Clutch 20
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Eranzath
Theme Creation Myths
Number of Eggs 8
Clutching Date September 17, 2016
Hatching Date October 15, 2016

Thus Spake Zarathustra Egg

Starkly drawn on a larger pale egg is a downed figure, sprawled out and left with limbs all akimbo and any sense of life nearly gone. Sprawling, climbing from that stark beginning is a tree, limbs twisted and turned, with dark brown bark that bleeds into bright, nearly chartreuse green leaves. Further up into the twisted spiral of the tree, on the outmost hanging branches are delicate seed pods that look soon to burst. One pod is even open, seeds spilling out onto the ground a fair distance away from the tangled tree, sprouting into the same sprawled and twisted shape that lies on the near bottom of the egg.

Mind Touches

Holy Fire is part of the duality of things, both good and bad as it burns against your mind. It cleanses, but only after creating damage. It burns everything to the ground that is wrong so that you can begin again. Now, with everything gone, life starts over and grows, small tendrils of green that wrap up and around and around and through and through your mind, teasing into every secret and foible that you have. Then it turns and leaves, with just a hint of ashes and brimstone, all traces of it gone.

Holy Fire brings the roaring flames back, consuming all in its passion to know all of you now. The flames build higher, scorching all in their path of fury. Even as it burns and leaves nothing behind it learns about you, your hopes and fears, your desires and dreams. Until at last there is nothing left to fuel the flames and then slowly die back into banks of coals, still smoldering on what is left of the dreams that it might yet take from you.

Holy Fire is there in the banked coals, waiting for the chance to burst into flame, but only that it does not. It seems quiescent, quiet now that it has gone through and burned everything in its path. Slowly the fire dies even from the coals, the presence inside leaving then, leaving you behind as if there was nothing left that even interested it.


Scorched Earth Green Zoroath impressed to M'hya (Mashya)

Orphic Egg

A pale and rather slender egg, it mottled in light shades of mostly creams and pale yellows. Wrapped around the egg though is a conundrum, a serpent that has coiled itself from the very apex to the end, curling over and over until there is a seven layered coil. The serpent's head rests at the very broad end, head protecting this section and wary eyes watching as the tongue seemingly flicks out to taste the air. While the serpent's tail twitches restless at the apex, even still in the protection of the pale shell that it rests upon, guarding it from all that may come near.

Mind Touches

Serpent's Tooth is still, so very still as it comes late to the party. There is a dreadful nervous feeling to it, an angsty sort of anticipation that it brings. It wants to so much to create and define and rush all things into being. It fusses and frowns and starts projects that inevitably it has to scrap because they are wrong, they are evil and it seems at the very least to be in the throes of a raging tantrum.

Serpent's Tooth is spring and green and all that is new and fresh. It sets to growing things and spreading out, pushing in waves across your mind into the far reaches and touching all that you think about. It is gentle now, placid for all its temper earlier and it seems to drift along, although it misses nothing, no idea or thought is left unexamined or untampered with.

Serpent's Tooth continues its perambulations across your mind, poking gently into the furthest reaches of your mind and then idly watching your memories as it does. It is careful though, to leave no damage or pain behind as it wanders, just the brush of feeling and the slightly itchy sensation of having been judged but what about, is left unuttered.


Made For the Goddess Bronze Ophioth impressed to L'cas (Lucas)

Devouring Mother Egg

Subtly ruddy, this egg boasts an open, nearly porous grain upon the shell, while shadows seem to form depicting a writhing mass of snakes that swarm near the midsection of the egg. Down toward the broadened end of the egg are delicately arching feet with slender toes that end in claws, seeming to sink into the sands of the hatching ground. Toward the slender, pointed end, there are grinning snakes that coil over each other, the two serpents in poses of hissing danger while wrapped just below them are markings of skulls and bones, strung as if to also wrap around the egg.

Mind Touches

Bloody Sacrifice is nurturing, caring and everything that is gentle, calm and sweet it coos softly across your mind in a lullaby that brings to mind spring and the newness of growth. Quiet and rather serene it waits to poke carefully at you, seeking to find out what makes you different from the rest. Only its persistence seems out of character with the gentle way it brushes your thoughts and then as it peeks in very quietly to see what you dream of.

Bloody Sacrifice rushes back, angry and demanding now as it rips against the very fabric of your mind. Uncaring of the damage it causes as it rummages through and against your mental walls until it forces you to give up all secrets before its pressing. It continues in this same manner, damaging and hurtful until it knows all that it can about you and then it laughs, happy at the pain it is causing you, eager to do more as soon as it figures out the method.

Bloody Sacrifice wanders back into the quiet anguish it caused, pausing to heal some of the damage and rents in your mind before it simply settles on a soothing pattern with which to calm. It remains angry even as it fixes things, slowly patching in places and filling in cracks before it causes damage somewhere else just for the fun of repairing it again. This pattern continues as it repairs and breaks until it finally grows tired and then just as suddenly is gone.


Life is Painful Green Atliqueth impressed to Toci (Toci)

Breath of Life Egg

In a swirling mist, iridescent shapes can be seen that appear and disappear as they form and then return to the fog. Surrounded and nearly covered by the mist, toward the bottom of the egg is the rounded body of a land turtle, its feet carefully pulled in while the head just barely moves out of the shell, curiously glancing around. Even where the turtle can be seen, it is reflected and obscured by the spiraling, moving fog that seems to glow with all colors in the midst of its opaque whiteness leaving a glittery, gleaming tint to the shell.

Mind Touches

From the Dawn is careful, cautious as it reaches out to greet you, curiosity warring with concern as it meets you and brushes against your mind. Very carefully it shows you what it is made of, the concern and care for others and the strong willingness to meet its own goals. It seeks out your plans for the future and how you wish to continue, searching for knowledge above all else in this first foray between the two of you.

From the Dawn leads forward, always looking into the future and a westward path, seeking everything that can help it on its way. It takes knowledge from you, and plans with what it is learning so that when the time is right everything will come together as it should. Gleeful at times as things work out, but only because of so much planning and effort beforehand, it continues on that same path.

From the Dawn continues to lead, mostly by example but sometimes with a great cheerfulness that speaks of learning while doing as it follows along the path of your dreams and occasionally shows a way where its dreams may coincide with yours. It seems greatly relieved to meet you, and while it does not offer gifts it offers affection and welcome as it travels along.


Grandfather Turtle Blue Iikith impressed to Merek (Derek)

Unconventional Conversations Egg

A storm roars across the surface of this large ovoid. It is the rage of the sea unleashed in a fury that appears unquenchable. Thick waters churn in deep swells, foamy crests spitting towards the darkened mysterious skies above. Flashes of lightening break and crackle here and there about the egg. The hair thin tendrils glow with an unnatural luminosity connecting sky and sea in a fragile and brief moment. A staccato voice that slowly builds to the whisper of a conversation beyond imagination until towards the apex of the shell sky and sea meet in the merge of hues. Of colors it is neither water nor sky, but a single being forged and bonded together in that one rapturous moment.

Mind Touches

Unhurried Whisper is the faintest of presences to your bold inquiry. It drifts in a fog which slowly rolls your way until it encompasses you in a surprisingly warm embrace. Thoughts seem vague and far away, whispers in the fog that trick the mind like shadows at night. It rolls on through, drifting away as unhurriedly as it came.

Unhurried Whisper drifts back again. Foggy gray tendrils slip around and through your thoughts like the ethereal mist they are. There and yet ever so untouchable. There is a warm sense of presence with this one, a gentle and caring nature perhaps that simply goes with the flow as it drifts along again with the barest whisper of farewell.

Unhurried Whisper is at the distant edge of your perception, and then only if you concentrate very hard for quite some time. When it notices you it does not startle but slowly drifts over enveloping your world in that calming fog. This time interspersed with rays of light to create mesmerizing patterns. Is that what had it so distracted? Well better than watching the sandgrass grow? It hovers without expectation, a gentle presence that drifts like the wind there and yet as indiscernible, indescribable and gone again in that moments sidelong distraction.


Tree of Life Green Rtylith impressed to Ph'dryn (Phaedryn)

A Touch of Color Egg

This small orb is not to be easily missed, despite its size. The base hues of the shell are less assuming, a bland of earthy browns and verdant greens. They puddle in large patches and then blend together along curving lines blurred to indistinctness. The subtle tones are likely to be lost by the coiled path of rainbow scales. The shiny bright hues glitter and gleam as perfectly round scales overlap in an eye pleasing transition from one colors to the next around and around the shell but never overlapping. Tracing the shiny bright pathway, one will find one ending where one began in an eternal trail which holds this shell snugly together.

Mind Touches

Meandering Migraine is stars behind your eyeballs. A painful sparkle that causes you to close tight your eyelids in hopes of avoiding the glimmering prisms that dance into your thoughts. A playful, if painful, intrusion into your once solo world the touch of this one is hardly subtle. The colors and light grow in intensity as it intrudes further in genuine curiosity that sweeps farther into your thoughts as the shimmering fades from your eyes and migrates more to the top of your head before lifting away in the briefest sparkly of apology. It doesn't mean to be so bold, it can only be what it is however. Young and unpolished it fades as abruptly as it came.

Meandering Migraine returns with a forceful hello. The presence is a pressure that seems to settle between your eyes as curious tendrils of thought reach out ever deeper. It hardly creeps, no this one more plows along with the rough newness of the unborn. You can definitely feel it, feeling the lightning strikes that shoot painful spasms right across your skull. It trots along in a too playful manner all the way before settling briefly in dull throbs at the base of your head where neck and skull meet. Overly excited tendrils flash out as if to say. Isn't this great! Before it leaps off and leaves you again to your sanity.

Meandering Migraine bursts against your thoughts like the rolling thunder. Excitement sends a new waves of colorful prisms from one edge of your sight to the other. It blurs your actual vision, drawing your world into its own bold, albeit a bit uncomfortable one. Again, there is the raw newness of one new and untarnished, untamed by life yet. It isn't purposefully painful, that is just how it comes across in the excited curiosity which fades as something else catches its attention and leaves you to yourself once again to recover your own jumbled thoughts amidst the lingering effects of its even brief attention.


Ultimate Creator Blue Ulukuth impressed to D'antra (Diantra)

Out of the Darkness Egg

The dark of empty nothingness is pushed aside by a clinging mist of light that drapes itself in an ethereal veil upon this large egg. It is hard to distinguish this egg, part of it seems not there, lost in the dark depths of nothingness buried as deep into the sands. Then there is the part visible, that mist of light which defies placing an exact hue to. It's not exactly white, nor sunshine yellow. It is bright, but not quite the blue-white nor misty gray as one might expect of a fog. It is somehow all of these and none of these at the same time.

Mind Touches

Pyromaniac Fireworks bursts into your thoughts in a bright and loud explosion of color and sound. It sparks with reds and yellows towards the corner of your mind in a gleeful giggle. There is a few seconds pause, with a background soft whistle of something approaching, something lit by those earlier sparks and then you are treated to another round of vibrant explosions. They burst in your mind vibrant greens and sparkly purples, dazzling blues in all manner of hue before ending in a shooting star with a fiery red trail that simply BOOOMS. So forceful it almost feels as if it pushes you physically in the subtlest of ways before all falls quiet.

Pyromaniac Fireworks squees with delight as it returns with small sparklers to run around your thoughts in a dizzying fashion. Hello! Goodbye! Hello again won't you join in this fun? It dances to its own tune, full of newborn energy as it extends itself towards the outer world in bursts of color, light and sound. It is simply so full, so impossible to contain, laughter bubbling maniacally as it set off another round of vibrant playful explosions before dashing off in another direction.

Pyromaniac Fireworks explodes with loud staccatos that reverberate through both your mind and body as if they air has shattered right next to you and you can feel the shockwaves of discordant harmony. It marches to its own not-quite tune in brilliant blasts of color that burst out in in several different patterns. The most common is a typical starburst that flares and then fades into either a silvery or golden sparkle before becoming the palest wisp of smoke gray drifting off upon invisible winds. Joy in being big, and bold and just itself as it booms off to the right, slowly fading, without much control to its wild show.


The Next World Brown Odootlith impressed to Zhii (Zhii)

Exploring the Cosmos Egg

An average sized egg this one is split in bands of color. Across the larger wider end of the shell is a oceanic blue. Even and slightly rippled by an invisible wind from it rises a band of earthly brown. The umber is dappled with the green of life, there yet indistinct. Beyond that a dark obsidian stretches over a good third of the remaining shell. Within there are the tiniest of dark, stars coming into being if one looks so very hard. A thin band of circles comes next, like a drawn phases of the moon they tell their own story in time. The other end of the ovoid is engulfed in the brightest of yellows with a few flickering flames or burning orange.

Mind Touches

Solar Winds push gently at your thoughts, a steady stream of something, or rather someone you can't quite put your finger on. Yet it is undeniably there whispering, teasing the edges of your thoughts in a constant bombardment of gentle mental pings. It pushes here and pushes there testing your defenses. It will slip into the smallest crack, ever waiting for the opportunity in its simple presence.

Solar Winds continues a steady pulse. It is a warm presence, one which is also persistent in its pressure, the soft caress of its mind against the edges of yours. There is something about it which seems like it might be holding back as well, more controlled than others of its clutch of its self even so new. At the poles of your thoughts it finds a weaker spot for that fraction of a moment. A burst of blue-green aurora dazzles deeper into your mind with a pleasant glow that fades as quick as it arrived back to the distant thrum of a hovering presence.

Solar Winds offer a duo of life and death. The presence is persistent, pushing gently at the edges of your mind without forcing its way in and yet ever ready to slip in should you falter for even a brief moment. It does not seem to have an intent to harm, but the way it seems to hold back, as if it could be so much stronger, surge even to the beating heart of the star from which it emerged. What you feel are the equivalent to soft raindrops when the distant possibility of a hurricane might be something to be wary of.


Touch of the Cosmos Gold Zeraeth impressed to Maisy (Maisy)

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