Apricot Ambition Bronze Albarith

A delicious blend of orange and red tones caress silken-soft hide; the saturation and hue a mottled flow of color that envelops the very curve of his rotund little body. A mosaic of peach color begins along his muzzle, dappled droplets of a blend of creamy gold and ocher bronze that widen and grow in sweeping patterns across his broad jaws and along the generous expanse of cheek beneath his eyes. Tangerine and citrine crown his headknobs, spilling down his neckridges in a fruity concoction of delectable sweetness etched upon a hatchling's hide. Along said neckridges, just slightly more prominent and narrow than usual, a faint burst of shaded cherry — the reddish tones tempered by darker tones — gleams along each neck ridge; adding the illusion of depth and roundness to the narrower 'ridges. And along his pale peach wingsails, traces of apricot veins trail hither and thither over the broad expanse of his wings. Although slightly paunchy in the belly, the clean even lines of his frame leads to broad flanks, well muscled along strongly-shaped haunches, and along the length of a stem-like tail.

Egg Name and Description

Lingering Droplets Egg
With a base color of snowy white, this egg is slightly longer than others. A thorned, silver stem twines around just below the apex twice. The apex is a deep red rose, scarlet and bloody petals in glorious array. Yet not all of the petals are extended - some appear to be falling. For several handspans, the petals fall at random to the central of the egg. From the center down, the white base is riddled with shades of gray, creating a mountainous look. The petals collect, forming a ragged line of red. Some areas are thicker, pooled, while others are simply lingering bits of petal. The scarlet shades become more prominent, trickling down from the pools to drizzle down toward the bottom of the egg. Many bold drizzles fade to white before reaching the bottom. Only three remain, lingering brightly until they meet around the bottom.

Hatching Message

There's a patient, methodic tapping from within the Lingering Droplets Egg. Tap, tap, pause. Tap, tap, pause. The rhythm goes on for a moment or two, until finally a few rapid taps result in a bronze hatchling crashing through the shell.

Impression Message

Cool, blue smoke filters its way through your thoughts, breathing deeply while blowing a refreshing breeze. « You, » a soothing baritone voice says. It is Albarith, without a doubt, and he is speaking to you. His words, though, are coupled with desperate hunger. « Finally you. Now what are you doing just standing around? Are you not going to feed me? »


If a person's life were to be threatened, if they were only allowed to live if they could accurately describe your Albarith in a single word or phrase… Well, send flowers, because Albarith is anything but simply defined. He'd happily inform anyone of this fact, as well, because he adores being knowledgeable, whether about himself and his own attributes or just about the world in general. « You know, Sabiyath, » he might point out matter-of-factly to a fellow weyrling, « Kalerriarth was telling me about this small Hold where they don't have any air cooling systems. How quaint. » It's not that he actually cares about air cooling systems (or inflation or the production of chairs in northern Telgar or the average number of pants purchased and worn by the Pernese per turn…) but he /does/ care that he knows such things. Not that he'd want anyone to know that he's enthusiastic about anything, of course, since having any obvious interests would conflict with the cool, laid-back persona he tries to make for himself and for you. « Think before you speak, » he may reprimand you when you fail to do so, but the truth is that, for all his attempts at being cool and full of knowledge, he is drawn to the absurd. He'll constantly criticize (to you, his confidant, not to the public, « Since that would be too… /too/. You know what I mean. ») those he finds to be ridiculous, whether they're human or dragonkind, but only does so because he relishes the absurdity behind their actions. Naturally, you're his favorite subject of discussion and "criticism." « It makes no sense for you to bring that rock to your foster mother just because you think it's pretty. It's of no use to her! Wait, that rock over there is /far/ prettier. »

In the first few days after hatching, Albarith will most likely be shy-not because he's wary of embarrassing himself (he would /never/ do that) but because he'll probably prefer observation to conversation. He won't be quiet, though, because he'll be commenting to you on every little detail he notices. « Did you hear what Sendatsuth said? No? Well, first you've got to hear what I saw Gemellith doing » But his oft-mentioned love for the absurd will force him to quickly warm up to his fellow weyrlings and other Weyr residents. He may even go through a short gossiping phase (« Did you hear about that little spat between Mekyszereth's and Vorshnath's? ») before finally settling down into ultra-cool, laid-back bronze most will know him as. Somewhere along the way, though, he'll start trying out his own hand when it comes to being absurd. We wouldn't want to give anything away, but if Albarith starts offering you strange, unexpected gifts? Just don't ask where they came from.

Why Br'yn? As corny as it may sound, there's one very good reason why Albarith chose you: because you complete him. Always one to point out his own faults in order to demonstrate his understanding of himself and the world, Albarith does realizes that he has fault, and from the moment he spotted you he was sure you'd be the one to fix them, the person to fill in the blanks. But Albarith's also a proud dragon, and while he knows he needs you, there are few things he enjoys more than telling you which of /your/ faults /he's/ going to fix. Again, « Think before you speak! » is a favorite of his, and he'll figuratively wag a finger in your direction when if you throw yourself into a senseless argument. « If I want to visit High Reaches, you'll have to learn to tolerate the cold. Yes, that's something we'll have to fix. Sometimes I just don't understand you. » When he says such things, as solemn as he may sound, it's never believable, because the truth is that he does understand you more than he could ever understand anything, more than he could ever /pretend/ to understand anything. You are the absurdity for which he yearns, as well as the sensibility he holds dear. And what more could a dragon want?


Patient, Blue-Gray Silk and Smoke
Albarith's voice is a deep, soothing baritone, smoky and mellow. It travels smoothly and slowly, swirling in blue-gray smoke and fog that lingers for seconds after each thought is transmitted, leaving behind a sweet, almost sugary mental 'aftertaste.' When he's being thoughtful, Albarith's mindvoice can sound almost sorrowful, but such a somber tone is counteracted with quick, bright sparks of bright reds and brilliant violets that flash throughout the mind when he's thrilled at the acquisition of new knowledge or a sudden realization. Each of his words is just slightly elongated, though not noticeably so (except when compared to those of another dragon, perhaps), going along with the laid-back facade he puts on for the world.


The egg theme for this clutch was "favorite songs," but because Nenya couldn't choose, the Lingering Droplets Egg was based on a number of songs. More specifically, Don McLean's "Vincent (Starry, Starry Night", "Linger" by The Cranberries, and "The Scarlet Tide" from Cold Mountain. You were looking for a theme of fruits, so the name Albarith (which Ku is pronouncing ALL-buh-rith, but you can pronounce however you want) comes from the word "albaricoque" (al-bah-ree-KO-ke), which is Spanish for "apricot" and just happens to be a very cool word in general. Since K'loh had limited hints as to what you were looking for in a name, a huge thanks goes to Neraud for being like an awesome little spy and helping out in that respect. So if you don't like it? Totally blame her. Keeping in this egg's theme of sort of sad-but-hopeful songs, Ku listened to Ella Fitzgerald's rendition of Someone to Watch Over Me while writing the mind description. Nenya created the (fabulous!) egg name and desc, Lonriya created the (gorgeous!) dragon desc, and Ku did the rest. Keep in mind that everything here is just a guideline; Albarith is yours to play as you wish!


Name Apricot Ambition Bronze Albarith
Dam Gold Isisth
Sire Bronze Aevisaanth
Created By Nenya
Impressee Br'yn
Hatched October 9, 2004
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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