Clutch 17
Clutch 17
Dam Zuhth
Sire Sindrieth
Theme Broadway Musicals
Number of Eggs 10
Clutching Date December 8, 2014
Hatching Date December 28, 2014

Balanced on a Precipice Egg

Antique Ivory wraps this egg in a comforting hug, the color of aged parchment. Traceries of darker lines form, showing the rough surface that bedecks the egg from where it curves gently at the top and down the rounded sides to its snug burial in the sands. Lighter patches form in faint semi circles as if someone has taken a shine to the spot or cleaned it recently, but even there the surface looks somewhat worn. Splashed down the middle is a darker sigil, seeming midnight blue in color that forms an abstract shape. Perhaps a dwelling, perhaps not it shadows and showcases a living being, dancing and enjoying the moonlit night.

Mind Touches

A New Twist on Tradition is seemingly lost in the happy scents of home, with the smell of baking bread and melting butter. A homemade meal that is put together for all, inviting you to take part. Threads of warmth seem to come out and touch you, pale beiges and darker browns to enfold and securely hug for a long moment. It stays that way, warmly comforting before finally, achingly slowly it starts to pull away and leave, until finally nothing is left but the lingering lost impression of touch and something that might have been.

A New Twist on Tradition is quiet at first at a return touch, an impression sleepy warmth and the feeling of just waking up huddled under covers on a cold day. Wrapping around you again with a whirling display of bright colors now, that thread through your consciousness in splashes of bright gold and scarlet ribbons in a feeling of celebration and sheer joy. A lengthy pause before it slowly, carefully untangles itself to slide away, cautious in a very sudden step as if it may have overplayed a hand.

A New Twist on Tradition rests simply, revealing in your touch once more and simply quiescent for the moment, it slowly opens up more, willing to change now to meet you better and be different if that is what will keep your attention. It offers alternatives, or perhaps moving to simple understanding as the time passes, wrapping everything up in the faintly acrid scent of vinegar and disappointment that even after all this time, it still has to leave as it is never enough.


Blue Matioth impressed to V'al (Ivaylo)

Rain of Sunshine Egg

The egg is a good size, neither too large or small nor misshaped as some are ought to be. It rests along the long axis, with smooth shell curving in a graceful arch from the wide apex to the more pointed end. The bulk is a sun-kissed yellow with hints of gold glinting from the slight pitting which textures the surface. Orange tones deepen and enrich the hue of upper edge, fading away to a pure brilliant yellow at the equator of the egg. It lightens still farther as the shell drops towards the sand, ending at a pale almost washed out yellow muddied by gray just as it disappears into the sands below. Slightly above center and towards the larger end is a curiously curved octagon shape, grading from smoldering dark red at the upper right corner to near candy apple at the trailing edge. Delicate black boning runs from the center to each corner and a single black handle from the center out and away from the shape. The final touch is a diagonal rain of slender silver threads falling from the upper narrow end down towards the base of the wider end.

Mind Touches

Sea Breeze arrives first with just the faintest of stirrings, a veritable whisper of cooling winds against the skin. The sensation fades, only to return seconds later even stronger. It carries on it a delicate fruity smell, like ripe citrus and tart berry, tickling the tongue with the promise of sweetness. Again the touch recedes, and returns, like waves upon the shore, each one gaining or losing strength on some unknown whim. Yet the waves of wind don’t engulf nor support. Rather they run helter-skelter, setting leaves of thought dancing with almost reckless abandon. Almost it feels as if the touch were tasting you! With that thought, a full ocean breeze comes rushing about you till it seems as if your hair should rise up and bounce in the winds. There is a sound, the first, crashing wave, and then all is silent and still.

Sea Breeze is stronger this time and redolent with sweet smells likely to make the mouth salivate. It whirls a steady circle about you, sending bubbles of vivid greens and bright blues to wend their way into memory. Curiosity comes on ribbons of peach and pale pink. A memory of joy is found, buried possibly, but greeted by a wash of answering joy all colored brightly ruby. Sorrow brings only a confused rainbow, bleached pastel by the very memory itself. Particularly strong emotions cause the touch to draw back and go still as a wild thing but the young have little attention span and short memories and it is not long before the light touch is back in full force. Stirred by the interaction, the breeze driven waves lap against the recesses of your mind as tart and tangy bites of thought. Finally it falls away in an exhausted wash of citrus.

Sea Breeze cools in the indolent heat of the hatching sands, so reminiscent of Southern’s white sand beaches. Surely one can smell the tropical scents of near fermented fruits and salty waters. The touch has quieted, yet become all the more encompassing for it. Mellow winds kiss sweat glistening skin. Into this comes the heavy intoxication of welcome, hopeful but with the tart bite of wistfulness beneath. Grapefruit and cranberries with a hint of something more potent cradle your own mind blocking out all thoughts but those regarding itself. So powerful is the touch that words can almost be heard asking are you the one? But no answer is yet to be found and so the breeze returns, blowing bright and free. It flirts about the edges of your senses, finally vanishing with one last tart bite.


Blue Khuth impressed to E'sai (Eresai)

Unlimited Egg

Tall, wide… odd. This egg looks nothing like the others, making it stick out like a sore thumb - and yet it's no less special for its differences. Darkness cloaks its form, its apex oddly peaked, a little too sharp to be typical, though its true curve is masked somewhat by the black its draped in. Down, down the dark goes across the barely-there curves of its elongated form, splashed with bitter green and accented by a streak of pure white, which is bubble-glossy in contrast to the shineless drab of the rest of the shell.

Mind Touches

L'Amour en Fuite stirs with the faintest of movements, and the world around you goes velvety dark, everything hushed but for the rustling of excited whispers… all until - ROOOOOOOAAAAAR! It cuts through the darkness like the scratch of rope and the grinding of gears, leathery wings visible through a haze of smoke and a green light that grows steadily brighter, brighter, brighter - until it consumes whatever shadowy form was half-made on an earlier thought. Green turns to blue, blue to purple, purple to pink, each accompanied by an increasingly gleeful emotion. Celebratory, even, but how can this little mind have anything to be so joyful about, when it's not yet ventured from its shell? No - nonono, that joyful little thought is plucked right from your mind, and amplified in a glistening bubble that drifts across the rosy mindthoughts accompanied by a soprano aria. The words are nonsensical, but the meaning is there, tucked away behind the lyrical, trilling tones - now is a time for joy. And then the bubble bursts in a shower of silvery sparkles, drifting away into nothingness but leaving behind that sense of jubilation.

L'Amour en Fuite is dark once more, but it's a friendly sort of darkness, the sort that envelopes you like the coarseness of a rough-woven cloak, warm and comforting… if a little scratchy. For what may feel like forever, this little mind sits there, patiently waiting, possibly weighing you up, judging your worthiness. Judging your ability to handle the truth. Maybe if you share a secret, though… ah, yes! There's one! What's that? Your deepest darkest secret is… no! It can't be! A fit of giggles suddenly erupt, and the black is abruptly replaced with bubbles and shimmering lights. Divulging a little something seems to have opened this little dragonet right up to chatty conversation, as it's suddenly very keen to spill all the beans - your beans, that is! Like a messy child it plucks memories from your mind, whipping through them, absorbing them, claiming them for itself… and then turning them around with the audacity to suggest how to improve yourself. This is a mental makeover! It could go on forever and forever, if only… if on… if… oh, dear. Little minds tire so quickly, don't they? This one's all tuckered out.

L'Amour en Fuite stirs gently, quietly, peacefully. Hello there. Is that you again? It remembers you - how could it not, after borrowing so many flashes of thought from your mind? There's something different about this egg now, though. The joy from before, the outright glee at having unearthed your deepest, darkest secret and the bubbly giggles - they're all gone, replaced by a sombre grey that's a little on the drab side, and dark enough to be near enough black. Whatever inspired such bright thoughts from this little mind earlier would seem to be gone for now, as it's quietness suggests it might need rocking to sleep, rather than being kept awake by your linked minds.


Blue Vernammerath impressed to Y'taer (Kytaer)

Black as Pitch Egg

Darkness wraps its embrace tightly around this perfectly shaped egg, clinging tightly and unwilling to let go. Despite that, there are parts where the matte blackness has lost its grasp. Bright hummingbird green is visible in narrow slats that resemble feline eyes, a luminescence that flickers between green and yellow depending on the angle of reflection. Unsettling, this egg, for one day when being turned it can appear as though it's staring right through you with its lambent gaze, and the next, it has managed to disappear into the black sands to make you question if it existed in the first place.

Mind Touches

Waves in the Distance catch you by surprise, rather than swelling calmly to greet you, they just about bowl you over. Is it their fault that they don't know their own strength? No, of course not. There's an eagerness, a desire to please and excel. Strength and power in these waves are only as strong as the moon that pulls at it, could you be that moon? Tropical heat is rife throughout the mind, the scent of citrus entwined with the salty air that prevades your senses. It's still dark, the moon glistening over the waves in the distance which beckon you to slip into the water. Nobody will know, it's late and there's nobody else around.

Waves in the Distance grow stronger as time passes, and time does soldier on. Daybreak is starting to peak over the water, showing off it's lusterous pale blue coloring that is so very inviting. The waves break over eachother, not an argument within itself, instead, a way of growing ever stronger. Who will be able to stop the building up of the water's power? Who will protect the others from the destruction they could wrought on unsuspecting visitors? Will you be able to stand up to the power of the waves and disappate them into something much more managable? This one requires someone with strength to deal with it as it seems like it could be one whose mood changes with the tide.

Waves in the Distance appears to be all show and no action today. The buildup dissappates almost as quickly as it built itself up. The scent of citrus wafts over the currents, a soft reminder that despite the calming of the waves that they're still ever present but worn out for the time being. There is no question of your worth, by being here you are worthy - but will you be the one that is accepted by this powerful presence? It lies in wait, ever watchful and ever present, waiting for the day to end so it can play once more.


Brown Pralayth impressed to Rezia (Lucrezia)

Life's Colorful Egg

There is the hand that life deals one, and this egg is no exception. What it has been dealt is expressed vividly upon its surface in a rainbow of hues that roll vibrantly from one to the next, and collide in starbursts. Either end of the ovoid gleams in a polished clean and pure cloudy white. That most innocent of hues gives way quickly enough to the brilliant waves and bursts of lively color. Here, azure and lemon twine next to a spiral of ochre and peach which fade into a playful twist of ruby and olive. Violet and fawn wrap the center with starbursts of chocolate and mauve, and silver and rose to either side. And blue. One can hardly miss the lovely blue that somehow seems to tie everything together in a way surprisingly pleasing to the eye. Beyond its coloring, the egg is otherwise entirely normal. It is neither the largest nor smallest and is shaped quite typically. The shell itself is fairly smooth and unblemished and kept comfortably warm as it rests in its sandy bed.

Mind Touches

Bequia Sunrise bursts into your thoughts… vibrant, colorful, flavorful. It spins, joyous and playful, full of life and energy upon the rising sun. A sun which strikes the rim of the tall glass of this beings thoughts, flaring as if broken by a prism into the sum of its parts and drowns you in a rainbow of overwhelming color. Laughter follows in bubbles of orange and cherry that float merrily upon the ambered sunrise as it follows the meandering river around your mind and drains off imperceptably to one side until it simply is there no more.

Bequia Sunrise greets your return in a quite unsubtle fashion. Perhaps not as overwhelming as before, it seems to drift more playfully above your thoughts in fizzy orange and cherry micro-bubbles. There is one of good humor here, kind in the depths of their heart or hearts, and innocent in that way of one not yet knowing the world. Your own thoughts provide but a small window into the beyond it will soon enough enter. It is entirely undaunted, not one to be kept down and when it rolls across something not quite to its fancy you can sense it right its own ship in fruity flavors dusting itself off as if nothing were the matter and continuing merrily along. Sweet and citrus wash over your tastebuds as the mind drift away once more leaving you to your own thoughts.

Bequia Sunrise washes into your thoughts one last time. Vibrant colors draw you away from the pitiful heat of the sands into a wider world of the imagination. Floating upon orange rivers with pomegranate swirls it shares both much and little of itself. It seems a book half written, the glass of its thoughts swirled, drawing you down towards the bottom, reaching towards that last page where its destiny is written. Always, always just out of reach. As you extend yourself, you reach nearest that bottom and encounter a parting bite to its thoughts this last time. As if you've swallowed a sudden shot of brandy lurking beneath all the sweet and light, that scorches the back of your throat and leaves ones' eyes watering. It seems not entirely intentional, simply another lesser seen side of this one that lingers like an addiction. The question is, will you one day come back for more?


Green Saethiath impressed to Abrael (Sabrael)

As Old as Time Egg

Black. Glossy. Sleek. A laminated sheen brings life to what is almost a spitefully monochromatic shell, adding shine to the pitch that this egg is daubed with. Not all is doom and gloom, though - black's dominance is cut through by the purest of whites, a smooth collection of curved lines that might, if you squint hard enough and use your imagination, come to form a face… of sorts, anyway. And there, captured within those pearly strokes, is a flash of vermillion brightness, weeping wasted life away in a single rosy tear.

Mind Touches

Black and Tan is smooth. Intoxicatingly so. And my goodness, doesn't it just know it? There's arrogance, pride, and a certain sense of entitlement - or is it bravado? Maybe it's both! Swirling black and gold butt up against your mind, challenging you to a battle of wills, a test of strength. Mental muscles flex, while you're presented with the idea of this one being bigger, better, stronger, more worthy of winning than you… and there's a definite sense of masculinity about it all. The black wells up, a flash of red and the tang of gunpowder pushing your thoughts back to overwhelm them. Having been successful in asserting its dominance, it suddenly turns to a musky smug, that earlier gold welling up in a molten rush, before the little victor withdraws back into the sanctuary of its mancave - er, shell. Right. It's shell. There's a final glimpse inside - antler-decorated, glossy wood, gunmetal and hunter green - and then darkness. Move along now, little candidate.

Black and Tan is quick to come back to you, fuelled by the sort of curiosity that's going to take it to all the wrong places. And yet it's not a malicious sort of curiosity, nor is it the overt bravado that was felt before - this is a much softer sort of strength, an unexpected ambition tinged with cocoa and satiny blue. There's warmth there, and this time, while still retaining a sense of the stubborn nature that appeared previously, the way this little dragonet matches up to you seems to be more interested in getting to know you, rather than in trying to overpower you. Hello there. Could you be the one? The one to take this little one away from all it knows - the stifling confines of its egg - to embark upon adventures in the great wide somewhere? Are you the one to understand how far this dragonet wants to go? Are you the companion it needs? Leaving those questions in your mind like a rustling like rifling through the pages of a book, the dragonet within As Old As Time Egg withdraws, a lingering scent of rose remaining in your mind.

Black and Tan sweeps back into your mind, regally imperious with an overwhelming, swirling wash of deep golden-brown and midnight black. The swish of a cape arcs over your head as it huffs and puffs arrogantly, like a bullish beast facing off with the glint of horns in the dark depths of its mind. Who are you? Why did you come here? Who do you think you are? It challenges you, grunting and snarling as it probes your mind, digging deep with crimson fingers to learn who hides behind your thoughts and what your purpose may be… and the deeper it goes, the softer its thoughts become. Oh, it's gradual, slow, peppered with fiery little outbursts as if it realises it's letting its guard down - but then there it is. That shield of dark arrogance is worn down to reveal a core of golden thought, soft as rose petals, and with the very basic need there to be loved, to be accepted for who and what it is. Could you possibly be that person? There's hope there, soft as falling rose petals, and, slowly slowly, that's all your mind is left with as this little one withdraws back into its shell: a scattered trail of deep red, that fades to black.


Green Ellezath impressed to Daija (Daija)

Splatter of Blood Egg

Large and rotund, this egg is a difficult one to move even for the dam. No, this egg does not want to budge in the least and prefers to keep its fat end firmly planted in the sands to keep the grotesque scene of it viewable. The egg itself is mostly pristine white, however, there are splatters here and there on the surface of what appears to be fresh blood. Surely nobody's slaughtered a herdbeast near these eggs, right? At initial glance, it seems as though the blood can be rubbed off but even if the attempt is made, there is no such luck. A couple swirls of black are on the top with a thick line of white between.

Mind Touches

Dangerous Mix is not one that approaches you, instead, you must seek it out. The place it resides is dark, every step creaks as you advance farther towards where you are certain it resides. What's that? A noise in the darkness, and a pale red light illuminates. You've found it! The scent of warm honey greets you, and it's not quite what you expected. What did you expect, exactly? There is a strength to the presence, something hidden beneath that exterior of grape and cherry scented honey. However, this one is skeptical, are you worth it's time? There's a moment where it seems like the presence is going to turn its back and walk away, but it lingers a while longer to observe you and see what you will do.

Dangerous Mix remains, though the longer it does the more it gives away about itself. Volatile, powerful, yet glazed with a honeyed exterior it's like the razor sharp wit is contained within this presence and is being restrained. There's the mix of silk and fire, sure to ignite when the right person beckons to it but are you that right person? There's an intelligence, a true intelligence that is very intent on examining every movement you make. Will you walk away before it does? Will you try to get closer? However, if you do attempt to move closer, it will retreat farther away from the red light and deeper into the darkness.

Dangerous Mix doesn't stay for overly long, once its decided that its seen all that it can it withdraws. The light starts to flicker, is its power being drained as time goes on? It's becoming more difficult to see, and there's no way to tell where this silken honeyed presence is retreating to. Following will only make you fade into the darkness and ultimately return you back to the heat of the sands from where you first started.


Brown Mokusoth impressed to Z'an (Eryzan)

No Shoes for You Egg

Stark white frames this overlarge egg, seeming more massive than most in the clutch from where it rests imposingly on the sands. Startling against that pure white is the other singular color on the egg, brilliant carmine red in two banded stripes. Wide, they start at the top, before one moves to intersect with the other and then moves back, leaving the egg bisected into two halves. Spangles of glitter seem stuck to the scarlet ribbons, thicker where the ribbon curves and stretched out when it widens more. Eventually, the red is lost buried under the sands upon which this egg sits. Do they meet around the underside, or is just simply marked same, as if circled around?

Mind Touches

Woo Woo is brash and bright, stringing you along with a powerful frangrance of frangi pani and vanilla and the feel of sunwarmed leather under your fingertips. A certain carefree approach to life and the glittering, glowing decoration that is needed to celebrate. Glittering specks of red are dumped across your thoughts, a distraction from anything else and having to bring anything more for your consideration. It pulls away then, before anymore can be asked of it.

Woo Woo brings those bright colors back, wrapping you in a whirlwind that coalesces around you of flowery smells and then the heat of stagelights and thick makeup. The warm feel of oil across your skin and then being worked into leather and the unyielding of stiff new shoes as your feet complain and try to break them in. Slowly, slowly it leaves then with the feel of pinched toes and sore arches beneath the ever present heat of the sands, now that you are tired and weary.

Woo Woo is wary, waiting to see what you promise and if you are likely to follow through before it shares anymore of its story. It waits, patient for a long time before it slowly starts to edge away from you. No complaints or worries, just a feeling that perhaps if you can not live up to what you offer, that you are not worth knowing at all. Then it is gone, refusing to return except for a brief passage, content as it is as it finds something else to work on, your presence dismissed.


Bronze Lolath impressed to Ch’lie (Charlie)

Through the Moonlight Egg

A smallish egg, just a hint too long and narrow, rides high upon the sands canted with smaller apex pointed slightly skyward. Like the sky just at the tail end of twilight, purples cloak the shell in velvety darkness. Though mottled in truth, from afar any surface appears as if the shades run from indigo on the outer edges to lavender in the center with shades of royal purple, violet, and amethyst between. The very last fading rays of twilight drop lilac flecks in the center where rests a moonlight vision. Nearly transparent as glass, the shape of a lady's high-heeled shoe painted in shades of silver, pale blue, and white. A mirage is created by the curve of arch against heel, that of a young woman in full gather regalia gazing at the moon.

Mind Touches

Frozen White Reaches are cold and forbidding, refusing any invitation or welcome. It seems to come from the very peaks of the High Reaches. They wash in as slow as a glacier in waves of creamy white and blue ice and freeze a frosty path over what thoughts you have. As with any cold, the silent chill brings time to a stop. You are adrift in a wonderland of icy white and the spicy scent of snow kissed pines. Slow and soft, a single pale light begins to break through the lonely cold on a shaft of candlelight just before the touch fades away to nothing.

Frozen White Reaches cloak the world in a wintry wonderland of sparkling ice and snow. It seems at first a fairytale, cold and adrift though not unwelcoming. A whisper of frost begins to riffle through your mind, slowly melting into a surprising warmth. The cold takes on the smell of vanilla, turning over to hot chocolate as it warms. Hints of coffee, sweetened by chocolate dance on the tongue, and then twist into a burning heat as they roll down the throat to set a fire in the gullet. Somehow the touch is both cold and warm, a toasty fire and warm blanket around you as the storm rages outside. Faint candlelight washes a gentle wave of kindness and the touch withdraws.

Frozen White Reaches are a cold that warms to the heart. They come in chill touches of white and blue and brown like an icy winterscape: all snowy hills, frosty trees and delicate icicles hanging down like jewels. Yet the feels and smells are all warmth and home, the scents of holiday cooking and the heat of a good whiskey burning a path down into the depths of the marrow of the bones while you lazy by the roaring fire in the hearth. The fire burns higher and higher as passion burns, a bright scalding red as the fiery nature hidden by the frosty exterior comes to light. The touch than gentles down again, slowly fading from fiery red to the gentle and pale golden color of candlelight as vanilla slips in to sooth away the last of the your concerns before melting away to nothing.


Green Sinderth impressed to Ch’arm (Chelarmin)

River in the Rain Egg

Cumulous clouds rise steeply upon the apex of this rather large egg, topped by a few even more dramatic rumbling cumulonimbus. The bottoms of the thunderheads are a dark, ominous gray, but the clouds around that are a light, playful puffy white. The sun appears to be setting, yellows and oranges reflecting along the edges of the columns of cloud. Beneath the weather is not quite as fair, though the blue hue is pleasant to the eye, it blurs where the bits of sky seem to meet a river that winds endlessly about the rest of the shell. A small muddy raft seems to drift within these currents, weathering the storm for wherever it may be taken.

Mind Touches

Blue Blazer roars to life upon the touch of your fingers. Flame ripples along the curling thoughts, vibrant in red, orange and yellow. It arcs dramatically from one side of your mind to the other, never quite touching but ever so much there. Dangerous it sparks with the twist of a bit of lemon through the flame, a bitter edge to an odd flavor which rolls across your tongue. Ever tasted dragon? Dangerous. Dramatic.It leaves as suddenly as it arrives, the flames snuffed out into a sudden darkness and you are left alone again.

Blue Blazer returns, anything but subtle as you caress its shell further. Flamboyant flames sizzle and snap, the oranges growing intense one moment, and reds the next. Whispers of blue, deceptive in the heat of its intensity for the color seems ever so cool, slowly enrobe the meandering presence. Still it seems to never be. Your focus here and it will be there, sliding past your concentration with devious laughter until it swoops away into the abyss of its shell.

Blue Blazer swirls with the dying blue flames. Their intensity flickers and fades as the drink coalesces into something to not completely savage the throat. How much more interesting it might be to try to drink fire though? The edges of this one's thoughts brush your with dangerous question, a dare unspoken. Not that you should take it to seriously perhaps. If you did then such a foolish one it could never partner, for there is a definitive intelligence that evades you in a subtle game. Still, in parting it rushes your thoughts in a last bold flare of lemon. Both in hue and taste this one leaves as dramatically as it enters.


Green Niskath impressed to Ise (Ilyse)

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