Masked by Glass Brown Andrith

A living being of volcanic glass rock, the hide of this obsidian brown glows with a glossy, polished sheen. Natural cleaves within the rock give graceful curves and stylish strength to an entirely masculine form. His color is deep and rich, warming onto near black while still clearly brown in nature. His head is rounded and full, roping down onto a long, thick neck. Broad shoulders slope over four trim legs. They are tipped by talons of true black, just darker enough then the hide to show his brown tones. A straight, long back supports the slender bones of his wings, sails spread wide in translucent bands of glass glowing with a subtle golden tint when the light shines through. His haunches and flanks are muscled trim, belying the strength and power they hold. A long, lean tail trails behind almost as an after thought. The glittering jewels that are his eyes flash bright intensity as they cycle across the color spectrum and they intimately reflect the dark energy of his flashy glass beauty.

Egg Name and Description

Frozen Ruins Wasteland Egg
Cold, hard colors freeze a desolate wasteland of snow banks, ice sheets and frozen rock walls. Blinding whites burn the eyes from reflected light. Icy blue dazzles the senses so much that one might get lost in a maze of fraction miles thick. Gray foreboding walls make up the deep crevasse in which rests a thing of darkness and deception. Encased within the sharply rising rock gapes a strange maw of steel and black stone. Layers of ice cling to the exterior and buried deeper, the engraving emblems of the walls turned stone ruins. Set within this scene is the dark, brooding building undisturbed by time or space. No other colors break up the frigid setting, only the menacing bite of this lone doorway leading into darkness unmasked.

Hatching Message

Darkness stirs within a sea of ice. Shivers break the stillness and pass as waves over the cold, cruel surface. The deep crevasse deepens father as a crack shatters the quiet and the shell of the Frozen Ruins Wasteland egg. Slowly the crack widens under increasing pressures from that which lurks within. The crack splits, running up the sides and destroying the ruins from the inside out. When this murderous act ends, only shards of cold blue shell remain on and about the still figure of a dark brown hatchling.

Impression Message

The heat of the sands gives way to a chilly damp wash of air. Heavy purpose engulfs your thoughts in shadows of slate and indigo darkness. « Naveen. » A hint of brimstone smell accompanies a rumbling bass voice, male dominance encased in silken chords. There is a flash of alabaster brilliance over almost before it is begun. « I am Andrith, and I love you. » The presence focuses into the dark glassy brown before you. « Now I have found you and I will never let you go. » A hesitant pause is followed by « I would like to eat now. ».


Andrith is a curious contrast in driving passions, carefully balanced by a deadly control. Dark and seemingly uncaring, he actually has an incredibly strong sense of love coupled with great loyalty and honor. He has numerous passions and many of them can be great flaws in character. First the drive to and thirst of power, added to a wish to be the best, the first, the strongest and fastest. Every game must be won, every chase fought full out. He will recognize no place but first. Even in a gold flight, especially that for the senior for after all he is convinced he's most suited of all to lead. He wants these things for green and love of self, yet, also for a true and abiding love of you, that you should have the best in all things. Along with this thirst of power is an incredible arrogance, a belief so strong in his abilities that it borders on self-delusion. Nothing and no one is better then he, regardless of what rude facts may intrude.

For all these dark passions he has some bright ones as well. Andrith has a sense of nobility and honor that cannot be completely destroyed by any force. Anyone who earns his admiration is treated with the greatest of respect even should they be at odds. Those he loves are given a loyalty that leads to legend. For them, he would sell his soul. or recover it from the abyss. Anything you ask of him he will give; everything save leaving you for all time.

With all this passion you would expect him to be wildly chaotic, thrashing about in random moods. Instead, he actually exercises amazingly ridge control. Every action is studied for cause and effect and once into adulthood, rarely does he act rashly. He shows intelligence in all his activities, a sly ability to think and act fluidly under pressure. His inclinations are towards the mechanically and he is fascinated by all machines. A steely iron will holds all these traits and more together into a package both dark and deadly, but with a loving heart of good.

The first few months of precious babyhood, your beloved brown is exactly that: a baby. As such, he is sweet in nature, eager to please you, and by extension those you wish to please. Yet already some of his dark nature shows in a drive to be better then his clutchmates and uncontrolled pride in his accomplishments. His focus is only on himself, as children do, and of course you.

As times moves you two into young adolescence, willfulness erupts with all the power of an exploding volcano. Suddenly the passions that define his nature jump to the for and it will be a very tumultuous couple of months as you both learn the iron control which will one day define his every action. Draining though this period is for both of you and your trainers, it is blessedly short lived. Even as his darker nature strengthens, so too does the love that defines his heart. As first paired flight arrives, you both have gained Andrith's control and free yourselves to revel in joy in each other. A short golden time ensues of perfection between you.

Enter now the time of flights and Andrith's full desire for power. As the ladies around him age into greens nearing their first flight, you two might again experience a short period of upheaval. Adjustments between you both must occur as you come to grips with a drive you might not fully approve of. His drive to possess and acquire power, expressed in the need to possess all females must be tempered by your own soft spirit, less he fall and be consumed by his needs. With love and strength you steady him, leaving you both open to the future on graduation.

Why did Andrith choose you? The answer is simple in his mind; he cannot survive without you. In you, he has found a reason to be, a love that took hold within the shell and grew to encompass all he is, was, and will ever be. You give him the anchor to attach his dark passions to, the reins to keep them in check, and the hope to make him whole.


Biting Shards of Ice
Cold and heavy, the thoughts within this mind express themselves with chill precision. While strictly orderly, it is not a cruel mind but it is often off putting to some and dangerously seductive to others. Most often colored by the shadows of slate and indigo, chill alabaster lashes out in the heat of passion. A subtle damp slips within the cold, just as the threat of snow lingers in the air of winter. Scents tend towards the musty, powered smell of snow, glacial ice and just a hint of brimstone. The voice is a rumbling bass of silken masculine essence.


The theme of this clutch was the galaxies of Star Wars. The egg desc is based on Rhen Var, a world found in both KOTOR 1 and Star Wars: Battlefronts. Andrith is based on characteristics of both Darth Vader and Anakin; a compilation of both on the cusp of change and his name reflects this, taking pieces from both. I tried to use your desire for a single hued dragon for his desc and it is based on a volcanic rock and mirrors the suit worn by Darth Vader. Kathryn created all.


Name Masked by Glass Brown Andrith
Dam Gold Sabiyath
Sire Bronze Tenirth
Created By Kathryn
Impressee Naveen
Hatched June 25, 2005
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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