Clutch 23
Clutch 23
Dam Gold Zeraeth
Sire Bronze Sindrieth
Theme Grimm's Fairy Tales
Number of Eggs 9
Hatching Date April 23, 2019

Before the World's Awake Egg

Shadows embrace the exterior of this egg, coiling, vine-like tendrils stretching from base to tip in knotty fingers invoking thoughts of primordial beginnings. Life, pulses there, raw and unedited, erupting from umbral genesis in a burst of autumnal splendor. Like the seed of a night blooming flower hues of red and gold and deepest orange laced with palest lavender unfurl, a hint of warmth and splendor yet to be. Unimagined promise dances over the surface of this egg, the play of light and shadow lending a sense of movement that tickles the fancy and tempts one to touch. But, as with any temptation, there is a subtle warning painted over the smooth surface of this egg. There will be change, there will be challenge. As with life, no path is entirely safe to tread.

Mind Touches

Whispers in the Dark surround you the moment you touch that smooth, unmarred surface. Faint at first, those whispers steal your attention, leaving you straining to catch words in the twilight sussurations. You are not alone in that primordial darkness, though, that is abundantly clear. As you stand, breathless and still, shape forms around you, towering trunks and twisting limbs yearning from the darkness as a forest older then man, perhaps older then time takes shape. And still, those whispers hiss in the darkness, louder now, closer now. Close enough that, as you peer into the void becoming form, eyes seem to appear out of nothingness only to leave you gasping as you find yourself staring at the egg before you.

Whispers in the Dark return in a rush of sound the moment that your hand brushes shell. Louder now, more a murmur then its more breathy ghost-like cousin. As you recover from that sudden shift in perception, the void has taken shape around you. Ancient trees crowd the world around you, knotty branches stretching upward with a yearning that is reflect both in the sounds swirling around and the tension in sky stretched limb. There, in that darkest forest, you find yourself standing on a moss kissed path surrounded with the promise of half formed dreams, the whispers your only companions. There is, in the very air you breath, in the very weight of the ground under foot a sense of expectation. Something is coming, something that will forever change the world around you.

Whispers in the Dark sweep back in to claim your senses as flesh meets shell. Now, the primordial void is gone and you find yourself standing in the midst of nothing less then a forest primeval. For as far as the eye can see ancient trees tower skyward, slender branches kissed by autumnal foliage, knotty roots sunk into rich, moss covered loam. Beneath your feet, a pathway stretches through the trees, muffled steps broken only be the occasional snap of a twig underfoot. Life humms in the air around you, even in those places where the shadows are to thick to see. Life is everywhere, rich with promise, but equally balanced with the subtle threat of danger. This? This is no easy path to tread that you find yourself upon. There is danger in the wood, lurking in the shadows. Still, as you gaze along that twisting thoroughfare, there, in the distance, beyond the shadow and threat is the promise of something more then you have ever know. Will you be brave enough to face the myriad threats along the way? Or will you turn back to the safety of the world you have always known?


A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing Brown Loupinth impressed to H'ter (Hunter) NPC

Influence Eternal Egg

Darkness, quiet and still is this ovoid form as it rests on the sands amongst the others. Matt black covers the smooth surface of this perfectly shaped egg, soft to the touch with not a bump or blemish in reach to curious fingertips. A faint shimmer reflects over that dark surface, growing brighter as the eyes of it's observer follow the flame down from the apex, cascading in a flare of crimson and gold lights. Flickering with each metallic flake trailing up in tiny whisps from the wide base, like tiny embers being carried in the breeze.

Mind Touches

Angst and Ennui gently guides you through the dark, the world suddenly slowing down in peaceful silence. No sands below your feet, only a packed trodden path surrounded by the heights of many tall trees, casting a black silhouette with long and barren branches reaching high over head. Pulled further, further amongst shades and shapes of grey… This is your world now, you know, as you know it. The mind that surrounds you feels there's something more in this dull world for you, a greater purpose. Light amongst the shadows, that you are, are shown images flashing between the roots of those dark trees. Growing, in vibrant shades of green. Leaves, sprouting one by one on a tiny plant at your feet. Take those leaves, they're your purpose! The mind within forces your attention to the veins and edges of the green, observing the patterns and shapes displaying a story on their own. Of your future, of your successes and triumphs. Learn them now, study them. Go.

Angst and Ennui roughly pulls you back into the darkness, and instead of guidance giving green, you're mind's eye is greeted by the sight of candlelight. Many tongues of flame dance all around you, from the ground at your feet to surfaces unseen higher and higher. Some candles have only begin to kindle while others are breaths away from extinction. You're not the only light amongst the shadows, there are many more before you and many more behind you. Each flame a life of it's own, each with it's own story from start to finish. Your candle, your light, do you see it? The mind within this egg sees it and it's anger thrums through the shadows. Be true to your calling, cast behind those old burdens, those feelings that have already had their chance to shine. Those stories in the flicker of your flame shows you things you might love but are destined to lose. Things you need to turn to dust so you can GROW. Will you be able to make the sacrifice? Or will your stubbornness be your undoing? Back to the heat and the fire from this cold place you're roughly pulled, back to the world as you know it.

Angst and Ennui pulls you agressively back into the darkness. Instead of basking in the lights of hundreds of candles, there's only one. One single candle, and nothing but darkness all around. The flame is growing lower and lower, the candlelight burning faster that it should. Panic begins to sink in, creeping across your skin, raising gooseflesh as your heart beats are reflected in the tiny embers spewing forth. Is this the end for you, Light in the shadows? You can't stop the burn of time but you can slow it, it's not too late to change. If you fail, if you keep to your stubborn ways and not give in to a greater power, you will be extinguished and nothing but the darkness will greet you. The will within this egg grips tight across your shoulders, it's warning dripping in the dark. It warns, if you can prove your strength, your integrity, your wisdom, it can keep you burning. Burning, back to the sands where you belong to prove your worth.


Night of the Comet Bronze Indaryth impressed to A'eyr (Alekzandyr)

Doodle Dilemma Egg

A soft inviting darkness settles around the circumference of this egg. It appears almost wooden, with grainy texture of ancient forests carved into solemn purpose gently texturing the colored surface. Solid sturdy beams carved into columns in red and dark brown that reach up beyond the apex to a ceiling of intercrossed beams that protect one from the elements. Within these sheltered walls the shadows loom large between the pools of light that dapple here and there. It is not an unwelcome darkness, but that doesn't mean one should be unwary. As the light fades along the surface one can make out a splattered child's drawing. Like a playful feline with one paw up and mouth open to pounce it seems at once both joyfully creative and somehow a threatening protector. Perhaps it is that bit of red that drips from its fangs, just some extra paint right?

Mind Touches

Tempered Flames spins against your thoughts as your fingers grace its shell. A surface that separates its world from yours is bridged in a way that teases toward what a future bond might hold. The touch that graces against yours seems unburdened as it washes in pale hues which are hard to grasp and the more you focus the less clear they seem. When one's thoughts relax this one becomes more obvious, if its youth so clearly apparent. With youth however is that innocent perspective. That speaking of what ones sees without prejudice in a clear reflection that solidifies into a mirror where you look upon yourself and see… just what do you see? Tendrils of red and misty white flutter about the edges of the reflective surface. A mind young, forming and listening. So speak.

Tempered Flames drifts casually, unhurried to where life may take it. It slips across the otherworldly bridge again to brush your thoughts. A bit more focused, a bit more learned from the previous encounter. It shares more of itself in a childlike flurry of images. Simple colorful shapes that burst and fade like fireworks, if not quite so brilliant or sparkly. Might it draw inspiration from your own thoughts, reflecting your own self as it shows being true to its own. There is a pause, the colors fade into a foggy cloud of variegated gray that drifts around you. It is not cold, nor threatening, if anything it is warm and inspiring for even in the base gradients of that single hue so much can be seen, so much can be said.

Tempered Flames bubbles energetically across the divide. It is eager now, a bit more bold as it crashes against your thoughts. It certainly seems to surprise itself, perhaps not intending to be so bold or brash but having to much momentum to keep from that momentary entanglement. Hello, hello this other worldly thing it pokes in trying to understand what it is you are. Somehow you get a sense it is knowing what it is now and there is a flicker of wisdom as the mirror returns in a flourish to show yourself once again. The curious mist of this other offering a rainbow of hues from which you could draw a finger and paint your own creations within this fantasy world. Can you show it your true self?


Fae Queen of the Forest Green Teraisheth impressed to Elayne (Elayne)

Walk Me Down The Lane Egg

An explosion of pastel adorns the surface of this boisterously toppled egg. Swirling shades of palest pink, shimmering silver, glittering gold and blues as soft as a whisper twist and turn, laced with grass green and lace-like lavender hues as they traipse over a shell kissed by a pearlescent canvas. While not overly large, the egg makes up for what it lacks in size with sheer enthusiasm. There is something joyous about its very existence, the dancing swirl of color and light across the shell giving the distinct, and unmistakable, impression that the egg is quivering. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that those broad sweeps of pastel wrap around belly and bowl in a fanciful embrace, the delicate whorls and tendrils nearly dancing over the pearlescent base. Whether by accident, or design, the egg rests dead center amongst its peers.

Mind Touches

Irrepressable Joy floods your mind the moment that your fingers come into contact with shell. As that feeling rises, the urge to laugh grows, bubbling up from deep inside and bolstered by the presence of unconditional love and acceptance. There is nothing in this moment but the warmth and light that encompasses you, nothing but the unflappable sense that, no matter what happens? The world is a bright and wonderous place filled with light and laughter. It is impossible not to be swept up in that infectious joy, even the most dour of spirits lifted by laughter as bright and airy as starlight on water. The need to laugh, to fling ones arms wind and embrace the world is overpowering enough that, in the moment one succombs, they find themselves back on the sands standing before that oh so gleeful ovoid.

Irrepressable Joy greets your return as fingers brush egg, your presence welcomed with a wash of sunlight and the airy tinkle of delight. Embraced in color and light, the sense that it is YOU that inspires such happiness is unmistakable. It is hard not to be swept up in that emotion, not to allow that joy to be expressed. YOU are wonderful and your presence? Your presence inspires the colors to dance and sway and embrace all that life has to offer. You are wonderful and welcome for as long as you choose to linger.

Irrepressable Joy wraps around you the moment that you return. And, for a fleeting moment, one might swear they hear the herald of trumpets joyfully announcing your return. This time the swirls of color take shape and form, and while still pastel in hue, you find yourself standing a flower strewn hilltop, all of Pern stretching out before you. For as far as the eye can see wonder and beauty arise, lit by dawn's gentle hues and offering the promise of adventure if one is simply willing to reach out and take all that is offered. As the scene fades back into swirls of laughter and light there is the faintest brush against your cheek, a caress that is both tender yearning, beckoning you to reach out, to embrace life and love and leave the past behind. Are you brave enough? Are you ready for such a grand adventure?


Princess of Dreams Green Auraiath impressed to Ph'lip (Philip) NPC

Clandestine Wayfinder Egg

Why would a pebble be on the sands amongst the eggs? Though, the size would suggest more a boulder than a pebble itself, almost round in shape but the surface of this shell is rough textured to the touch. Tiny flecks of metallic white glisten against griseous tones, flickering in the light and shadows that pass across the face, and vanishing into the shadows of the curvature below. Moss blushes the underside in return, intermingling with rich soil that cling to the deepest pits like a stain from resting still while cradled by nature.

Mind Touches

Cautious Cunning knows you're tired, and can feel the weight of the world down to your bones. Poor thing, so sore, so tired, so hungry with not a crumb to eat. The world is a big place, surely you can find something to fill that void within you, the one that calls to you when things are so low. That rumble, do you hear that? The one within this shell does, and it echos back, it's hunger that's calling you, then eat you should. Devour you should. Through the darkness of this mind's eye, a familiar shape takes hold. What's this? A place of comfort? Comfort and safe, and warm, and filling for the void but there's a feeling looming over you, that feeling that you're being watched by many eyes. Are they coming from the darkness? The prickling of skin across the back of your neck? That feeling of distrust in the world that you know. There's no way that the very warmth on the sands can be deceiving, so take comfort in the here and the now. Now as you find yourself back in the blistering heat of the sands.

Cautious Cunning sees that you're full, so full, but you could be full enough. The will from within begins to poke and prod at you, reaching, touching and feeling your deepest thoughts and precious memories. Hrm, that's it? That's all there is? The will within grows angry, impatient, there should be MORE. More within you, more secrets to hold. More you shall have, and more comfort you're given though the comfort isn't comfort at all, is it? Outside of this shell, did you think you had comfort this whole time? Oh, no, little one. No comfort was found there and yet here you are looking for the thing to make you feel truly full, to feel one. Whole. Time, more time you need and more comfort you will find. Come back, come back when you're good and full of the world around you. Go.

Cautious Cunning grows tired of waiting, waiting for the things to make it whole so now the will within brings forth fire in the darkness, stoking the flames. These flickers of light crackle like many tongues, taunting and teasing, calling you to come closer and closer. Your time is now, it's here, come into our embrace it wills. There is no where left for you to run, no past left to reach out to. Give in! Give up! Hesitation. Danger. A boom fills the room and those flames reach out, roaring their displeasure though the bars! The hiss of smoke and steam shrieking into the darkness. It can't have you now, no, there's still more memories to fill you with. More secrets that need keeping. Go, flee back to the comfort of the sands. The grains may burn but your freedom remains.


Faithful Hunger Walking Blue Lesnath impressed to Grel (Grel) NPC

Road to Riches Egg

If there was one word to describe this egg it would be Fancy. Deep, luscious scarlet is painted in broad strokes upon a wide canvas. So rich are the hues comprising the shell that one would think, in a glimpse, that the egg was crafted out of the richest of velvets. Filigreed lattice work in gold and bronze and deepest brass twist and turn in a fanciful display, outlined in charcoal hues that inspire the mind to conjure images of the times of yor. While no larger in height then its peers, the ovoid's belly is opulent in girth, a weighty presence that whispers of the luxury of over-indulgence.

Mind Touches

All that glitters is not necessarily gold. Upon first touch, one finds themselves overwhelmed with an immediate surge of smug satisfaction. The sort of satisfaction that comes from knowing, with utter confidence, that one is smarter, craftier, and generally superior to everyone around them. That feeling, however comes from elsewhere and just as quickly as that realization strikes, you find yourself under the full weight of very judgemental eyes. For a long moment, the sensation of being weighed and measured and ultimately found wanting is overwhelming, and just as quickly, you find yourself standing back on the sands.

All that glitters is not always welcoming. And the sense that one might not be welcome is keenly felt the moment fingers return to shell. Almost immediately you get the sense of standing in a vast and imposing cavern, the weight of the other's attention crashing down on you. You are being studied, of that there is no doubt, and with that knowledge comes the thought that the one doing the studying thinks very highly of themselves, indeed. Are you strong enough, clever enough, couragous enough to bear the weight of its presence? Or will you shrink in the face of something that surely feels itself greater then all the rest? Will you even be given the time to plead your case? Surely not, since mere moments later, you again find yourself standing on the sands.

All that glitters is not necessarily kind. Sometimes it is arrogant and unrelenting. As is the presence that immediately surrounds you when your hand touches the egg. While there is heat and disapproval in that presence? Now? Now there is a hint of curiousity as well. As stand beneath the beneath weight of that lofty presence the sense of unwelcome eases. Not by much, mind you, it does not know enough of you, yet. But there is interest there, the sense that maybe, just maybe, there might be something of value hiding beneath your own rough exterior. Will you prove up to the challenge? Or will you shrink away, afraid of striving to obtain the favor of that strange, judgemental other? Only time will tell.


Forces of Destiny Gold Raaneth impressed to Alexa (Alexa)

Trapped for Centuries Egg

The dark brown on the edges of this egg are almost like roots, locking and holding it in place on the sands. Amongst the brown gnarled roots there is also something clear and shiny, when the light hits it it sparkles slightly. Glass shaped bottle, still tinged with ages of soil that it has been trapped beneath these roots. From inside the bottle there is something trapped, it pulses and vibrates with the leaving being inside the egg. The roots have grown around it keeping there not just as a hidden treasure but almost like a prison.

Mind Touches

Hearts of Oak pulls you down, or is it up? Weren't you just somewhere hot, now you are cold in a forest of tall pines and thick underbrush. Phantasmal Ewer speaks to your mind from some where close 'Will you set me free?' The woods are cold as a wind blows, will you be moved with it or are you here to forge your own dreams and find your own path.

Hearts of Oak pulls you back to that wooded area on your hands and knees you are beneath a mighty tree. Years have let it this tree grow free, but that voice still calls 'Will you set me free?'. Something glints in the noon day sun that drifts between the leaves, a glass bottle? As you reach for it something moves inside vibrating to your touch. Will you free it?

Hearts of Oak vibrates happily in the glass bottle that you now hold in your hands the wind is picking up and the trees are rustling. 'YES SET ME FREE' you can feel it vibrating against your hands. This is your choice will you free it and let untold events play out or will you keep it safe and hidden for another who might take that chance… Who will you be…


Treasures Abound Blue Nevith impressed to X'nder (Xander)

Whispered Rumors Egg

The strange egg seems a bit lopsided at first glance, the dark blacks blend in to the sands giving the edge an almost sickly look of a disease of the long past. Though thankfully the golden glow around the dark black spot to trying to engulf and heal it. Towards the center of the egg it shifts, browns and golden reds blend twist forming the cover of an old book, its pages open but blank. The edges of the open pages are tinted in almost a coppered corroded green seeming to drip with an unknown substance that falls to the bed of the sands.

Mind Touches

Wizards Woe opens a door and pulls you in quickly shutting it, the room is filled with all sorts of bottles and vials and books. Concoctions that bubble and pop, the air is thick with the smell of different herbs trying to gain dominance in your nostrils. From a corner of room hidden behind tall stacks of books comes the deep voice of age and wisdom How good are you deeds? Will everyone always think they are great..?

Wizards Woe has brought you back to the quite little shop you can see through a window in the top of the room a golden domed roof with a tall spike on the top. There is a croquet mallet in the corner of the room and a blank book on the table in front of you. From just outside your vision comes the old sage voice again. Do you have your wits about you? The world is a very tricky place…

Wizards Woe has returned you back, but it is different now. The room is dark, and it is cold, echoes of bells ringing in death reach your ears from some other part of this place. The room is in disarray everything is broken and tossed around in a frantic search. The voice comes back to you, seemingly devoid of life now as it is cold and unfeeling No one can out smart death by themselves for long. Do you have friends to keep you safe?


Mysterious Messages Blue Djenth impressed to S'adin (Saladin) NPC

Lost in Paradise Egg

A cheerful garden flourishes in a dapple of greens with a few dots of white and yellow flowers. Exact plants are indistinct but for the feel of life that flows in all but one spot. One singular disturbed earthy brown hole with lumps of dirt here and there to either side by its haphazard digging can be found offset within that flourishing paradise. In the very center one could swear a glint of buried treasure gleams. As tempting as that may be the line of cherry trees that stretches into a indistinct orchard beyond the curving horizon provides a line of defense. The trunks may be smudged in ashy gray but the branches reaching skywards are littered with the delicate fragrant blossoms. Weaving amidst the distant trunks the ghostly spirit of a canine seems to weave, or perhaps it is just a trick of the light, a mere smudge upon this shell.

Mind Touches

Jealous Tidings creeps in like a shadow at the edges of your thoughts. It's a roiling dark cloud that grows slowly but surely as it draws closer and begins to wrap around the edges of your mind. It seems hungry for something, a hotbed of emotions that growls with a deep instinctual need. If it hasn't yet quite figured out what that need is yet, you'll have to forgive. Afterall it rests still contained somehow within the orb beneath your touch. Flickers of red and orange rumbles like lightning within the brooding dark clouds. Juts of thought poke at your own as if it doesn't know how to be gentle, as if it hasn't learned subtlety yet but that seems most likely to come.

Jealous Tidings rumbles louder, the flickers of red and copper become more obvious within the roiling dark clouds. Perhaps this is what it felt like with thread on the horizon so many, many turns ago and that instinct has not been lost. A jealous, hungry anger that begins to probe deeper and see what kinds of potential it has run up against. Are you of spirit to connive with it, to call out others tidings or take them as your own when opportune for stealing credit where it may not be due. This won't be one to hide at the back of the line for sure as it bites as deeply as you will allow but the moment you begin to rebuff retreats to consider its options.

Jealous Tidings grows more bold as you return to endure its scrutiny. Hmm, and interesting individual indeed perhaps worthy, perhaps not. Petty, it nibbles at your thoughts to see, are you greater than it or a match for this brooding growing mind? It flares, in test perhaps with dark black and grey roiling clouds that boil and boom with flashes of carmine and tangerine. Did you fall for that distraction as it eases deeper into your mind. As it grows in its dark talent for subtlety, for mischief driven by these jealous desires of anyone who shows to be something more than it. Irritated it withdraws to consider what it has, or hasn't been able to discover leaving you room again to breath and feel the oppressive heat of the sands instead of the imposing will of the hatchling within the orb you so casually caress.


Generous Giving Green Hanasath impressed to Ji'san NPC

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