Corrino Flight

Those within the wings of Corrino Flight perform their duties for the Weyr, primarily by making things for the Weyr, both for the Weyr and for profit of the Weyr.

Typical duties are the same for riders and non-riders alike. These include folk such as artists, potters, basket weavers, seamstress, and formal crafters who are specialized in making physical items. These most frequently include: beastcrafters, glasssmiths, miners/stone masons, plastic crafters, print crafters, smiths, star crafters, tanners, techs, vintners, weavers and woodcrafters.

Cayenne Wing - PC

Neyuni Gold Zuhth Smithcrafter/Retired WW
Al'dru Bronze Eranzath Smithcrafter
Ch'y Blue Etoth Starcrafter
I'en Blue Kadixenth App. Starcrafter
Merek Blue Ikith Smithcrafter
T'ven Green Aloath Artist

Paprika Wing - NPC

H'cemi Bronze Aguth Wingleader
Z'das Bronze Zecanneranth App. Vinter
B'erif Brown Ofith Smith
Zhii Brown Odootlith[[/span]] App. Vintner
B'yegi blue|Blue Ekiwith## Woodcrafter
Ra'que Blue Ibaeth J'man Weaver
Kerren Green Mobeth Potter
T'fofa Green Semath Mason
Opha Green Kisbuketh Jman Weaver
Tiansa Green Reveth Sr. App Smith
Iaevri Resident App. Vinter
Keri Resident Printer

Serrano Wing - NPC

W'elir Bronze Nemuth Wingleader
Ch’lie Bronze Lolath Wingsecond
Olivia Brown Lamuth Smith
Andy Blue Ynolth Jman Smith
Jaka Blue Jusuth Weaver
D'antra Blue Ulukuth Artist
Leah Green Tigerth Potter
R'icam Green Cosath Vinter
J'sodo Green Lawith Artist
Kh'ten Green Siviath Sr. App Smith
K'rl Green Chawzscikath Sr. App Starscrafter
Tobias Resident Tanner
Herriet Resident Glass smith
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