flight at Igen Weyr.

2. My mother moved myself and my two older siblings to the weyr, where she went to work in the kitchens. I was five at the time, my older brother was 9, and my sister 11.

3. My brother left the weyr to become a healer at the age of 13, my sister and I both stayed at the weyr.

4. I'm now 17 and a little more, I help in the caverns doing whatever is needed.


Name Relation Location Position
Mother Igen Weyr
Father High Reaches Weyr Blue Wingrider
Brother Healer
Sister Igen Weyr






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