Just Dandy, Baby Green Hatchling

Warm lively greens splash over her graceful form, forming a base upon which the rest of her is carefully built. Head lifts, the slender jaws coming to a delicate point, which parts to reveal alabaster teeth in a draconic laugh. Mirth carries into the contented swirl of her eyes set beneath smoothed ridges, while headknobs protrude notably behind, stained with a darker evergreen hue that dips down across the top of her neck and tickles the back of each cheek. Neck ridges are small and rather blunted, which perpetuates illusion of her oversized headknobs. Arcing neck is lightly muscled with skin pulled tight as it dips down along the deep curves of her chest and tucks up to her belly. Forelimbs and legs are proportionally fit to her generally lengthy and slender body, ending in talons of silver. There is a circlet of gold-green about her left wrist, and another in the shape of a five pointed star on her back between her shoulder blades. The deeper evergreen streaks from wrist to shoulder on each side of both limbs, coming together at the base of her neck and flowing out across her back along the sail joint to her body somewhat framing the marking on her back. It splashes upon the delicate yet sturdy membranes for a few handspans before gravity wins and the brighter, lively greens dominate the spread of her sails in playful whorls. Tail swishes in the same cheerful green, fun and happy it stretches out behind her body, long and slender and tipped by smaller blunted ridges to the very tip.

Egg Name and Description

Give Me Some Space, Baby Egg

Color swirls flamboyantly across this not so subtle ovoid's shell. Playful and fun the colors brighten what might have otherwise been a fairly plain black background. Instead there is an explosion of magenta across the smaller end, spreading out in nebulous curls of a slowly outstretching paw. Or the bright mix of lemon, tan and carnelian that swirls somewhat opposite as if drawing one into another dimension of time, space and fun! A mix of artistries dash and splatter here and there as if while within the same theme the occupant didn't quite settle upon a single artist's inspiration. In the end perhaps there are too many ideas clogging the surface and vying for attention that one thinks this egg might just need a little bit of space to sort itself out.

Hatching Message

WOBBLE MESSAGE: The flamboyantly colored give me some space, baby egg definitely moved. Although with the shell's patterning which itself is near a blur in motion in places one might doubt but the second twitch is /totally/ noticeable. Yeah, here we go, baby!

CRACK MESSAGE: A little shaky to the left, a little wiggle to the right and the give me some space, baby egg increases in motion. It's activities bring it ever closer to the candidates. If it is trying to be sneaky however it is failing, miserably. Wait, what, you totally don't see me getting closer right?

HATCH MESSAGE: When scrutiny becomes too obvious the give me some space, baby egg comes to a pause. Its activity has brought it to the edge of the candidates near a cluster of three girls from Igen's kitchens. They giggle but watch attentively the cracks upon the shells surface which seem to pulse slightly in, then out. Abruptly, it peels open and the hatchling within emerges. It seems like it tries to make a dramatic entrance, but fails. Instead flopping across the sagging shell about half way out before wriggling, yea, err, just a minute. You didn't see that as she gets to her feet and spreads her wings in a *pose*. I have arrived!

Impression Message

There's a playful swagger that suddenly hits you like a sledgehammer. The curious cant of the dandy green before you slowly registers as you realize you feel as if you are in two places at once. «I think I've tried that, but it didn't work out so well. Let's stick to being ourselves, but together alright T'ven?» cause she's totally what you never could have expected your perfect partner to be. Of all the infinite possibilities in the multi-verse here .she. is. «I have a name you know, it's Aloath. I do think it's rather nice myself. Do you like it T'ven?» and your brain clicks back in to gear, T'ven, that's you! So, your answer?


Let's Have Some Fun, Baby

Her mind is full of fun, full of color and play. There isn't any one mindscape that sticks around, no settled background for it depends upon her mood and thought, and really providing a whole picture along with her words, what a drag, baby! So for the most part there are colors, sparkles or spins, like geometric shapes that might fade in or out with her mindtouch. Her voice is light, feminine. Her words tend to come out before thinking and might not entirely make sense. Contrastingly, there are times (especially when it's something particularly technical, complex or with many steps she's all supposed to remember what again?) she can't process a response with more that a «Huh?» or <Eeehhh???» although take note she's not a 'whaaat' kind of gal. Her voice is neither to loud, nor soft. It's at just enough of a volume, typically, to be at normal room conversation.

Mind Touches

Let's Have Some Fun, Baby speaks a low voice, a teasing challenge in its simplicity. Colorful thoughts roll into yours own. If complexity is what you are looking for, this isn't it! Instead it is more like chaos. Fun, FABULOUS, chaos. Hello world, Hello Star, Hello Ship! Hello cat… I'm not a cat! The thought escapes randomly. Hmm, what exactly are you then? There is a pause, as if momentarily it manages to focus your way with an eh? Sort of question, sort of look.

Let's Have Some Fun, Baby spins and spins until the world stretches into noodles of color splashed upon a background of bright pink and yellow and green. Wheee it kerplops itself into a mentally different universe and tries to be suddenly serious. Well now, is there a conversation to be had at this waystop in another dimension? A topic, any topic and from your thoughts is plucked the first thing to mind. Food! Basic, necessity of course, and wouldn't one search for food ever so perfect. That might be a grand adventure as it wets its appetite into your food-y memories before the tug and pull of time runs out like a clock hitting the midnight hour. Ding, the world unspins as colorfully and plunks you back into that selfsame spot you were simply settled before the flamboyantly colored egg.

Let's Have Some Fun, Baby skips ahead. Who wants to read the middle of a book anyways, the ending is what it's all about! Right, baby? Of course that also assumes one bothers to actually /read/ as well, but such minor details are waved off into that final chapter where the end turns out to be the beginning of the end of the beginning. Ugh, nevermind. See, this is why it doesn't read, just thinking that makes its brain hurt. It wants something more playful, more fun more rewarding. Perhaps it should go hunt something down. Yeah, it's totally serious! Watchout, baby!


Congratulations! The theme of the clutch was Space!

Egg: Her egg was based on a collage of ideas from the animated Anime series Space Dandy. Most generally inspired from the episode where they searched for the perfect ramen and went through a wormhole in a swirl stretched out kinda noodly, and then the idea of the series which is a common theme but actually different directors for each episode under the umbrella of a single supervising director. So artistic styles were a bit different (sometimes quite radically) in each episode. This made the whole universe have aliens in the series with very different looks and feel more reflective of life's possible diversity and is unique in production in the industry. One of the quirks was every episode title ended with Baby.

Dragon: So, since you didn't have much preferences and liked the egg I just carried on the original Space Dandy theme, mostly Dandy in particular who makes his living by registering rare aliens for a bounty. I tried to be mindful that the average player probably would not have heard of this and so I tried to write her in such a fashion that it wouldn't really matter if you had seen it or not. So hopefully she stands alone well enough, and should you ever be inclined I would recommend watching the series.

Desc: Ari very much helped refine her description. Yay! Her large headknobs are a reflection of the lead characters pompadour. Yes, sorry she is based on a guy, but he's a lot of fun and he even has an alternate universe female character, so, it works, right? The star is from his jacket as a prominent character feature. The wristband is the universal translator on the show. Pretty handy huh?

Name: Her name comes from the ship that the lead character Space Dandy is err.. I guess you could call it Captain of. The 'Little Aloha'. It was actually hard to settle on a name, I'm terrible with names. If you hate it by all means let me know and we can find something because most of all I want you to be happy.

Beyond that if you take her a different direction, she is yours and that is perfectly fine. Enjoy her, have fun with her, try not to burn the Weyr down. Rock you say, well dragons, like children, have an amazing capacity for destroy… err, doing things one might otherwise think impossible.

Name Aloath
Dam Gold Zeraeth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Neyuni & Ari
Impressee T'ven
Hatched June 2018
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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