Clutch 25
Clutch 25
Dam Gold Toruth
Sire Bronze Haijiventh
Number of Eggs 9
Clutching Date October 3, 2021
Hatching Date November 6, 2021

Obviously in Charge Egg

This mid-sized egg takes on a pleasant shade of green along the top half of the shell. Bright chartreuse blends flawlessly with waves of veridian that shimmy down all four sides as if the egg itself were a hill made of numerous smaller hills. Petite speck-like clouds of fluffy white dapple on one side, breaking up the landscape curiously. Further down, the green washes out as if a fog has rolled in. Bountiful verdigris disappears into mottled grays and whites. Inside the mist, it almost looks as if theres something else, a lurking figure thats hidden from view, a set of round eyes peering out at the world. Each side is much the same, including the lingering possibility that something is prowling in that mist. No matter where ones stands, theres a watcher that peers out at the world with rabid curiosity. Then, as quickly as its seen, the watcher dissipates into the smooth brilliance further down the shell, white becomes rocky crags broken up sharply before everything settling into murky seafoam blue at the base.


Death's Most Loyal Servant Hatchling revealed to be Destiny's Reluctant Memory Green Tufirath impressed to Siha (Lunasidhe)

Desert Grace Egg

The first glaringly noticeable thing about this egg is its shape. It is somewhat oblong and far taller than it is wide. Built as if under a great deal of pressure, the sandy tan shell is more upright in a way that would lend to it appearing spindly. Plain at first glance, dusty brown and beige seem to predominate. Only when examined closer can one see a rich landscape of ripples, tawny stripes lead to wind dug gorges twisting in an ever-changing pattern of rivulets. There's no logical configuration to be found, the winds of fancy cutting across the surface and doing whatever it pleases with the endless dunes. There's nothing that initially differentiates the top from the bottom or each side. Every aspect differs like a fingerprint, a zig here, and a zag there that curves and whirls poetically with wisps of red or cream, always returning to an endless monotony that's beautiful in its minute shifts and flickers. Overall its an ever-changing undulation of the same three or four muted hues, sameness bowing to originality and blending the two into a flawless dance across and upon the sands.


Endless Night Hatchling revealed to be Arabian Nights Blue Desert Kadixenth impressed to I'en (Shixen)

Chic Chateau Egg

Small and round, this is not the largest egg, but it could be the brightest. It is here to see and be seen. Black latticework tracing surrounds eccentric circles that fit neatly inside the lines as if painted by a Master. The dark strokes take on no specific shape, nature's version of lace. Inside the boundaries, at the top, it's classic and pretty, elegance and minimalism that maintains a sophisticated two-tone vibe by being pearlescent white. A lesson in balance takes a turn for the playful in the middle as an occasional splotch rebels into amber and honey hues, stark and contrasting. Further down, it's clear that the artist has lost control as this baby dragon house has erupted into vivid crimson dapples, each still held within the leaf-shaped bounds of charcoal eyeliner. At the bottom, it begins to all muddle together, the spots squished in a swirl of red, yellow and black that's nothing short of exciting.


It's Definitely Not A Hatchling Under A Sheet Hatchling revealed to be The Saddest Little Ghost at the Party Bronze Suzalith impressed to NPC S'bid (Sarbisd)

Mountain Guardian Egg

For a rather small shell this egg is surprisingly detailed. On the narrower end which seems to most frequently rise above the sands, are snow capped stone peaks. The marbled mix of grays rise into thinning atmosphere to be capped by snowy whites which glisten in pristine condition, clearly undisturbed by any but the pure elements. The stone gives way a third of the way down to the scattered dapple of hardy umber brown trunks with sparse dark forest green foliage. The forests gradually thicken the lower in elevation you go until the base of the shell reflects a serene scene in a lonesome forest. Even here life seems sparse, and only those with studious eye will catch the hint of fowl or small game lurking amongst the trunks and branches. The most discernable of living creatures is a smaller blotch in red, black and sesame that sits by one of the larger trunks. It seems to be one protecting the area, or perhaps waiting for an opportune moment to hunt. That will be up to the eye of the beholder to decide.


Messenger for the Dead Hatchling revealed to be Dance in the Light Chidith impressed to NPC Aes (Aesliana)

Ruler of the Roost Egg

An energetic crowd of small critters ripples across this smaller egg. Each is distinct and yet blurred enough that exactly what the creatures are is eminently debatable. Fuzzy blobs might be furry or simply wiggling to fast to defined, there is certainly a yappy energy to the mix of white, black, and brown bodies. Some are solid in hue, others clearly patched in a mix of colors with a very few more red-brown hues writhing in. One quirk that although the wriggling energetic masses do their best to blend together dozens of sets of perky triangular ears stick out. It at least orients to what end of the beast on may be looking at if the barest clue as to what type it may yet be remains blurred in mystery. Of all the throng there is towards the apex of the egg a slightly larger of the small bodies that stands out, as if its found the way to the top of this proverbial dog pile and the flash of pink tongue teases he casual observer.


The Phantom Scout Hatchling revealed to be Language of the Pilot Green Qherakketh impressed to T'syn (Talisyn)

Queens Consort Egg

There is something regal in the bearing of this egg as it sits nestled in the deep obsidian sands. The shell's smooth surface arcs in a slightly elongated ovoid carrying a blending of complimentary hues. The bottom is a soft cream which lusciously spreads in a pleasant pool. The edges are irregular, as if weaving about stubby limbs before ultimately blending into the next, and most predominant hue of golden fawn. The gleam is unmistakable, burnished to an eye pleasing luster without any gaudy sparkle. Warm and welcoming, the hue is pleasing to the eye and not particularly subtle. Eventually the golden hue fades into a smaller pool of reddened bronze. Neither to dark, nor to light it hovers irregularly, seemingly protectively of the hue below with the softest of caresses. There is not much detail to speak of beyond the colors itself, although towards the larger end of the shell there seems to be a line of slightly rougher shell that distinguishes itself from the otherwise unblemished surface.


The Silence of the Deep Hatchling revealed to be Portrait of a Queen Gold Esoireth impressed to Dahj (Padjma)

Sleepless Sentry Egg

At first look, this egg could be simply the bulky shadow of one of its clutch mates. Darkness settles on the surface like a fine cloth, the depth of hue sucking in the light like a vacuum, and what is left could be merely reflections. When examined up close, the charcoal waxes and wanes, figures appear as the eyes adjust to the grayscaled nature of this ovoid. Wrapped up each side are barren thick, branched trees, the shape merely silhouettes at best with the limbs a fingers width from touching at the top. The towering figures bookend the egg as if they alone contain the twilight and prevent it from spreading. Between the dreary withered forms, theres a whole lot of nothing. Smokey tones swirl together, ensuring whatever is being protected remains a mystery.


Final Spectre Hatchling revealed to be Marauder's Pact Brown Gwansuleth impressed to Alasse (Alasse)

Painted Spotted and Playful Egg

It's hard to explain why this smaller egg seems so…energetic but just looking at the brown and black spotted egg once gets that sense of pure playfulness. Logically one understands that this egg can't be moving however the illusion of movement is often there, usually seen juuuuust out of the corner of your eye. It leans heavily against its fellow eggs as if unable to be alone. Ever. Painted pure white the brown and black splotches are placed at seemingly random intervals as if a painter simply flicked a paintbrush at the smaller canvas and called it a day.


The Foresaken Vanguard revealed to be Armored Exo Guardian Blue Jageroth impressed to Malk'm (Kallum)

Pure Cerulean Blue Egg

A very plain, large blue egg sits nestled somewhere within the middle of the clutch. There is, at first glance,very little to draw your eyes to it. Unless of course you really love the color blue. Then this may be just the egg for you. Multiple shades of blue dance along the top of the egg, blending and descending slowly into shades of dark and light blues intermingled as they whirlpool downwards towards the bottom where a frosty blue covers the entire bottom. Approaching the egg however shows the barest hint of brown speckles hidden within some of the blue swirls.


Ghosts of the Dead Hatchling revealed to be Mysteriously Spooky, Kooky and Ooky Blue Ferahainth impressed to Damar (Damahra)

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