Robust and Mirthful Harlequined Bronze Ashrasameerath

Gauntness clings not to a sturdy frame, the glow of pale bronze infused with enough golden highlights that his smooth hide appears more apricot than a true bronze. Like a pinto runner, patches of paler bronze run along his somewhat rounded frame from head to tail, breaking up the monotonous base coloration of his hide and creating a variegated pattern that alternates from the darker to the lighter in successive bands. Washed out peach-bronze hues overlay the semi-transparencies of his wingsails, shrouding wingbones and joints in a facade of watered-down bronze, rimmed along the outermost stretch of his wingsails by a thin band of ebony-black. A somewhat rotund short-muzzled face is set on a short neck, and tangerine-bronze shadows cling to his muzzle and headknobs, slightly darker than the rest of his coloration. The same shadows play in rivulets over a broad belly, and well-rounded haunches, his overall build appearing heavyset, suggestive even at this stage that size and well-muscled bulk are a promise as time passes. Even his tail is stocky and well-fleshed rather than lean and long, the pale apricot-bronze shadows of his hide fading out lightly to the same hue of his wingsails along the very end of his tail tipped by a ring of black followed by a ring of white on the very end of his tailspade.

Egg Name and Description

Residence Upon the Reeftop Egg
An aura of azure-blue streaked with darker shadows of aquamarine swirls together to create the impression of the ocean's tides sweeping back and forth in wavy little eddies over the upper hemishphere of the medium-sized egg. From there, the base color darkens as it caresses the curve of the shell; radiant blue hues giving way to the lurid navy of the ocean where light cannot delve as deep. At various points along the shell, skeins of cornsilk bleached to a near-white hue illuminate the darkness draw attention to the jagged spires of rock that loom upwards from the bottom of the egg. Bathed in streaked veins of dark moss and malachite, the 'rocks' are covered with blobs of heliotrope, lavender and violet that resemble the shape of coral polyps in bloom. Upon the closest spire of 'rock' and midway along the shell, a large fan-shaped blob of color rests; the base of the form mauve in hue while the upper half is of a faint lilac, suggestive of a stinging sea anenome with tentacles slowly waving in the tide.

Hatching Message

Tremors shake the Residence Upon the Reeftop Egg, like an undersea earthquake that stirs the waters and shakes the very foundation of the reef. For a moment, the trembling stops, a pause as the tide recedes back from the shore and then with the crashing force of a tidal wave, the colorful ovoid is rent assunder, spilling forth the wetly gleaming hatchling with egg fluids still clinging to newly hatched hide.

Impression Message

There comes a moment when the world almost seems to stand still, when time seems to hold its breath; a moment like no other. And that moment is personfied in the robust form of the bronze dragonet that skitters through the dark Igen sands, a challenge in his gaze. There's a brush of laughter across your thoughts and with that, the floodgates open and his constant stream of chatter begins. « Kijeui? Oh, yes, you are Kijeui. I am Ashrasameerath, and you are going to stop spending all of your time pouring through those law and history books of yours and learn to live a little. » There comes a shared feeling of hunger pangs, and the little bronze chatterbox who stands so challengingly before you suddenly looks desperate. « I don't suppose we could get something to eat now? »


Welcome to Humorous Sidekicks 101. The light to your dark, the tails to your heads, the slapstick funny to your sober seriousness, Ashrasameerath will test your limits daily in more ways than you can possibly imagine. Almost from the moment he was first Hatched, and latched on to you as his other half, he's been a comedian and a lighthearted fellow as witty and articulate as anyone can be… when he can remember such things half the time. He's what you might call a happy-go-lucky dragon, and he's made it his personal mission to annoy you. A lot.

That's not to say that Ashrasameerath doesn't love you as his rider, oh no, he adores you because you're part of him just like he's part of you. But face it, compared to you, it seems like he'll "never grow up." And he knows this. When he can remember that is. You see, Ashrasameerath has a memory problem like all dragons, only his seems to be rather shorter than most. While other dragons might remember things from month to month, your Ashrasameerath can't seem to remember what he did yesterday let alone last week. And that's part of the reason why he comes across as a happy-go-lucky nutcase.

Oh yes, he's also quite talkative. Very very talkative. In fact, you'll probably spend a great deal of your time telling him to "shut up for a while" because Ashrasameerath would spend hours talking if he could. And usually the things he has to talk about are not particularly important. Ashrasameerath talks for the sake of talking. He's fond of jokes, even if he doesn't always have a witty punchline to go with it. He tells jokes for the sake of making others laugh although he does have that memory lapse problem, which usually means he'll tell the same joke over and over with the end effect of his fellow dragons probably pretending to sleep anytime he's ready to take center stage and deliver his laughlines.

Deep down, despite all the jokes and the humor, the person that matters most to Ashrasameerath is you. He's a loyal and true friend, even if he happens to be a bit of an oddball that seems to be your total opposite. In fact, part of why he's gone out of his way to annoy you with his happy go lucky ways is because he cares about you, and doesn't want you to become too entangled in your love for law and history that you can't see the forest for the trees, so to speak. He feels that you need to be drawn out of that comfort zone of yours and thrown for a complete loop. And it's his job to do it. He's not going to sit passively by and let you live your life in a wasting monotony of your daily doings, oh no, Ashrasameerath isn't afraid to tell you exactly what you're doing wrong, and he's not above giving you some good mental kicks to the backside if you need them.

Not so much a polar opposite, Ashrasameerath is still a foil to your personality. He's strong-willed and strong-minded because he does like being a happy-go-lucky dragon, and he thinks his rider should have some fun too. He'll rub you wrong sometimes, ruffle your feathers and drive you completely crazy to keep you from lapsing too much into Mister Serious. Besides, he's having fun doing that, what could be better?

From the moment he hatches and chooses you as his rider, Ashrasameerath will be a handful. That's not because he's a troublemaker, mind, but his quirk of amnesiac nature is apt to make caring for him difficult. As a youngster, he will forget things at important moments, for instance while you are trying to oil his patchy growing hide, he'll suddenly forget that you're caring for him and try to go play a game of some sort. Or he might insist on being the first one in line as the weyrlings proceed to the lake with the announcement of « C'mon Nekapuath, follow me to the lake! » only to turn around a few seconds later with the demand of « Why are you following me? »

Of course, as time passes, routine order will help settle Ashrasameerath so that he doesn't scamper off while you're oiling his hide or demand to know why the other weyrlings are following him during drills. And that's when his humor will really start to develop. His jokes might become better, even if he tells them over and over, and he'll really start to spend more time chatting with other dragons. He's still apt to forget things on a regular basis and will need you to constantly remind him about important things.

Once you graduate from Weyrlinghood, alas, you will find that even as an adult, Ashrasameerath will never really seem as 'grown-up' as his fellow dragons. There will always be a sense of innocence and humor about him, although it's part of his charm that seems to attract greens and golds in a very satisfactory way. He's always got something witty and charming to say to them, but unfortunately, his pick-ups lines seem to be rather limited in general. Still, he's a content dragon, and as long as he has you to annoy as much as possible, he's happy just the way he is.

Why he chose Ij'ei?
There's a reason why Ashrasameerath chose you over the other white-robed folks out there on the Hatching Sands, and that is because he's found his match. You're his foil, as much unlike him as you could ever possibly be and he's got a challenge ahead of him to ruffle your feathers as much as possible because he darned well likes it. It's fun, it's challenging and besides, without him, you'd be stuck in your boring old law and history books. Where's the fun in that? Does he live for you and think that the world begins and ends with you? Heck no! Ashrasameerath wouldn't be anywhere without you, true, but he could just have easily chosen another rider. The reason why he chose you is because you clash with him, you're going to keep him on his toes. And just as you'll be a challenge for him, he'll be a challenge for you. And that's the way things should be.


Your Ashrasameerath's mindvoice is bright, cheerful and happy, almost entirely dominated by an aura of childish exhuberance. Bright colors and emotions are the focal points of his mental makeup when he speaks, bubbles of various colors (most often blue and yellow) almost certainly appear whenever he speaks, and often it seems there's a chaotic riot of color that flows through his thoughts at any given moment. To others, and to yourself, he will often appear eager, enthusiastic and in a playful mood.

But like all sentinent creatures, Ashrasameerath does have his darker aspects and moods. On occasion, for instance when a mating flight is lost or some other task goes awry, he's often given to brooding, a far cry from his usual cheerful moods and then his mind is darker; shadowed by somber darkness that light cannot shine through. Thanfully however, those black moods fade fast, for overall, Ashrasameerath is a cheerful soul, and forgetful at that.


Residence Upon the Reeftop Egg is of course none other than the sea anenome home of Nemo, the Clownfish from the Disney movie, Finding Nemo. His description of course, is of a Clownfish (sort of) and his personality is based loosely off Dory, the Blue Tang, with a fair bit of Duo Maxwell thrown in to boot. Enjoy!


Name Robust and Mirthful Harlequined Bronze Ashrasameerath
Dam Gold Rosselith
Sire Bronze Vorshnath
Created By Lonriya
Impressee Ij'ei
Hatched March 26, 2004
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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