+IGWhelp Climate

Igen Weyr lies in the same mountain range as Telgar Weyr, but much farther south. The desert climate in which the Weyr is located in can be described as hot and dry during much of the day, particularly when the sun is directly overhead. As the northern continent lies in a westerly wind belt, the sands of the desert are often pushed across the flat ground and build up into massive dunes across the desert. Much of the barren desert of Igen lies to the west of the Weyr, stretching from the fertile plains of Southern Telgar south along the coast of the Big Bay. Rainfall is scare out in the desert, but the Weyr lies in the mountains and can trap enough moisture to keep the lake fairly full throughout most of the Turn.

Typical of a desert climate, Igen is often very warm during the day due to uninterrupted sunshine caused by stable descending air and a high pressure system. With clear skies and little cloud cover to trap heat at night, temperatures in the desert can drop below freezing during certain periods of the Turn.

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