Clutch 24
Clutch 24
Dam Gold Raaneth
Sire Bronze Nymionth
Theme Birthstones/Zodiac Star Signs
Number of Eggs 6
Clutching Date January 26, 2020
Hatching Date February 27, 2020

Jewel of the Sahara Egg

Nestled into glistening sand, Jewel of the Sahara Egg shimmers with a glory that rivals the Igen sunset. Deepest Azure makes up the entirety of the shell of this ovoid, the color richly vibrant and more then a little eye catching. It is only in the light of the moons, however, that one notices the delicate details comprising this egg. Strands of silver, as fine as spun silk trace in fanciful patterns around the shell, each strand connected to tiny points that glisten like stars. With the light of Belior and Timor shining bright, that Azure shells softens to Lapis hues, the color and constellation-like patterns upon the shell creating a truly breath-taking, but rarely seen, display.

Mind Touches

The Winds of Truth swirl around you with the force of the fiercest storm. Standing amidst those buffeting winds, one cannot help but feel as if they are being stripped bare, their deepest and most hidden truths revealed to anothers eyes. The eyes see the truths hidden within, strength and weakness, glory and despair it is all laid bare, your deepest core exposed. Who are you? What are you? Weighed and Measured, those winds withdraw leaving you standing back upon the sands.

The Winds of Truth return to swirl around you the moment your fingers brush shell. Now, though, that touch has gentled, no longer buffeting in nature, more curious and quietly accepting of that which has been revealed. After a few moments those winds seem to bouy you up, the sensation of flying almost overpoweringly strong, until all of Pern stretches out in a breath-taking metaphysical display. One by one, faster then the mind can grasp, the truths of every living being is displayed. Pain and horror, love and sorrow, glory and shame, the wealth of hidden human emotion offered up without judgment in a single glorious moment before one finds themselves standing on the sands.

The Winds of Truth wrap around you in a protective embrace the moment your fingers touch shell. There is comfort there, standing in that swirling armor, a sense that while your deepest inner truths have been exposed? The will also be protected. Truth will be kept, the purity of all that you are preserved and witnessed free of judgment and condemnation. And, for a moment, or perhaps for an eternity, you find yourself free to absorb all of who you are without self-recrimination. With awareness expanded and perspective broadened, you are returned to the sands to contemplate your own truth.

Egg: Lapis Lazuli
Mind: Aquarius


Sands of Time Gold Oriapeth impressed to Oddisa (Oddisa)

Glory of the Sandstorm Egg

Adorned with swirls of topaz, burnished gold and charcoal black, this modest-sized ovoid gives the appearance of being somehow more solid and stoic then it's peers. Perhaps it is the squat almost box-like base that gives it the illusion of gargantuan stability. Or, it might be the fact that while just as large as it's peers, it is somehow squatter and in possession of a robust zeal. Whatever it is, this egg is not one to be overlooked, it demands attention with it's very existence, the bold streaks of black adorning the shell akin to illusionary fingers reaching out for those who stray to close without the intention of touching.

Mind Touches

A Valorous Song erupts into the air the moment your hand touches the egg. There is something impossibly stirring about the song that fills the air, the bombastic roll of drums and wail of unseen horns pulsing against one's flesh like a living thing. As the music swells to the point that you can feel it hammering at your nerves, the world around you shifts and you find yourself hurtling through the air amidst an unseen battle. As quickly as it begins, though, it ends and you find yourself standing unceremoniously upon the sands.

A Valorous Song again rises, the clashing cacophony filling the air as you find yourself cast, once more, into the breech. Gone are the sands, the candidates, the eggs, even the weyr. Hurtling through space, the clash of battle fills the air around you, the sounds of voices raising in conflict, of steel clashing on steel, the cries of the dying, swirl around you in thick clouds of smoke. Amidst it all, it becomes clear that there is pain and violence aplenty in the world. Yet somehow you are above it, protected by the boldness of spirit and song.

A Valorous Song surrounds you once more, sweeping you off the sands and up amidst the swirling clouds. This time, the sounds of battle are gone, the uplifting swell of drums and the wail of horns softening to something that, while still heartening, are less about physical combat and more about the emotional. There is something about being so far from the world below, so separate from all that makes us who we are, that encourages a different sort of courage. The sort of courage that can only be found from reflection and self-awareness. Whatever your reaction, the presence that accompanies is there, accepting and uplifting, before returning you, once more, to the sands.

Egg: Tiger's Eye
Mind: Leo


Fierce Little Fighter Green Tigerth impressed to Leah (NPC)

Visions of Violet Egg

While undoubtedly round, from the proper angle this egg gives the appearance of having been cracked in twain. On one side, it is an unassuming pebbled grey. The round shape and tiny variations of color that mottle the shell make it appear more like a large stone — a boulder on the sands — rather than the living egg that it is. But a few steps to the side, and the entire perspective changes. A burst of vibrant purple stands in stark contrast to the dull grey rimming the outside. This half of the shell glitters in the low light of the cavern as though it holds a thousand tiny facets. A turn of the head brings a different perspective, a few steps to the side shows a new burst of color: Lavender and violet and purple. All mesmerizing to be hold. A geode come to life.

Mind Touches

Whimsical Whispers tickle at your mind, dancing just at the edge of perception. Curiosity comes in a touch, just brushing across your thoughts. There is so much to learn, to know! But before it can delve deep, there's questions to be asked. Who are you, and how do you do? What games do you play, and can it play too? What are your favorite colors, and what do they mean? What are your hopes, and what do you dream? If you had ten thousand wishes, what would they be? These are the important things — the things it wants to know. But Whimsy will not pressure you, although it's time to go. So, say what you will or nothing at all, it's happy either way. A final farewell, it bids you adieu, and back to the sands you will fall.

Whimsical Whispers is thrilled that your back, spilling into your mind with glee! So much to do and learn and know, so much of you to see! Where have you been, and did you have fun? What did you do today? Tell it everything you want it to know, tell it everything you might want to say. There's no one who's truer a friend than this one, no one who's more brimming with heart. So, whether you're happy or whether you're sad, your secrets are safe from the start. No matter your feelings, no matter your dreams, Whimsy will cradle them near. Released to the world you can hold your head high, and know you have nothing to fear.

Whimsical Whispers washes across your mind in a warm embrace, a welcoming hand full of kindness and grace. There's no judgement here, just compassion and love, it's a soft place to land when you fall from above. The sands disappear and your worries abate, in here there is only the world you create. And Whimsical Whispers can help you along, pulling dreams from your head it can weave into song. Here you are special and here you are found, here you are seen with no others around. And back in the world, where you stand once again, you know that behind you lies a true friend.

Egg: Amethyst
Mind: Pisces


Unending Optimism Green Pyseth impressed to Amee (NPC)

Semi-Precious Stone Egg

Of average size, this egg could almost be mistaken for a hunk of stone fallen from the ceiling. The surface of the shell is rough in texture, pebbled and grainy to the touch. While predominantly a rusty, red-orange in color reminiscent of the stone around it, it is the small flecks of shiny green that set it apart from the sandstone walls of the Weyr. Bright lime and peridot in appearance, they catch the light when caught at just the right angle, glittering like tiny gems hidden amongst the rock, just waiting for someone to dig them out.

Mind Touches

An Ember of Light comes alive at your touch, warm and welcoming even as shadows rise around you, climbing the cavern walls and branching across the ceiling, until the hatching cavern has vanished and you find yourself in a forest at night. The scent of earth is in your nose, and the chill of evening is on your skin, the sounds around you are hushed in deference to a world gone to bed. You stand alone, the flicker of light you brought to life glowing in the distance. Curiosity compels you forward, fear falling away as the desire to know what is ahead bids your feet to travel, bids your hands to reach, bids your eyes to look, searching the shadows for what lays just beyond. Closer and closer you come, the flickering light urging you on, the warmth of a fire welcoming you near, until you have but another step to go. But when you push the foliage aside, the forest falls away and you find yourself back were you started, the Hatching Cavern around you once again.

An Ember of Light is a proper flame now, a golden-warm glow a few meters from where you stand. Once more the forest surrounds you, the scent of soil and the rustle of nocturnal creatures greeting you as the hatching cavern falls away. There's no hesitation in your step, no worry in your heart, because you know there is nothing to fear. Here, you are the hunter, confident and strong, the solid wood of your bow clutched in hand and the weight of your quiver at your back. You stalk the night with careful steps, seeking your quarry with the assurance that you will find it. But what is it you seek? What is it you want? What is it you hunt in the dark? This is your question to answer, and one that remains when the next step sends you back to the Sands, heat and light and the chatter of people once more replacing the forest.

An Ember of Light crackles to life, a roaring campfire casting warm light around the small forest clearing. Once more you are the hunter, but your hunt has ended now. Crouched in the dark with your bow by your side, the warmth of the fire is soothing against your skin. Dawn is near and soon you will sleep, resting the day away only to awake in the night once again. But in these late hours, now is the time for contemplation and reflection. Were you successful in your hunt? Did you find the thing you sought in the dark? And if you did, did it satisfy the hunger within you? Or are you left with further questions? Perhaps the thing you caught was not what you wanted at all. Perhaps the path you took was not as rewarding as it promised to be? But there is no need to fret. There is always the next night to try again, and another adventure to be had. With the glow of dawn on the horizon, the fire crackles and grows, getting warmer and brighter, until you're blinking against the light and in a sudden jolt, are awake on the Sands once again.

Egg: Peridot
Mind: Sagittarius


Restless Adventurer Green Peridoth impressed to Sage

Treasure of the Sea Egg

Light shimmers along the smooth surface of this large egg which at first seems rather plain and unambitious in its near uniform creamy white. The slightest hint of rose reflects back along the shells horizon from within the creamy white depths. It is reminiscent of a rare treasure pulled from the salty sea in one very small corner of the world. One typically hidden within a hard shelled ugly mollusk. A creature that clings to and defies release of its precious cargo. Yet somehow pried away from its sea cradled origin, it now rests comfortably upon the warm Igen sands. The soft, even burnished luster hints however at endless hours of tender care upon the surface of this particular remarkably smooth egg. In the end it doesn't need any flashy hues or fancy tricks. It is elegant and regal in its simplicity and time grown perfection.

Mind Touches

Restless Seeker breezes into your thoughts upon thin shafts of pale yellow sunlight. They pierce easily, a painless soft flutter that tickles and teases in a playful fashion. Restless they are, it's hard to catch up with the thoughts that dash and dart about. When you manage to mentally focus and grasp for the briefest instant one of the elusive breezy tendrils they sparkle in a firework of light greens and giggle against your own memories. Drawing forth an everyday scene they learn of you, as you of them in the choice of memory. Happy, somewhere around a hearth with others and is that singing in the background? It fades as quickly and you are alone again, empty upon the hot grounds with the slight ache in such recognition hard to tell if it is entirely your own or a bit of an echo from the one beneath your fingers who desires so impatiently the life outside of its lonesome shell.

Restless Seeker returns upon the sunny airs. It flirts a bit slower, as if daring you to catch up to its thoughts. Its own curiosity perhaps getting the better of it as you are bedazzled in sparks of yellow-green as it lets you catch up, drawing you into another of your own memories for it has yet to really form its own. You find yourself in a gathering of people. The noise of the crowd a pleasant murmur if indistinct. Perhaps a gather day long past, or even a dinner round a crowded table its hard to pin down exactly but that the memory seems to be happy. Or maybe that is the gentle affectionate drizzles of green and yellow that drape along the blurred edges, observing, absorbing while pulsing softly a searching love of its own. Apparently not to be found in that memory however as the scene fades back to the reality of the sands and leaves you again with a longing empty feeling. Alone, alone should one never be.

Restless Seeker stirs, as though it can not quite sleep. There is a deep moment where you feel a hungry loneliness from deep within the confines of its hardening shell. It follows with a surge of this one, a mental *ker-pounce*to say hello again! Yay, the loneliness is swept away if but for a few brief moments of your gentle touch and airy feathers of spring green and a pearlescent yellow entwine into your own thoughts. Playful, restless there is a seeking… of what is less clear. Of games, of challenges… a scattering of hides and papers and looking for so much more beyond the horizon of its shell. From you it gets a sense, a sense of the big wide world out there and it is completely unintimidated. Nope, not at all. So much to explore it only grows in its longing, in its hunger, ever restless you get a feeling that hatching day will only be the bare beginning of quite an amazing lifelong adventure.

Egg: Pearl
Mind: Gemini


Elegant Treasured Sea Green Xinieth impressed to Kate (Katailea)

Illusion of Stars Egg

The dark Igen sands seem to have been littered with a scattering of bright red, blue, green and orange shards. They are irregular flashes which have to be caught at just the right angle to flare brilliantly, and fade as quickly as your focus shifts. It's comparable to the glory and dazzle found in the night skies above, revealed only in the magnification of the startsmith's telescopes but otherwise hidden to the casual observation. Much is this elongated egg, for at a glance only the flare of colors stand out but upon further and careful study the dark outlines of the shell can be etched from the multitude of dark sandy grains. Look away however and the definition is easily lost by this one hidden so cleverly in plain sight.

Mind Touches

Gentle Harmonies are a distant echo that you must listen for. Put all other thoughts out of your mind and slowly you will feel, will hear the rhythm of the gentle being beneath your palm. It is a tune you cannot quite put your finger on, soft and timid at the moment for it knows not what it will run into and it seems as if it is ready to fade as quickly should it run into any sense of strong emotion. Yet, it too possesses a soft curiosity, a wanton desire to know and share of life and the world about. It has yet little to offer for its world is so small, and dark and its song has only just begun.

Gentle Harmonies return somewhat louder, more confident. It allows you to hear the tune more clearly, the perfect balance it is achieving in weaving the notes together upon flutters of pretty pinks and odd misty greens. It doesn't seem to realize just yet how these colors might actually clash, instead it seems to be exploring to find a balance. A bit more saturation of the ink here, a bit more translucency of the green there as it seems to find and strike balance in more than the notes of its soul. Of course when half of itself is yet missing this is a hard thing to do and it draws you a little nearer, listening as well for your own ideas might help bring the balance it seeks.

Gentle Harmonies sway and surround. A fog of misty green dominates briefly the mindscape as it listens to your own. Was that a splash of copper that came from your thoughts, or elsewhere. It is hard to tell but there is the gentlest of dismissals in the hue fading as if it might be diplomatically saying that's not *quite* right. Still the song is pleasant, lulling you to a peaceful place somewhere outside of the burning confines it currently resides and beyond into the ocean of the world it knows yet not of. Indecisive in the fleeting glimpses it catches of your own thoughts and memories it can't quite understand that world beyond yet and it graciously fades with parting sparkles of fuchsia and maroon.

Egg: Black Opal
Mind: Libra


Gentle Spirit Green Laloth impressed to Libby

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