Clutch 19
Clutch 19
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Eranzath
Theme The '80s
Number of Eggs 9
Clutching Date October 18, 2015
Hatching Date November 14, 2015

Simply Iconic Egg

Average sized and unassuming this egg is still sure to draw the eye. A base of inky darkness is etched by fine lines of a bright blue and spattered in a fairly regular stream by tiny white dots. That would be enough for most but for this egg that is but the icing in detail few are likely to notice in comparison to the other, more brilliant half of the shell. It simply looks to be being consumed, eaten, or simply bitten by a singular sunny yellow creature. With a smooth unnatural texture it surrounds the larger end in that flawless hue, gaping maw cutting across the darkness with angular lines that are ever slowly closing down.

Mind Touches

Maze Runner draws you into another world with a ring of a mark tumbling into some faraway case. The place you find yourself in is rather dark. A black, or maybe just a really dark navy. Neon blue lines streak across what must the tops of the walls which enclose about you, giving hints as to the paths you may choose from. Suddenly a trail of white glowing spheres appears in linear rows to either side running down the corridor. You feel as if you should move, MOVE!

Maze Runner continues in it's strange world. Testing you in ways you can not fathom. Picking a direction you walk and come to sphere. Gently touching it you'll find it disappears into a hazy mist which rather tickles. It encourages you to go on, faster, faster now. No time to waste and in the distance a sense of dread, a strange sound in eerie ghost-like haunting. You imagine you don't want to run into whatever is making that noise as you turn a corner your world suddenly collides into a bright pink ghostly figure and the touch slips back to where you started. Strange, strange which way will you go this time?

Maze Runner prods you along the dark corridors. There's a sense of impatience as well as urgency. Turning another corner you find yourself in front of a gold ball this time. It glimmers like a queen's egg before you daring one to touch ad as you do it disintegrates much like the smaller white spheres. Only this time you feel full of energy and power. A headrush to send you charging through this maze, triumphant over the ghost-like creatures you run into until nothing is left and you feel yourself ascending to another place but the thought tendrils slip away to leave you upon the heated grounds instead and wonder at what might lie beneath the surface your fingers rest upon.


Stomp N Chomp Gold Toruth impressed to Iwa (Iwa)

Defying Gravity Egg

Delicate blond lines trace across the surface of this egg, stiffened and straightened to curve up along the shape of the shell, following the curves from apex to end. Darker shades seem to hide behind the lighter, giving texture and shape to the egg and a depth of shadows to the shell. Teased ends seem to curl back on themselves, tangled and backcombed until they are covered in a layer of shellac that gives the shell a seeming permanence.

Mind Touches

Traveling Salvation Show is very quick to meet you, pushing back very hard against that first tentative touch. Bright colors explode across your mind as the scent of warm summer grasses and the heat of the day nearly flattens you. Warmth to make you lazy, while it is energized feeding off the heat and temperature until it can turn it to a conflagration of noise and smoke and promises.

Traveling Salvation Show greets you again, effusively, noisily as a long lost friend and almost overwhelming in the enthusiasm and cheer. It goes hot and cold in its greeting, cheerful that you are back and scolding that you have stayed away so long, leaving it by itself and all alone out here. It allows for no excuses, only accepting the promises that you will do better in the future, that you will stay and never leave the and help it build the grand plans it has slowly coming to fruition.

Traveling Salvation Show blinks as you come back, so done with you now as you seem to be filled with the sort of indecision that it does not like. Either you love it or you despise it, but please either stay or go. It can not help you if you do not want help. You must ask for the help that it can provide and it can not help those that do not want it. So, slowly, it turns an walks away, so sorrowful as it leaves you behind.


Brother Love's Revival Brown Amoreth impressed to N'el (Nhiel)

Can You See Me Now? Egg

Both the colors and shape of this lumpy egg strike the eye as unusual. On the samll side, it retains the general ovoid sphere but with curiously soft seeming lumps and bumps rolling over the shell. It is a rainbow of bright neon colors, each weaving in and out of the others. Predominately shaded in pink, yellow, green, and orange there's a thin snake of brilliant blue running from one end to the other. A pair of circular squiggles caps one end in a vibrant purple. The whole thing almost seems to glow in the low light of the caverns.

Mind Touches

All Fluff is how it feels when the touch first arrives. A subtle slide of fur that rapidly turns into an avalanche of, well, not much really. Just fuzzy warmth and brainless joy. It seems to have no depth to it, just a great rolling wall of foam that somehow leaves one feeling unsatisfied. There is no darkness to it, just bright colors, light, and air in an unsubstantial package. When the touch recedes, it does so suddenly, leaving you with the strangely confusing sensation that a great amount of time has passed but nothing important has been accomplished.

All Fluff and no substance. It's like being buried in a pile of feathers or cotton candy. Somehow there's just really nothing to the touch that slips out of the egg to invade your thoughts. A giggle sounds, followed by bright bubbles bursting all over the place. As you try to focus your thoughts, the fluff becomes even more scattered. It seems fond of texture, of color, and gosh oh mighty! does it like the shiny. Suddenly everything is a dazzle of spangle and sequins. One final shimmer seems to blind and then the touch is gone.

All Fluff is not the best diet but it can be a real mood lifter. As with each time before, the touch comes in as a wave of shallow froth bubbling brainlessly in bumble tumble fashion through your mind. It's hard not to laugh at just how cluelessly the emotions waffle about, playing with your thoughts on fashion or jewelry. OOOH, shiny! There's nothing negative or really of any depth, but there's joy, and love and life. And with one last parting giggle, the touch fades like the popping of a soap bubble.


Like Ohmigod, Fur Shur Green Julieth impressed to Staci (Staci)

Atypical Party Egg

That sort of idyllic annoying office holiday party settles typical about the curving shell. Tables and chairs are littered about in no particular order, decorations hung like a drunk with no care and the party table covered with mostly eaten catered trays of finger foods. There might be some spice in the punch bowl however leading to a strange series of shenanigans by some scruffy looking do gooder. Are those windows broken in the background, and is that a fire hose dangling about outside? What kind of party is this anyhow? All it seems to be missing is some cheesy classical holiday music, and perhaps a good catch phrase to count the bullet casings by.

Mind Touches

Yippie-ki-yay speaks into your mind in a brash and bold way. Tendrils of gunsmoke and flame twine with the edges of your own thoughts as this one struts around the perifery. It is hard to hide it's presence, although some might not realize what is behind the mighty actions it takes. Hidden behind the smoke a whole new brand of daring do waits to lurch from the shadows.

Yippie-ki-yay returns, gently probing at your thoughts. Testing, teasing to see if you can catch and if it might get a glimpse of your own personality. Be you the villain of this tale, or a heroine in need of saving. There's a stronger push, perhaps even family like the distant clutchsiblings it senses surrounding. Testing your mettle until a shattering of glass sends glittering shards like mirrors in all directions. It scatters about you and you sense the bold one retreating for now. Was that a glimmer of blood?

Yippie-ki-yay ends the tale in a brilliant series of maneuvers. It's definitely the good guy, if a bit rough around the edges. Explosions abound and the click of gunfire sounds distinctly before everything falls quiet into a tense climax. The moment passes and it's all downhill from here for our hero and as it saunters off to the sound of cheesy holiday tunes. All's well that ends well, now who's up for the sequel?


Rough and Tumble Brown Nakatoth impressed to Mc'lan (Macallan)

Infinite Patience Egg

Loops of innumerable knots in improbable bright primary colors wrap around and around this egg, covering and hiding all that might be of the shell. Wrapping in layers upon layers, the lines of tiny knots seem to march endlessly without end or beginning in patterns of spirals that follow chevrons onto diamonds. At each pointed end are tangled tassels of colors, frayed just slightly and showing individual threads, as the colors break apart into reds, blues, greens and yellows.

Mind Touches

Forever, almost remains rather dreamy, a soft touch of lavender behind its thoughts and scattered dreams as it visits with just a light touch, friendly without being too overwhelming and just the right amount of there to be a constant, content touch. It remains just right for as long as it stays so gentle, perfect in the moment and then the moment is gone.

Forever, almost returns as a another dream, content to remain in your sphere of influence and gentle push and prod you into the right frame of mind, a peaceful counterpoint to all that might be going on in your life. Still it is not a push over, flashes of scarlet and blue as it works to provide you with proof that it wants the same as you, just not quite so flashy.

Forever, almost is still so delicately dreamy, but it seems further away now, almost as if it is pulling away from you, if you can not commit to what it wants, the peace it can see for the future together. If you do not want what it wants, it will go alone or with someone else. But it will no long share dreams with you, begone, be away and leave it be.


A Best Friend Forever Blue Symapath impressed to T'ico (Norticol)

Mosaic of Fun Egg

The mosaic of squares casts a cheerful grid of colors onto the shell of this larger egg. Each piece abuts the squares around it in any one of six different shades. There is no rhyme or reason to the distribution with the chances of any one color touching any other color seemingly random. It frequently even has matching pieces adjacent to each other. With all the small squares marching in neat little rows and columns, it creates the illusion that the egg is rather square as well, though in truth the shell is a perfect ovoid.

Mind Touches

Clever As A fox and just as shy, the touch lingers at the edges of the mind, nearly invisible. It waits, hesitant with wispy threads of chilly white fear. Amber bubbles of curiosity slip in and out slowly. With each pass, they build stronger and stronger until a faintly golden amber glow seems to surround you. A hint of pine smell wafts through, and as it does bright bold forest green tickles at the last lesson you had. There is a sense of thoughtfulness, tinted by the amber curiosity, almost as if the mind were checking your answers. But as it senses your focus, it flees leaving behind only the pine scent and the memory of curiosity.

Clever As A fox and equally cunning, the touch slips in before noticed this time, arriving full blown as amber stars and evergreen scent. It seems eager to learn in the bright flashes of golden-amber light. Every idea or plan that's ever been stored in memory is washed over though the hue seems to fade either into the brown or more golden stage with no obvious pattern at different schemes. A sudden burst of joy at one particularly clever plan becomes a sunburst of warm colors: red to amber to golden bright. Again it senses your attention and seems to stumble out in a wave of white threaded forest green. One last blast of pine is all that remains.

Clever As A fox and nearly as methodical, the touch returns. Though still not bold, the amber creep is steady and consistent. It quarters thought, tasting of emotions with puzzled sparks of sapphire and knowledge with a warming glow of firelight. The amber curiosity just builds with each bit of learning, eager and hopeful. Not even the weight of your attention is enough to divert the intensity of it's concentration. Finally, the touch is done and recedes leaving a drained but approving pine scent and evergreen color behind.


Point of the Laser Green Ruseth impressed to Arva (Arva)

The Longest Journey Egg

Suspended in the void a massive metallic ship struggles onwards. It looks worn, aged and with a few dents and dings that would be under repair were it not for the battle it seems to be in the middle of. A raging debate of claim and counter claim that has lead to the action in the surrounding expanse of space. Distant blurry circles of colored light explode vibrantly where gunfire meets it target. The ship itself is massive and itself looks like a weapon. In its current configuration a long barrel tapers on the fore with blocky sides towards the latter third in a darker metal. The rear like odd block feet in tan pour our the power of supernatural engines pushing the massive vehicle onwards to its final destination.

Mind Touches

Faith in Music reaches out with gentle notes. Soft and subtle they weave about your thoughts in a tentative caress. You get a sense of one lonely and lost, searching driving towards a destination even it is not entirely sure of except in the surity of knowing that destination exists. Will it be at your feet, or another's, or something altogether different. The music grows and the scene shifts as if one is travelling among the stars. A broad and empty expanse which suits the tones touching your mind.

Faith in Music draws you onwards, through the dark abyss of space, past glowing stars and darkened planets. Searching, seething as it pushes onwards in a desperate rush. The tones change into confrontation and sparks flare into your head. Is it fighting itself, or another to continue towards a destination momentarily blocked. There is love and sacrifice and then it breaks away and dissipates.

Faith in Music returns with some assurance. Warmth in the tones of love and joy. A destination that seems within reach and the song cascades into an unbeatable love song. You do know that love conquers all right? Well if not, just wait, it'll prove it in due time.


No Shades of Gray Bronze Zekath impressed to K'vir (Kyzen)

Invitation Egg

Tracery images form across the pale creamy shell of this smaller egg. Thick black lines that compress into smaller ones, needle sharp sometimes on the blank canvas that the egg's curves seem to be, before bleeding out into larger splotches. Captured only in stark images of black on white, it nearly sinks into the sands with only the delineating lines separating it from sand or other discarded shells.

Mind Touches

A Gentle Soul is dreamy, delicately splashing pastel colors across your mind in splotches of colors that burst and then fade like soap bubbles, leaving the bright scent of citrus and other fruity smells. It leads you on a delightful dance through the scents of blooming flowers and ripe fruit, of the summer's growing seasons.

A Gentle Soul placidly continues its bright splashes of color and forges ahead with dreamy pastoral scenes that flit through your mind to quickly to be completely absorbed. With a touch of temperamental fuss it flings sounds and words and scent at you, a rush of sensations that show all that it is, and all that it might be if you are part of its world.

A Gentle Soul is somewhat wary now, pulling back from you although it remains content to offer up the same scent of citrus fruit and flowers, the sweet smell of honey and the thought of an invitation to you, bringing you with it as it leaves and goes off into the distance. Now, it moves away, quiet and composed for the moment, relaxing as it leaves. is somewhat wary now, pulling back from you although it remains content to offer up the same scent of citrus fruit and flowers, the sweet smell of honey and the thought of an invitation to you, bringing you with it as it leaves and goes off into the distance. Now, it moves away, quiet and composed for the moment, relaxing as it leaves.


Follow me through Word and Deed Green Shelyth impressed to St'en (Stien)

In The Simplest Terms Egg

A dull white licked by insubstantial wisps of washed out yellow coats the majority of this austere egg. It is a moderate size, neither the largest nor the smallest, with a nicely rounded oval shape and smooth texture. Centered in the white field is a black shadowy figure frozen in mid stride. It seems to be masculine in appearance, wearing sturdy boots and a long flapping coat. He has one arm raised with the hand curved into a fist. Elegant writing brackets the figure. To the left, it reads: You see us as you want too see us. To the right, it reads: each one of us is brain and an athlete and a basket case … a princess… and a criminal.

Mind Touches

A Mixed Bag is what you get at the first sly brush of scarlet. It wiggles and digs it's way in, dancing in twirling circles with lemon yellow and burnt orange. Bursts of random emotion flash metallic blue fireworks. One moment there's oily black despair, the next silky pink joy until the only thing that's certain is confusion. Then the sly scarlet brushes through again, snickering with a hint of blood red mischief.

A Mixed Bag can be anything, nothing, or a little bit of everything. It can be the soothing touch of vanilla, like mother's home made cookies. Or it might be the bracing wash of sea salt, demanding and a bit astringent. Sometimes it's the sickly sweet loam of wet, swampy ground and rot making one think of dangerous, evil places in the back end of nowhere. But strangely the last thought one has is of the gentle melancholy of a playful autumn forest breeze.

A Mixed Bag can never be defined. It encompasses all, in a chaotic mess of sights and scents and sounds. A large cat roars, a great bellowing sound of rage and violence that causes the heart to shudder and every muscle freeze. A child giggles, playful bell tones ringing merry bright. And speaking of bells, is that the romantic reminiscent sound of sleigh bells? It ends with the longing call of the wolf, a call to the pack, of waiting and wanting.


You See A Basketcase Blue Ynolth impressed to Andy (Andrea)

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